How Do I Fuel 100 Miles?

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Food. It’s pretty important in my book, and well… Life! But more importantly in training for 100 miles. And eating vegan actually improves your performance when done right! I’ll be the first to admit that I have a weakness for tortilla chips and cookies (vegan of course!) but they don’t work well for giving me energy and helping my muscles recover quickly. So here are some essentials I use to help give me that BOOST!

Mission Bars: These are AWESOME! They are in total alignment with what I love for training. They use clean whole food ingredients that you can literally see in the bars. The base of the bar is: almonds, dates, clover honey, quinoa, coconut, rolled oats, chia seeds, and flax seeds. (I recognize that not all vegans eat honey, but I personally do on occasion eat local raw honey.)

Fueling your body with whole foods is so incredibly important when it comes to high endurance activities. Why? Because our bodies are going under so much stress, it is incredibly important to be able to have high carb/high protein foods that can break down quickly and efficiently to fuel our muscles – and brain! This provides quicker energy, and quicker muscle repair, which allows me to be out there running for such long hours.

Also, did I mention they are local? I love supporting anything that is a small local business, especially when they are people I know! Check them out to see where you can buy them!

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Tart Cherry Juice: I use this frequently after workouts to help fight inflammation – usually just a few sips. It is essentially the same as taking Advil, but less invasive on the liver.

Greens: I have a strong love for kale – I eat it almost every day! My absolute FAVORITE way to eat it is raw with a homemade garlic tahini dressing. I let it marinate for a bit to soften the kale, and then I’ll have it with a small sweet potato for carbs and some tempeh for extra protein.

Kale is really high in vitamins: A, K, B6, calcium and iron. These are particularly great for athletes because of their high anti-inflammatory properties, which I need every single day when I’m in high training volume.

Smoothies: For a quick on the go meal, I’ll generally turn to spinach and frozen banana smoothies. Typical add ins are: spirulina, sun warrior protein, chia seeds, ground flax seed, and maca powder). Bananas are a wonderful food – carbs and potassium at its best! Peel them, freeze them, and they make the best smoothies and ice creams!

I hope these tips help to guide you about how to fuel and recover on your next adventures!

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