10 Vegan Products You Never Knew Existed

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vegan-lobster-macIf people say vegan eating means giving up all the things you love — sounds like they just haven’t tried it yet! It’s 2017, and there are plant-based substitutes for nearly every food imaginable. No need to abandon your favorite foods; you can make the easy switch to vegan versions!

And while everyone knows about Gary (aka vegan cheese), meat substitutes, and non-dairy milk, there are tons of other delicious vegan options on the market that might be a little less familiar.

Here are 10 vegan products that you never knew existed.So start writing that shopping list!

Vegan Twinkies
Known as Dillos, these fluffy, cream-filled cakes are 100 percent vegan, and they’ll bring back memories of your favorite childhood snack cake — only animal-free.

Vegan bacon grease
Dubbed “Vegan Magic,” this bacon-flavored grease is completely free from pork products. Use it for frying, baking, cooking, or anything else you can think of.

Vegan pork rinds
Believe it or not, vegan pork rinds are a thing. They’re made with wheat flour, but have a texture and taste that’s wildly similar to the real deal.

Vegan lobster mac and cheese
If you feel like getting fancy, this new concoction from Sophie’s Kitchen is cheesy, lobstery, and totally fulfilling — yet no sea creatures or cows were harmed in its making.

Vegan caviar
Forget eating fish eggs. Cavi-art is made with seaweed, but has that delightfully salty taste caviar lovers are used to.

Vegan Butterfinger
Go Max Go is known for its vegan doppelgangers of popular candy bars. The Thumbs Up bar is crispy, buttery, and totally delicious.

Vegan marshmallow fluff
Peanut butter and fluff sandwiches are back on the menu. This spreadable ‘mallow treat (known as ricemellow creme) is just as sweet and soft as the original — but with no animal ingredients.

Vegan Slim Jim
Yes, there’s a vegan version of that old-school meaty treat. Viana’s snack sausages come in “picknicker salami” and “mild jumbo German smokehouse” varieties.

Vegan Jello
Did you know gelatin is made from ground-up animal bones and tendons? Eww! But you can easily skip the gelatin with Vegan Jel, which uses plant-based ingredients to re-create that famous, fruity wiggle.

Vegan whole turkey

Everyone knows there are lots of vegan turkey products on the market, but a whole “turkey”? There’s only one of those, and it’s the perfect addition to your holiday table.

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