Veggies Take Over the Dinner Table

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veggiesThe demand for veggie meats across the country has exploded as animal-friendly substitutes have become increasingly realistic—drawing consumer support from long-time vegans, transitioning vegetarians, flexitarians, and even omnivores who want to take steps to protect their health, the environment, and animals, simply by eating more meat-free meals each week.

Likewise, demand for non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy, rice, and almond milk has also been growing as the market for cow’s milk has been declining. In yet another positive food trend, Americans are eating more veggies than they were just five years ago.

Not only has the consumption of plant-based foods been growing, but meat consumption has actually been declining. The USDA expects a continued drop in meat consumption, as the average American is eating 12.2% less animal meat than were in 2007. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Vegetarian Resource Group cited that a whopping 16% of Americans are skipping the meat at more than half of their meals! This is easier than ever as veggie burgers are continuing to make an appearance in popular chains like Johnny Rockets, Denny’s, Baker’s, and Fatburger.

veggiesAnd vegan eating keeps getting easier and more convenient as national chains expand their menus. Last year, COK worked with Pita Pit to  introduce a new vegan black bean patty to all of its locations. And just last week, select Subway Cafes debuted THREE new vegan sandwiches in the DC-area! Subway is the largest restaurant retailer in the world, and with enough demand for the delicious Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek, and Italian Black Bean sandwiches, they may decided to offer vegan sandwiches nationwide—making vegan options even more accessible to the masses.

Want your local Subway to offer vegan options? Let the company know by sending a message via our campaign website,, or call 203-877-4281.

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