Charges Filed after Video Exposes Animal Cruelty at California Livestock Auction

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A recent undercover investigation at a California livestock auction has revealed a system of unchecked cruelty, extreme violence, and severe neglect. The footage, obtained by a Mercy For Animals (MFA) undercover investigator at Ontario Livestock Sales outside of Los Angeles, shows baby goats being picked up by their necks and heads, dragged by their legs, and thrown ruthlessly about. Sheep and pigs are kicked, prodded, dragged, and stomped on by workers to force them to move. Live birds can be seen being stuffed into plastic bags, left to suffocate. Animals are overcrowded into narrow pathways and small spaces to the point where they’re forced to trample on top of each other one another.

The investigation also revealed sick and diseased animals left to die from exposure or sold and transported to be entered into the meat supply. State laws prohibit auctions from selling or holding downed animals who are too sick or injured to walk, however, this footage reveals evidence that this occurs on a regular basis. Read the full investigative report.

Warning: This footage is graphic 

As a result of this footage and a subsequent law enforcement investigation, seven employees and the owner of the auction have been charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty. 

Unfortunately, these atrocities are standard practice at auctions as well as any industry involved in the production, sale, distribution, and slaughter of living creatures. The best way we can help combat these cruelties is to stand up for animals every time we sit down to eat — simply choosing vegetarian foods. Visit today to get started.

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