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VICTORY: Dunkin’ Rolling out Beyond Sausage Nationwide!

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Dunkin’ just announced that it is rolling out the Beyond Sausage Sandwich nationwide November 6!

When Dunkin’ originally tested the Beyond Sausage Sandwich in Manhattan, the coffee giant hinted at rolling out the sandwich at participating restaurants nationwide at the start of the new year. However, because of sizzling demand, Dunkin’ has just announced that the veganizable Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich will be making its nationwide debut early⁠—on November 6!

After the Beyond Sausage hit Manhattan menus, Compassion Over Killing taste-tested this sweet success⁠—and gave it a raving review. Unsurprisingly, Dunkin’ reported that the Beyond Sausage Sandwich was the 2nd most popular sandwich at its Manhattan trial locations, and the sandwich was purchased all throughout the day⁠—not just during breakfast hours!

Given the massive popularity of the item, the coffee giant has decided to accelerate its nationwide rollout. This monumental progress will make it much easier for consumers around the country to make more compassionate choices.

Thanks to your support, our We Love Dunkin’ campaign has pushed the coffee giant to pour out almond milk⁠—and now a veganizable breakfast sandwich⁠—nationwide. Yet, as shown in our taste-test video, we still have to go elsewhere for a vegan donut! It’s time for Dunkin’ to fully cash in on the increasing demand for more plant-based menu options with this sweet treat!

Join us today by tweeting Dunkin’ thanking it for this amazing progress⁠—and asking for a vegan donut to roll out nationwide next!

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