HULU Viewers Served “A Side of Truth” with COK’s Pro-Veg Commercial

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As part of our mission to make 2012 the Year of Compassion, we’re taking our powerful and award-winning Pro-Vegetarian Commercial campaign to the next level: from airing nationwide on three TV stations last fall to running ads online, where a growing number of today’s youth are turning to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.

One of the most popular online and on-demand video streaming services is HULU — and starting this week, in the middle of watching hit TV shows, movies, or documentaries, over one million HULU viewers will see our 30-second commercial, “A Side of Truth.” (watch our ad below)

This eye-opening ad, which shows a young girl pulling up to a drive-through window to order a bacon-egg-and cheese sandwich, exposes the shocking and painful realities kept hidden behind the closed doors of the meat, egg, and dairy industries. And since viewers will be watching this ad online, with just a click of a button they’ll be immediately and conveniently re-directed to our resourceful website to request a free Vegetarian Starter Guide.

HULUOur ability to continually push this successful and cost-effective campaign forward is only made possible thanks to the generosity of supporters, like you. With your help, our pro-vegetarian commercials are changing minds and saving lives — at just pennies per view.

We know this strategic campaign is working because of the tremendously positive feedback we receive from viewers.

Please watch our ad below and donate now to help us continue serving “A Side of Truth.” Your support today is helping us build a kinder tomorrow.

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