DC Interns: A Summer of Compassion!

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This summer, our DC office has been fortunate enough to host an incredible line-up of outreach DC interns!  These college and high school students have dedicated their summer breaks to spreading a message of compassion: from hosting feed-ins and leafleting events to reaching out to area restaurants and grocery stores, their selfless efforts are helping animals everyday, and for that, we are continually inspired and grateful!

Check out some of the amazing work they’ve done thus far:

DC InternShebani and Jasmine hand out free veggies dogs at a Washington Nationals game. Baseball fans were eager to try these bite-sized healthier and humane snacks — over 150 samples disappeared in less than 15 minutes! Each hungry spectator also received free information about the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates.

DC InternKendal and Jasmine pose behind their educational (and delicious) Ask-a-Vegan booth at a Giant grocery store in Columbia Heights. Thanks to the support of VegFund, our DC intern team handed out cruelty-free “pigs in a blanket” and almond milk, while chatting with shoppers about the wide variety of vegan foods available right at their fingertips.

DC InternAlexis and Shebani hand out Tofurky subs in honor of our WeLoveSubway campaign!  Positioned at a busy downtown intersection, they were able to reach hundreds of people with a message of compassion. Have YOU left a comment on WeLoveSubway.com yet?

DC InternJasmine, Alexis, Shebani, and Kendal spend the day volunteering at Poplar Springs Farm Animal Sanctuary. For some of our interns, it was their first time getting to know our farmed animal friends.

DC InternStephanie and Shebani spend a sunny afternoon leafleting and handing out free Field Roast sausages. Dishing out free vegan food is a fun and productive way to start conversations about choosing compassion, and busy downtown Metro stations are a great spot to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. Check out more tips for leafleting!

Interested in joining the ranks of these dedicated interns? Check out COK’s Internship Program and apply today!

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