compassion over killing wish list

Compassion Over Killing Wish List

By donating equipment or supplies, you can support COK while enjoying a tax deduction. If you are able to provide any of the followingitems on our wish list, please contact us. Thank you!

  • Well-kept laptop computers (Mac or PC) for intern and volunteer research projects
  • Functioning print cartridges (all HP CP-1700 colors, all Samsung CLP 600A colors, HP 05A, HP 05X, and stndard-capacity Epson 69) for creating eye-catching event signs
  • High-speed laser printer or all-in-one printer/fax/scanner device for large-scale printing of outreach materials
  • Office furniture (file cabinets, shelving, workstations, matching desk chairs, glass-top desk, etc.)
  • A working high-speed scanner for processing and archiving legal and investigations documents
  • Office supplies (pens, file folders, envelopes, copier paper, etc.)
  • U.S. postage stamps (any denomination)
  • iPads or other tablet computers with display holders for operating “Pay Per View” outreach stations where members of the public can be paid $1 to view factory farm footage
  • Functioning projector and projector screen for outreach events and school presentations
  • Shipping supplies (packing tape, labels, bulk shipping boxes/tubes, etc.) for sending literature and tabling supplies
  • Blank DVD-R disks for sharing undercover investigation footage with the media