Tell Dunkin’: A Vegan Donut Would Be a Slam Dunk

Dunkin’ is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain with nearly 8,500 locations throughout the U.S. and more than 50 varieties of donuts – each one made with egg and/or dairy ingredients.

It was also one of the only national coffee chains that didn’t offer dairy-free milk (for coffee) to all customers – until 2014, thanks to your requests.

In September 2014, after hearing from thousands of you through an Animal Outlook campaign, Dunkin’ announced on its website: “You’ve Asked and We’ve Heard” – that the company was adding almond milk to its menu to “accommodate guests looking for a non-dairy alternative.” Dunkin’ now offers almond milk in restaurants nationwide.

But Dunkin’ has yet to offer a vegan donut for the millions who are seeking egg- and dairy-free sweet treats. That’s why vegan basketball referee and former pro player Antoine Knighton, also known as “The Vegan Ref,” has now teamed up with Animal Outlook to tell Dunkin’ that offering a vegan donut would be a slam dunk for its customers across the U.S.

Dunkin’ needs to hear from you: Please sign our new Change.org petition calling for it to offer a vegan donut to dunk in our dairy-free coffee.

After signing, reach out to the company directly to make sure it gets the message loud and clear.

To inspire you, here are a few customer comments recently sent to Dunkin’

“I love Dunkin’ Donuts — now that I have decided to live vegan, I would love to go back and buy some vegan donuts to go with my dairy-free coffee.”

“Thank you for adding almond milk to your menu! A vegan donut would be much appreciated!”

“It is amazing that you are taking consciousness over animals, the world, and the growing vegan population. Congratulations! It would be even greater if you could also add baked goods without animal products to your menu. Thank you!”