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COK Investigator Taylor Wins Animal Rights Activist Award!

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Last weekend at the annual WorldFest in Los Angles, COK investigator Taylor Radig was honored to receive the Patty Shenker Animal Rights Activist Award! She proudly accepted this on behalf of former and current investigators who cannot receive — but very much deserve — public recognition for their brave work to expose animal abuse.

When Taylor decided to become an undercover investigator, she had one mission in mind: to shine a spotlight on the hidden horrors forced upon animals raised for food.

Last year, she wore a hidden camera to document egregious animal abuse to newborn dairy calves behind the closed doors of a Colorado calf-raising facility. What happened next, after she turned over the evidence to the Weld County Sheriff’s office, Taylor describes as a “twisted nightmare”– the authorities retaliated by charging her with a crime.

Her story garnered national and international news and prompted nearly 200,000 people to sign a petition urging authorities to drop the bogus charge against her – which they finally did.

Taylor’s video evidence also prompted Weld County authorities to file criminal charges of cruelty to animals against three employees who were caught film abusing young calves. All three have pleaded guilty – two were sentenced in April and the third case goes to court for sentencing in early June.

Her story also inspired Whistleblower Insider to name her Whistleblower of the Year.

The case against Taylor makes one thing absolutely clear: the meat industry is desperate to keep Americans in the dark about its routine animal abuse and will seemingly stop at nothing to try to punish whistleblowers who expose the truth.

In Taylor’s words: “[W]e told the world that animal suffering matters, and that their pain should never be kept secret. The motive behind my charges spoke to how effective Compassion Over Killing’s undercover investigations are, and how important it is that we keep the cameras rolling.

Read Taylor’s full letter, and please donate today to support our brave undercover investigators who are pulling back the curtains on animal agribusiness.

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