Vegetarian Options at Subway

10 Reasons for Vegan and Vegetarian Options at Subway

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It’s Vegetarian Awareness Month–what better time to tell Subway, the largest restaurant franchise in the world, to add tasty vegan options?! Here are 10 reasons why there should be vegan and vegetarian options at Subway:

1. Consumers want them. Thousands of people are asking Subway to add vegan options. Visit to see what they’re saying.

2. Subway’s DC-area test run of vegan sandwiches got rave reviews from customers and generated national media attention

3. The test was so popular, the vegan subs SOLD OUT! The Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek, and Italian Black Bean were universally deemed delicious.

4. Other quick-service chains are acknowledging this demand by introducing vegan fare. Pita Pit, Johnny Rockets, and Denny’s, for example, all offer vegan burgers.

5. As meat prices rise, meat consumption is going down. Recent trends show that American meat consumption has dropped 12.2% in the last five years!

6. Subway could attract new customers and keep loyal customers happy by adding hearty veggie meats to its menu — it’s a win for everyone, including the animals.

7. Subway considers its sandwiches the athletes’ choice, but many athletes such as star running back Arian Foster are going vegan! Foster might re-join the list of Famous Fans if the chain offered a protein-packed meatless meal.

8. Meat production hurts the planet. Plant-based foods make Mother Nature smile.

9. Vegan subs are heart-healthy. Subway currently stamps the American Heart Association seal on meaty sandwiches such as the Black Forest Ham and Chicken Teriyaki despite numerous studies that link meat consumption with an increase in heart disease risk.

10. Canada already has the “Totally Vegged Out” vegan patty. Americans like to eat well too, eh?


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     It’s Veg Awareness Month! Johnny
    Rockets, Denny’s, and Pita Pit all offer vegan options – what about you
  • Tweet this: Oct is Veg Awareness Month, and with meat prices on the rise, it’s the perfect time for @SUBWAY to add vegan options!

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