Voters’ Victory for Animals is Under Attack

In 2018, thousands of animal supporters just like you went to the polls in California to support Proposition 12. As a result, the state enacted some of the strongest farmed animal protections in the country in a landslide ballot victory. Proposition 12 established new standards for freedom of movement and minimum floor space for calves in the veal industry, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens. Importantly, it also required that sales of certain eggs and meat that originate from another state also meet these standards. 

Now, this critical victory for farmed animals is under attack. The National Pork Producers Council has filed a lawsuit to challenge the law, stating that it places an undue burden on other states’ ability to engage in interstate commerce, and the United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments from both sides later this year. The NPPC’s argument focuses on the cost of California’s new regulations, which shows they are more worried about their bottom line than the suffering of the animals they raise. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Americans want our food systems to do better for animals. While we’re fighting as a party on California’s side in this case, we need your help.

Join us in asking Congress to enact a federal law that expands the protections granted by Proposition 12 to animals across the country. California’s guidelines under Propositions 12 should be the standard for farmed animal protection nationwide instead of the race to the bottom the NPPC demands. While we will continue to fight alongside other animal protection organizations and the state of California in the Supreme Court, there is a way to give animals even basic protection from some of the worst and most widespread cruelty. Congress can act now to ensure that these protections for farmed animals are adopted nationwide . 

According to new research, 80% of all likely voters support the protections offered to animals through Proposition 12. When you sign your name and click submit, you’ll be adding your voice to thousands of other Americans who want our federal government to represent the will of California voters and citizens across the nation. 

Thank you for joining us to stand up for the rights of animals everywhere.

Tell Congress to Protect Farmed Animals

I stand with millions of California voters and countless other Americans who want increased protections for farmed animals that include the ability to move their wings or limbs, have basic living space, and be free from some of the cruelest cage confinements. I am joining in asking Congress to enact a federal law extending the protections offered by California’s Proposition 12 to animals on farms across the country. Please protect animals and the will of voters by drafting and passing this critical piece of legislation.

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