Vegan Cookies: 7 Recipes for the Cookie Monster in You

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20150614_092523_Smores_Cookies-web-640x425If there’s one thing every eater, vegan or not, can agree on — it’s cookies. Life just wouldn’t be the same without these circular confections.

As luck would have it for everyone (cows and chickens included), vegan cookies are just as delicious as those that use dairy or eggs. These seven recipes will leave you wondering why you ever used animal ingredients to begin with — and even the Cookie Monster would approve!

S’mores Cookie Cups
These ooey-gooey treats by Namely Marly (shown here – YUM) are the ultimate throwback to your days at summer camp. Chocolate chip cookie dough topped with gelatin-free marshmallows and dark chocolate, they’re a whirlwind of sugary goodness.

Homemade Oreos
This DIY “Oreo” by Simple Vegan Blog is an easy exchange for the popular store-bought sandwich cookie. Vegan and gluten-free, these chocolaty creations are made with rice flour, soy milk, and coconut cream.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Nothing satisfies a cookie craving like good old-fashioned chocolate chip. And while the ingredients may make the vegan version a little bit different than the one your grandmother made, we think she would agree Daily Rebecca‘s BEST-EVER (sorry, Grandma) recipe is sure to please seasoned veg eaters and new-to-veg eaters alike.

Raw Chocolate Cookies
These highly rated cookies by The Rawtarian are a chocoholic’s dream. Made with agave nectar, dates, cashews, and almonds, they’re a super healthy, palate-pleasing indulgence.

Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies
The only thing better than a cookie is two cookies — with something extra special in the middle. These gluten-free treats pair chocolate and hazelnut for a Nutella-esque appeal, and they’re perfect for dipping in your favorite non-dairy milk.

Sugar Cookies
If you’re looking for a simple recipe, this sugar cookie from Minimalist Baker is an easy, one-bowl creation. Rich, buttery cookies, they’re a classic. For Easter this year, why not skip dyeing eggs and get creative with colored icing, instead? Snag some cookie cutters in the shape of bunnies, chickens and flowers, then decorate with rainbow-hued icing. These sweet treats will win out over hard-boiled eggs any day.

Photo: Namely Marly

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