Your All-Treats (No-Tricks) Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy

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Halloween is really just another word for CANDY — and it’s creeping up on us.  Are you ready?  The costumes, the decorations, the face paint … these are all just preparation for the goodies. Whether you’re six or 60, Halloween is the one day a year you get a free pass to unwrap your way into a full-blown SUGAR RUSH.

Will you wait in your house to hear the tapping of footsteps on the front porch or the sound of miniature witches rapping on your door? Or are you an adventurer – out on a journey to seek out the finest, fullest bag of sugary loot?

If you’re on the hunt for a quick dose of sparkly sweetness, you’re in luck – because there’s no trick to finding delicious vegan Halloween treats.

Here’s a quick list of some of our fave Halloween sweets to give out to all the ghosts and goblins — or what to look for if you’re knocking down doors in a sugar chase:

Go Max Go
While Butterfinger and Twix might be off the table, Go Max Go has stepped in to offer mouthwatering vegan versions of your candy bar faves. These include Thumbs Up, crunchy peanut butter and chocolate; Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups and Cleo’s White Peanut Butter Cups; SNAP! (crisp rice and chocolate); Jokerz (peanuts, caramel, and nougat); Buccaneer (chocolate nougat); Twilight (caramel and chocolate nougat); Mahalo (coconut, almonds and chocolate); and 2fer (cookie, caramel, and chocolate). Clearly, there’s something for everyone.


Little Secrets
For anyone who misses M&Ms, Little Secrets are like a new and improved version of the classic candy. The company makes an array of vegan-friendly products including dark chocolate candies, salted peanut chocolate candies, peppermint chocolate candies (holiday release!) and dark chocolate raspberry candies. (Stick to those varieties, though, as a few of their other options do contain milk.)


It’s a little-known fact that this iconic candy company is run by a vegan! So all Smarties products are cruelty-free. And the biz makes more than just the colorful little rolls everyone’s been eating since childhood. It also makes giant Smarties, double lollies Smarties, x-treme sour Smarties, and lots of other options.


These chewy, colorful candies come in an array of flavors, from blue raspberry to cherry to the famous “white mystery” — and all are “accidentally vegan.”


Charms Sweet Pops
Everyone loves lollipops, and these famous suckers are vegan-friendly. They come in flavors like blue razz berry, watermelon, strawberry and more — and best of all — you can buy ’em in big bags for trick-or-treaters.


Twizzlers and Red Vines
The two most popular red licorice brands just happen to be vegan-friendly. Stock up on the Twizzler snack packs for Halloween Eve, or go all out with the Red Vines four-pound jar for monster movie night.


Jolly Rancher
These rainbow-hued, many-flavored hard candies are eternally popular, and their small size makes ’em easy to pop in your pocket. They make lollipops, too!


Sour Patch Kids
If you like mouth-puckering sweet-and-sour, Sour Patch kids are a neon-colored dream. These famous candies are safe for vegans, and come in a variety of sizes and flavors.


Not just for movie theater visits, these jumbo-sized gumdrops are safe for veg eaters and oh-so-juicy. Try original, tropical, or sour-style.


Mary Jane Candy
For peanut butter lovers, these tasty chews are the perfect classic, sweet treat. Made with molasses and PB, they’re vegan-friendly, too.

This is just a small sugary dose of the vegan options available.  We can’t claim that any of the candies listed here are healthy, but we can tell you that they’ll fill your Halloween bags compassionately.

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