3 Signs Plant-Based is the Future of Food

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Meatless has not gone mainstream, featured on store shelves and restaurant menus across the nation and around the globe. And while vegan eating soars, more and more consumers are ditching dairy and meat.

Here are 3 signs that the future of food is in plants, and the food industry is taking note:

  • World’s largest food company invests in plants: Plant-based options are in demand and even the largest food and beverage company in the world, Nestle, is acting on it, buying veg brand Sweet Earth to get in on the meatless market. A Nestle rep told Associated Press:“This segment has been identified for us globally as a key area a few years ago…Giving the world better access to vegetarian-based or plant-based food is something we want to do.”
  • Plant-based foods market tops $3.1 billion: A new Nielsen report shows that sales of plant-based foods passed $3.1 billion last year, rising by over 8%! But wait, there’s more: Nielsen found that while the plant-based milk market grew by 3.1%, sales of cow’s milk dropped by 5%! It’s no surprise, with consumers turning away from cruel dairy milk in favor of healthier, kinder options.
  • Innovative new vegan foods are sprouting up: From tech-giant Google, searching for a lower carbon footprint with more plant-based lunches, to students in Italy who just got a patent for a new vegan hard-boiled egg, innovative minds are creating new plant-based foods that are kinder to the planet, animals, and our health. And from products like ‘Cheesy Bacon Mac’ by Upton’s Naturals to the first-ever vegan ham roast by Tofurky, exciting new plant-based foods are hitting store shelves everywhere.

Plus…Compassion Over Killing attended the Natural Products Expo East and we have news on amazing new vegan products and companies that should definitely be on your shopping list. Stay tuned: We’ve got the scoop!

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