Powerful New Video Calls Out Humanewashing

Humanewashing: Animal advocacy groups shine a light on realities of familiar food advertisements 

Sacramento, California – July 13, 2021 – A coalition of animal advocacy groups including Animal Outlook, released a video today to combat false advertising by the meat, egg and dairy industries. The newly-formed coalition’s first initiative is a satire of traditional commercials called “Don’t Look,” which reveals marked discrepancies between industry claims and actual practices known as “humanewashing.” 

The video takes viewers through the various psychological tactics used to convince consumers that farmed animals live happy, healthy lives in green pastures, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. In just over one minute, the video breaks down the imagery, language, tone and tempo common to mainstream advertisements, and juxtaposes them with undercover footage, concluding with a call to action.

“Corporations know that people really do care about animals and don’t want them to be mistreated,” said Animal Outlook’s Executive Director Cheryl Leahy. “So they often choose to tell consumers what they want to hear, rather than allowing them to know the truth. Currently, almost 99% of farmed animals in the U.S. live on factory farms and we hope this video gives people a glimpse into what we find time and again when we bring our hidden cameras into these places: cruelty is standard practice.”

Consumers are being deceived at an unprecedented scale. While the most basic humanewashing tactics take the form of “all-natural” or “free-range” labels, even independent welfare certifications have become embroiled in the dirty business of humanewashing. The reality is that the certified “better” meat, dairy and eggs dominating grocery shelves is still cruel and overwhelmingly derived from genetically modified, unhealthy animals.

While there are numerous organizations working to shed light on the truth about factory farming, this is one of the few initiatives where several have joined forces to amplify a message. Animal Outlook, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition and Farm Forward will each promote the video to their collective followers and supporters, directing viewers to endhumanewashing.com where individuals can learn more about the pervasiveness of humanewashing and how to address it in their daily lives.

About Animal Outlook

Animal Outlook is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission: Working today to build a better tomorrow for all animals. We’re strategically challenging the status quo of animal agribusiness through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate and food system reform, and empowering everyone to choose vegan. For more information, visit animaloutlook.org.

Media Contact: Mary Beth Olson