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All-Vegetarian Subway Opens Up in India

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You may have heard the exciting news earlier this year that select Subway stores in the US tested three all-vegan sandwiches. These meat-free options were so popular, they sold out in nearly every location within a few short weeks.

While the company’s official testing phase has ended, store managers have told us the vegan menu was a huge success, and eager customers everywhere are now awaiting the company’s decision, hoping to soon find vegan options on every Subway menu across the US. In fact, thousands of customers have shared their comments and positive feedback with the company through our campaign website,

Subway is no stranger to offering meat-free meals. In addition to dishing out an all-vegan “Totally Vegged” patty in stores throughout Canada, Subway stores in India offer several vegetarian subs — and now the world’s largest restaurant chain is going one step further.

It was recently reported in the Times of India that the first-ever all-vegetarian Subway is rolling out soon, which will be located in Indian city of Jalandhar, on a university campus.

According to Subway India’s development agent Chetan Arora, “We as a brand are always sensitive to the requirements of the markets that we are in. India as a country has a large vegetarian population and right from the beginning of the brand’s presence in India, we have had separate counters for our vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. In reviewing the requirements of the university campus and the customer base, we have created an all-veg menu for our Subway outlet at [the University].”

Please be sure to contact Subway today to let the company know that the US market is hungry for hearty vegan options, such as a Sweet Riblet sandwich or a Greek Malibu burger.

Visit or call 203-877-4281.

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