“Bring-a-Friend BBQ” Introduces Veg-Curious to Animal-Friendly Fare

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BBQLong holiday weekends may be fun and relaxing for us, but they’re no picnic for farmed animals. Sadly, millions of chickens, cows, and pigs are slaughtered each barbecue season.

That’s why this past Labor Day weekend COK hosted a “Bring-a-Friend BBQ” in Los Angeles to combine fun, friends, food, and compassion for animals. It was the perfect opportunity for vegetarians and vegans to introduce their friends and family to an array of animal-friendly fare, while demonstrating that choosing meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Rather, it simply means reaching for the cruelty-free versions of our favorite meals.

Case in point: “chicken” and “beef” burgers donated by MATCH. Cooked up and dished out by the talented Chef Tigre, they were all incredibly popular: “BBQ Cajun Burger” with cayenne pepper, tomato, and parsley; “Steak Fajita Burger” with green pepper, mushroom, and cumin; and “Hawaiian Chicken Burger” with pineapple, garlic, and onion. And the “Basil Chicken Burger” slathered with Vegenaise was undoubtedly the biggest hit (we’ll post recipes on Facebook soon!).

BBQEveryone also loved the Tofurky and Field Roast hot dogs and sausages—even the die-hard meat-eaters, many of whom were pleasantly suprised by the taste and texture, referring to their hearty meatless meal as “extremely satisfying.”

Earth Café’s blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, peach, and carob cheesecakes were described as “rich and delicious,” while Isabella’s Cookie Company’s V-Chip and V-Coco cookies were dubbed as “decadent.”

Vegetarians and vegans were provided some incentive for bringing guests—the $10 entrance fee was waived if they came toting a veg-curious friend or family member. DJ
background beats along with the lighted pool and Jacuzzi beckoning night swimmers put everyone at ease, and people felt more comfortable asking questions about their stacked plates in the social atmosphere of Compassion Over Killing supporter Heather Shenkman’s scenic backyard.

Best of all, everyone had a great time, proving that compassionate choices are not only more fun for farmed animals, but they’re also fun for us, too.

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