New Year’s Resolution: Making This the Year of Compassion!

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New Year's ResolutionI have always loved making New Year’s resolutions. Why? Because goal-setting provides limitless opportunity—“I can do anything I want! Anything I have ever wanted to accomplish I can put on this list and achieve!” It’s empowering!

For example, this year Compassion Over Killing’s Los Angeles office held nearly 70 events, served more than 6,000 free vegan food samples, and handed out nearly 50,000 pieces of literature. That’s twice as many events, samples, and pamphlets than we had planned when we launched in April! But my resolution is to exceed all of those numbers next year, and spare more animals from suffering on factory farms than I ever have before.

Need some ideas of your own? Here are 12 for this year:

  1. Request a free vegetarian starter guide, and plan to eat at least one more vegetarian meal per week. If you’re already vegetarian, make that a vegan meal. Increase that to two meals per week by February, three by March, and so forth.
  2. Encourage friends and family to adopt Meatless Mondays.
  3. Try a new vegan recipe each week—make sure to share it with friends.
  4. Become a master of egg-free baking.
  5. Spread a message of compassion with a free bumper sticker!
  6. Ask your local restaurants to add more vegan options.
  7. Watch Forks Over Knives, and take charge of your health.
  8. Run for Compassion. Sport your “Ask Me Why I’m a Vegetarian” shirt in the race.
  9. Read a new book each month.
  10. Hone your outreach skills with an internship at COK.
  11. Get more active for animals and volunteer!
  12. Become a member of COK and sign-up for our eNewsletter action alerts!

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