Iowa Ag-Gag Irony: Farm Bureau Staff Caught on Camera, Leads to Criminal Complaint

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Iowa Ag-GagAccording to yesterday’s Des Moines Register, an Iowa Farm Bureau employee was caught on camera doing, well, something he might not have done had he known a camera was present. What was he doing? Urinating on female coworkers’ chairs. And where was this camera set up? In the Iowa Farm Bureau’s office, of course.

Yes, this is the same Iowa Farm Bureau that stridently pushed for the passage of Iowa’s ag-gag law aimed at stopping whistleblowing activities that might publicly expose, well, bad behavior. In fact, the first draft of the bill included an outright ban on covert video recordings.

Apparently, the Farm Bureau opposes the use of cameras by animal advocates to document bad behavior, but supports the use them to catch its own staff relieving themselves on coworkers’ chairs.

At a loss for words? We are, too. Now seems like a good opportunity to show your support for the use of cameras to document the truth by sharing this recent video, filmed by a COK undercover investigator who worked inside a Iowa pig breeding factory farm:

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