Take the Meatout Pledge Today!

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Today, thousands of people worldwide are celebrating the first day of spring by participating in the 29th annual Meatout–and there’s still time to take the pledge! Whether you sign up to go vegan for today, this week, or every day, you’re taking an important step towards creating a kinder, cleaner, and healthier world.

There are so many reasons for choosing meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods–for your health, for the planet, and of course, for animals.

Today’s factory farms subject animals to conditions so cruel, it would lead to criminal prosecution if those same abuses were inflicted upon the dogs and cats with whom many of us share our homes. As Compassion Over Killing undercover investigations have revealed, these animals are often treated as little more than meat-, milk-, and egg-producing machines. For example, most mother pigs are nearly immobilized in tiny crates and can’t even turn around while their young piglets are mutilated — including castration for males –without any pain relief.  In the egg industry, hens are crammed inside barren wire battery cages which are so overcrowded, each bird has about the space of an iPad in which to live her whole life.

In the United States alone, more than 9 billion birds, pigs, and cows are raised and killed every year for food, but together we can change this.

The USDA expects a continued drop in meat consumption, as the average American is eating 12.2 percent less animal meat than in 2007, and new vegan food products and restaurants are sprouting up across the U.S.

So now that spring is officially here, why not turn over a new leaf by choosing vegetarian foods?  It’s one of the best ways we can protect our health, the environment, and animals. To help make your Meatout a success, view our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide (available in print and PDF), and discover quick and easy vegan recipes at!

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