Tell Papa John’s and Little Caesars: Take a slice out of cruelty with vegan cheese!

October 2017 update: Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch asks Papa John’s to stop the cycle of cruelty & offer vegan cheese. Read her letter!

Millions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

But pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative.

As leaders in the pizza industry, these companies have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to their menus: Urge them to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!

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NicolePlease add vegan cheese to your menu! I would eat your pizza regularly if you did! I recommend Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella blocks. Bubbles up and browns like cow cheese.
BarbI will ask for vegan cheese on my pizza from now on when ordering. It made me sick to see how animals are treated on the farms. Humans are so cruel and evil. No animals or creatures deserves to be treated like that.
JessicaIt doesn't hurt anyone who eats dairy so why not have vegan cheese?
APLEASE offer vegan options on your menu. These animals SUFFER and you can help stop it just by simply expanding your menu with something vegan. THANK YOU! 🙂
SusanIf you want your company to continue to thrive you need to offer vegan options. The movement is growing fast as people wake up to the cruelty in the factory farms. The paradigm shift is coming and you will sink if you don't change.
AnnaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu.
YesseniaPlease consider vegan cheese not only for vegans but for lactose intolerant people we are plenty of people who cannot digest lactose it would be an amazing thing to add on your menu plus think of the great business you will make. People love open-minded menus that have something for everyone.
DanielaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu. It would be great for all of us who try to avoid dairy. Thank you for your consideration.
MissyAdd vegan cheese please!!!
LisaIf pizza chains offered vegan cheese they would make such a positive impact on the environment as well as save from cruelty millions of dairy calfs and cows.
PeterI would like to ask for your consideration of introducing vegan cheese into your menu like Pizza Hut started doing. I will never eat regular cheese for the rest of my life.
ApoorvWe. want VEGAN pizza!! Start using Vegan cheese! Do your customers look like baby cows??
KATHLEENYes, Please!!!!! Vegan cheese. <3
ElleAs a vegan, it would be wonderful to participate with my co-workers ordering or even dinning at your restaurant but unfortunately your dairy cheese and other animal products make it quite impossible. I would like to know when will you cater for vegans to purchase food from your restaurant? By incorporating more vegan options will allow more inclusion for us at popular restaurant chains.
NateVegan cheese please!
JoshuaI would become a regular customer if your chains offered cruelty free options
bozenaPlease add vegan cheese to the menu!You won't lose consumer only have more! There are millions of vegans and lactose intolerance people who also like have pizza not just at home! For you it just more money.!
CarolPlease offer dairy-free cheese for those of us who would like to be able to order it on our pizza!
AlexandraVegan pizza joints are packed where ever I go. Make some money for your company, be a part of progressive change, and most importantly, HAVE A HEART. Dairy cows are some of the most abused and suffering animals on the planet. Thank you!
CarinIf you offer vegan cheese, more people will order your pizza!!!
KathilynPlease offer vegan cheese!!! My family and I are vegan!!! Many Thanks!!!
RachaelVegan pizza would be great
AmandaVegan Cheese Please!
Susan Brown GilmorePlease offer vegan cheese and vegan options
StephenVegan cheese please! The taste is great and the animals will love you for it!
LaraPlease offer your customers the choice of vegan cheese.
JudyPlease allow for choice in your stores especially with the number of people who are eliminating dairy from their diet because of all of the truth that is being exposed in these factory farm undercover videos.
RickDon’t let Pizza Hut get a jump on vegans.
YazelPlease offer vegan cheese and your business will thrive!
TarynVegan cheese is kinder to animals and would be a great alternative
SherriPlease, do this for the animals!!
jetIt's 2017 and the whole world is going vegetarian and vegan...time you caught up with modern times....
CenaPlease make your pizzas with vegan cheese! I love pizza, but yours aren't an option for me as real cheese makes me ill. Thank you!
KimberlyGrow a heart or lose business
DonnaPlease offer a compassionate alternative to dairy. Animals' suffering on factory farms takes away one's appetite for cheese.
FrancynePlease stop the cruelty of diary cows and start using vegan cheese!!
ElizabethI would love to see vegan cheese at pizza chains
CristianaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu, not just for vegans but for people who are lactose intolerant or like to try different food! Thank you!
MelissaSlice out cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!!!!!!!
DavidDo it - it's smart business.
KennethThe dairy industry abuses cows, and takes babies away from their mothers, so that people can drink their milk. Please show your support for an alternative, by offering vegan cheese, as well. You can help move Human Society towards a better future, by not sponsoring such cruelty, anymore. Thank you for your compassion for animals.
LisaOffer vegan cheese please
DuncanThe dairy industry is cruel and vegan alternatives would be excellent.
SandraI will never condone cruelty.The dairy industry is the most cruel,heartless and without compassion,that I have ever seen.I do not drink milk anymore because of this barbarity towards animals. If you have a conscious and morality,please order vegan cheese!
RebeccaPlease offer the option of vegan cheese
stanleyPlease use vegan alternative. help stop the cruelty!!!
DonnaUse vegan cheese on your pizza
SaraPlease be a forward thinking company and provide diary free options, diary free products are becoming more and more popular as we realise it's not good for us and it's the compassionate way of life.
TerriePlease offer vegan options. It is a growing market so you will actually be making money. Also it is less cruel to animals.
Jacqui pattomPease do your bit to stop cruelty
DeeBring in vegan pizzas!
MandyVegan cheese please
KristaPlease make the compassionate choice and offer vegan cheese!
StephanieIt would be wonderful if dairy-free options could be included for those of us who don't eat animal products. This way when our friends or family order pizza, they will see that it isn't so hard to live without animal products as well as saving us dairy-free/vegan folks a reprieve from making our own pizza.

DorseyYou won't lose anything by beginning to offer the option of vegan choices, you're company would gain market share instead.
SusanDairy is cruelty
MeghanPlease add vegan cheese to your menu!
KelliePlease switch to non dairy cheese or at least start with giving the option of vegan. It will not only help end the abuse of the animals but help people with their health issues. I would become a frequent customer if yo make this switch. Thank you!!
LauraMake the change please
NelsonI used to go to Little Caesar's a lot. Since l cut dairy out of my life, l stopped going there. This would be really great, if they did this.
OscarPlease offer your customers a vegan alternative to cheese
BreaunaTake a slice out of cruelty with vegan cheese!
JacquelynPlease get vegan pizza/cheese. You will bring in alot more business
MicheleVegan cheese please! I'll be a lifelong supporter if you do : )
LizaPlease provide consumers with vegan cheese as an alternate choice to dairy cheese as vegan cheese is a great option for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. Thank you!
MelProfits should not require any exploitation or abuse of any kind towards people or animals! Vegan cheese please!!!! Also this is a great option for those of us who are lactose intolerant.
SharonI love pizza, but not with animal milk on it. PLEASE add a vegan dairy-free cheesy pizza to your menu because when you make it we will buy it 🙂 LOOKING FORWARD to being able to pop in for some non-dairy cheesy pizza goodness! Good karma in every bite!!!
GEROLYNNMore people are becoming Vegetarians everyday. Please offer more options for us.
BarbaraPlease offer a vegan/cruelty-free cheese option for the animals' sake. Not only will you be doing the right thing, but you'll have loads of new customers. Thanks! 🙂
PaulettePlease offer vegan cheese on your pizza. I would like to support your products but simply can't be knowingly complicit in the cruelty to other living beings. Dairy cows on factory farms are living in misery and you can make a big difference in raising awareness.
RobertPlease add vegan cheese to your menu. A growing number of consumers are requesting dairy free and vegan options and would love to see them offered by your business. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see these products offered in your restaurants soon!
LaurenPlease provide an option for vegan cheese at all of your locations!

Thank you.
GailPlease start offering vegan cheese options.
AnnaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu, not just for vegans but for people who are lactose intolerant or like to try different food! Thank you!
AuriolWould be great to have vegan cheese.
SusanIt's been over a year since I've been to Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars. Many times after work, I want something quick and craving a pizza but I don't give in to my craving because I'm vegan. If these pizza giants offer vegan pizza (including vegan cheese), I would become a regular customer because these pizza joints are all in convenient locations.
RobertI began supporting Mellow Mushroom because they provide dairy free cheese. Mellow Mushroom is 8 to 10 miles from my home. I can walk to Papa Johns in 8 to 10 minutes but I do not go there because they do not have dairy free cheese.
CarrieSo disappointing to see Papa John's and Little Caesars are falling behind other chains that offer vegan cheese to their customers. I won't be eating at Papa John's and Little Caesars unless you offer vegan cheese. I can not and will not support restaurants that won't take cruelty out of your pizza when their are so many really great vegan cheeses available. I am a proud Vegan as well as my entire family and lots of my friends and they feel the same way I do.
ShellyVegan Cheese Please!!!!
C'mon guys, it's WAY past time for this.
CarolIf you sell vegan pizza - I'll order it. Gladly.
LaurieOffer Vegan Cheese & We'll Buy!! You can help stop cruelty & make this Fantastic Difference!!~~Thank You So Much!!~~
AlejandraGo vegan and save lives!!
JessicaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu. A growing number of consumers are requesting dairy free and vegan options and would love to see them offered by your business. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see these products offered in your restaurants soon!
AnaberthaGet vegan cheese, vegan pizza and you will have a million plus new customers. when money is your only concern, why havent you made vegan pizza available yet? What are you waiting for?
KristenMake it possible for vegans and those who can't have dairy to enjoy pizza, too!!!
windyPlease offer vegan cheese. It is delicious and then vegans can enjoy your pizza.
JohnGive the animals a chance to live their lives and give humans healthier vegan options.
KLIt would be great to have a vegan option! Yes! 🙂
PetraDairy consumption is on the decrease. Please include a non-dairy chees on your pizzas. Consumers will just go elsewhere if you don't supply want they want.
ElizabethPlease provide completely vegan options! Thank you!
AngelaAlways a winner when Vegan options are offered.
AnneVegan cheese please! Or you'll continue to lose business!!
GenaWe need vegan cheese!!!
ChrisPlease include a non-dairy option on your pizzas!
JessicaPlease use vegan cheese. Let's end the cruelty and exploitation of cows.
AmyPlease provide vegan cheese options. (Not Daiya because it was recently purchased by a company that does animal
testing in its other products. Something like Follow Your Heart would be great)
JessicaDear Papa Johns' and Little Caesars: Please offer vegan options, like Daiya or Follow Your Heart cheeses for your pizzas. Thank you!
Please offer vegan cheese.
jenniferI love your pizzas when I was not vegan and now I am vegan and I still dream of your pizzas but I love the animals so much. i sacrificed a lot including your pizzas. I know I don't have to sacrifie if you have vegan cheese on your pizzas. I wanted my dreams to come true. Can you make it true for us?
JoanneIt would be so great to order a vegan pizza when I don't have time to cook. Please consider the growing need for dairy free alternatives. Thank you
LynnI want vegan choices added to your menu.
DougPlease support Vegan cheese options!!
KatiePlease offer vegan cheese! I would love to purchase vegan pizza from your store 🙂
ClaudiaPlease offer vegan options. You'll have many more customers.
victoriaI would like to be able to order a pizza and have the choice to have vegan alternative to cheese
danPlease send out a thanks to Uncle Maddio's pizza chain (South East US) which has already added a vegan cheese option hopefully the larger chains will follow.
DrPlease provide vegan cheese pizzas and crust without animal products.
BranIncrease your customer base and include vegan options
MegI love Pizza but since I have gone vegan I get pizza but just with sauce and veggies. It would be awesome to be able to have vegan cheese on it too! Please consider it!
AndreaPlease offer non-dairy alternatives on your pizza!
GaryVegan options are good for business.
Priscilayou need to add vegan cheese to the menu
AnnePlease start using vegan cheese! Thanks!
GillPlease make available a pizza with vegan cheese. Thank you.
PattyMillions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

Not only vegan cheese, but also vegan "meat" options. I stopped eating pizza when I became vegan. Haven't had one in years. It would be so nice to have a vegan pizza option. Check your heart. Check in with your compassion. Save innocent lives! Thank you for caring.
DiegoI want and need a change in awareness since the food, we need that there is in your products the option of vegan muzzarela
shellyOur kids don't do dairy and every time there is a pizza party they are left out because there is nothing on the menu that they can eat besides a salad!

Please consider offering a vegan pizza with vegan cheese to your menu! There are a whole lot of us out here who have made a decision to or have an allergy to dairy that would like be able to order pizza!
Darleneplease provide vegan cheese options for all!
SusanI have always loved pizza. But have had to forgo it when eliminating dairy from my diet. I suspect I am not alone. Please consider adding a. Vegan pizza option.
NatalieThank you for all the good work you do for animals!
JordynPlease offer vegan cheese and not use dairy in your crusts.
CathyGive us vegan pizza!!
MichellePlease begin offering vegan cheese options!
JennaPlease have vegan cheese pizza!!!!!
BeckyPlease have some compassion and consider including vegan cheese as an option for your pizza toppings. Thanks!
JenniferI order pizza on occasion, but always without cheese. Please offer a vegan cheese option. Thank you.
JudiPlease provide vegan cheese for your pizzas. You will get more business from the vegan population.
Thank you!
PatriciaWish all restaurants would have vegan, organic options on menus. i might eat out more often then
SylviaPlease offer vegan cheese as an option for your pizza! People are becoming more aware of the sadness and cruelty involved with dairy farming and are ceasing to buy dairy products. Additionally, the growing popularity of avoiding animal products for the health benefits makes vegan food attractive to more and more consumers! All it takes is one vegan among a group of friends, family, co-workers, etc. for the places with vegan options to be chosen over you for that whole group of people.
Mikevegan cheese!
EricPlease offer vegan cheese option for consumers.
carrieplease provide vegan cheese and vegan crusts, while also labeling this options on your menu. thanks
StaceyThank you! I would like to be able to buy your pizzas!
PrashantHello Sir/Madam

We would patronize your business if you provide option for vegan cheese. Please consider this option for those of us who follow vegan diet.

thank you in advance.

APlease offer cheese substitutes for your vegan customers
CrystalIt would be great to have the option of vegan cheese on your pizzas and any other food!
KaranCome on papa john s and little casears take a bite out of cruelty offer vegan cheese
DeaunaPlease provide vegan cheese...:)
robertaI for one really really like pizza and if you were to use VEG, I would like it even more.
WendyPlease start offering vegan cheese. You will please many customers and even add some!
MichelleI'm vegan and I only support cruelty free products. Please begin to offer vegan pizza! Thank you.
MargotPlease offer vegan cheese options!
EmilyPlease offer vegan cheese as an option; many other pizza establishments are doing so, and I will not patronize you until you have vegan cheese!
MaryPlease add vegan options to your menu
JasminaPlease add vegan options!
LillianIn addition to the pizza establishments mentioned above, NYPD PIZZA also will substitute vegan cheese

In addition to the pizza places mentioned above, NYPD also serves a VEGANAISA pizza and has a couple of vegetarian pizza that you can ask them to use Daiya cheese to make vegan. Please Papa John and Little Ceaesars join the parade and you will get even more customers.
garycows need kindness
RichardHelp animals! Add vegan cheese!
IrenePlease add vegan menu items and stop sourcing ingredients from factory farms.
SherryPlease start using vegan cheese on your pizzas. Your organizations are so large they could make a big difference against cruelty.
Alaynavegan cheese!vegan cheese!vegan cheese!vegan cheese!vegan cheese!vegan cheese!vegan cheese!
DanetteSometimes change is good. Time to roll with the changes.
KianaPlease begin to offer dairy-free alternatives!
MarshallI won;t be buying another pizza from either Papa John's or Little Caesar's until they offer vegan cheese as one of their
MarkPlease add vegan menu items and stop sourcing ingredients from factory farms.
ChrisPlease expand your menu options to include vegan and more vegetarian options and make commitment to end the use of factory farm-produced ingredients.
RosePlease add vegan and cruelty-free options to your menu. You are a national leader in the pizza restaurant industry and demand for vegan/vegetarian and non-factory farm origin menu options is growing tremendously in this country and you are not satisfying this demand.
SusanPlease add vegan pizza to your menu
PaulPlease provide an option for vegan cheese.
StaceyPlease offer a vegan cheese alternative to your menu.
CamillePlease vegan cheese !!
HannahI love pizza but hate cruelty. So let's make a cruelty-free pizza:)
CathyPlease make your pizza available to vegans and customers with milk allergies by offering pizzas made with vegan cheese. You will gain new customers and will be playing a vital role in helping to the end cruelty that cows suffer from the diary industry. Thank you for your consideration.
Ruthann McDermottDairy-free foods are on the rise. Not only do they promote non-violence in the food industry, but they also provide delicious comfort foods for people that are lactose intolerant. Vegan eating is on the rise as well. Please consider offering a vegan pizza option.
MeganPlease make a dairy free cheese. My girlfriend is allergic to milk and cannot have pizza because of this. Also, there is no need to torture animals.
MistyTake a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
Elena MariePlease offer vegan cheese on your pizzas!
ChristyI am writing to request that your company provide vegan cheese alternatives on your pizzas. In doing so, you will in effect corner the market on a large part of the population that no longer eats dairy-based cheeses, and serve those who have dairy intolerance and/or allergies. Just imagine the increase in profits for your company if you start pulling in business from all of the vegans and allergy-sufferers who forgo pizza because of the cheese! The only pizza franchise I am aware of that offers vegan cheese is Your Pie. I personally have a household of vegetarians and vegans, and we are trying to cut our cheese consumption (the vegetarians) for many reasons. I have an infant who has a dairy allergy, which results in me not being able to eat dairy. Please, help me enjoy pizza again!
VictoriaPlease Papa John's & Little Ceaser get on board for offering Vegan cheese as an option. It would be a win win for both sales & helping animals.

Many Thanks
reneePlease add Vegan cheese. You will have better sales and
happy customers. Thank you.
CariI urge you to add vegan/non-dairy cheese as a pizza topping. Most big chains--and many small local companies too--have already done so. Plant-based food purchases are sky-rocketing (particularly non-dairy products) and are the wave if the future. Ride the wave! My friends and I will add you to our restaurant lists if you do. Thank you!
LynneDo the right thing and offer vegan cheese!
JudyPlease offer vegan pizzas! Millions of pizza fans are choosing to go veg, so by offering us pizzas made with delicious vegan cheeses, you will be expanding your clientele. At the same time, you will be helping the environment and decreasing animal suffering. It's a win-win choice!
NicolePlease offer vegan cheese so that vegans can order your pizza too!
KirkI no longer patronize your shops since I stopped eating cheese. Please expand your menu
StephanieWould love to see some vegan cheese options on the menu! Thanks
LaceyPlease offer vegan options including dairy free cheese.
JerilynI think that the vegan cheeses should be a choice for people. It will spare some of the animal cruelty going on, and it is also healthier. My husband loves pizza, and is almost 100% vegan. He is very happy when he gets to eat a vegan pizza with added vegetables. Please consider offering vegan cheese on your menus.
SteveI'd eat so much of your pizza if the cheese was vegan!
EdieSeems like it would be easy enough to stock vegan cheese at your outlets. Almost all independent pizza restaurants here in Asheville do.
KristenI would happily be your customer!
MelissaPlease offer a vegan cheese option!
TraciI would so appreciate a veggie pizza without a topping of other things. Yes, I know chess is delicious but it is not necessary. Shouldn't your pie stand on its own merit?
ClemI am unable to visit papa John's and little Caesar with my family as vegan cheeses are not offered, please consider offering these vegan cheese options
LeonidMillions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

But pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative.

As leaders in the pizza industry, these companies have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to their menus: vegan cheese!
ErinPlease consider offering vegan cheese for your pizzas! There are a lot of options to choose from.
DestinaPlease offer vegan cheese!
JonathanVegan cheese!
amberPlease offer Vegan cheese option
Thank you!
Brenda70% of the country is lactose intolerant
AshleighCheeseless veggie pizza is bomb and all, but adding vegan cheese options will give an option to pizza lovers who just "can't give up their cheese"!
RobinThis is entirely doable and a step in the right direction - let's do it!
TomLove pizza & love cheese, but we need to protect our innocent living creatures. Eating vegan as I do is absolutely much healthier than eating or wonderful animal friends. Please do all possible right now to offer vegan cheese for your products.


Thomas J. Keys
KarenPlease have vegan cheese as an option!
AmberPlease add vegan cheese an option on your pizzas! You'd potentially expand your customer base AND do something good for animals and the environment at the same time. It's a win-win!
LisaHi, we used to enjoy your pizza and would love to do so again! Please offer vegan cheese and more vegetable toppings!
KimberlyI am writing to ask that you offer a vegan cheese alternative to dairy cheese. Not only is it cruelty-free but it is also a better option for people who are lactose intolerant.

Thank you!
SusanPlease start using vegan cheese! Stop the cycle of animal abuse. Thank you.
Dave/RitaWe demand vegan cheese because it is better for our health and doesn't involve vile cruelty to milk cows and their calves!!
DebbyPlease do the right thing!
JapjitPlease offer vegan cheese pizza.
LesliePlease offer vegan cheese on your pizzas. You'll gain thousands of new customers! 🙂
CindiePlease offer vegan cheese. The world is changing, people are more aware of what they are eating. My family has gone vegan, and so are many others.
LynneDo the right thing and have vegan cheese on the menu! You will have happy customers!
DIANEMillions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options!
Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023! Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese!
But, pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative!
As leaders in the pizza industry,YOU have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to your menus: We urge you to take a slice out of cruelty, and, offer vegan cheese today!
TiaPlease add a vegan option for us vegans.
SabinaJust good business. I decided to become Vegan and miss getting take out pizza. Definitely would go back to being a customer!
TiffaniPlease add vegan cheese selections to your pizza establishments
NoraI would be VERY happy if you started offering vegan cheese! As a pizza lover it would be a real delight to be able to order delivery vegan pizza!!!!! Thank you!
BurgandiPlease offer vegan cheese like Daiya beyond meat crumbles AND gluten free crust! I would be able to eat pizza again! 😀
MelissaVegan cheese please!
MaryMore and more of your customers are aware of the advantages of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, and I would bet most of them, vegetarian or carnivore, do not advocate cruelty to animals in any form. Please offer vegan choices for your customers, and for the animals.
CristianHello, please offer vegan pizza

Vegan options are still very limited so getting ahead of the curve will definitely serve Papa John's very well moving forward. Many fast food chains are lagging behind in this, so please help lead the way. Thanks
johnVegan cheese please!
GlennVegan cheese is both delicious and cruelty-free. If you offered it you'd definitely gain some old customers back! 🙂
AntonioPlease add vegan cheesebtobyour menu and say "no" to cruelty.
LauraVegans need to eat, too! Add vegan choices to your menu so you can make money from us!!
MaxIncrease your market and offer delicious, cruelty-free options at the same time!
StaceyPlease offer alternatives to customers who love pizza, but will not contribute to an innocent who experiences immense cruelty to produce animal cheese.

We love pizza and we love animals, but we will not choose a meal option over the suffering of living, breathing creatures' pain.

Thank you
CarolPlease make vegan cheese available
PhillipDairy-free foods are on the rise. Not only do they promote non-violence in the food industry, but they also provide delicious comfort foods for people that are lactose intolerant. Vegan eating is on the rise as well. Please consider offering a vegan pizza option
LaurieDairy cheese is so disgusting, unhealthy, and cruel. I do not eat it, and I believe Pap John's is losing a lot of business not offering a dairy-free cheese, such as Daiya or Violife. I know I would order a lot more pizza if they did! And so would others, who are witnessing the cruelty inflicted on farm animals, or learning about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. More millenials are vegetarian and vegan than any other generation, so make a change for us, for the cows, and for your business!

Thank you,
ReginaSTOP HURTING ANIMALS AND PROVIDE ONLY VEGAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gina vanegasHumans please show some compassion forvthes3 poor animals that feel too just like you so callef humans
S.Please put vegan cheese and more vegan options, it'd be great for everyone to have more veg-friendly options. Greatly appreciated!
AngiI would love a papa johns pizza! Please give me a vegan option so that I can eat it again!
MarcellaPlease adopt vegan cheese. It's healthier for everyone and everything!
PaulineI love vegan cheeses and this is the only cheese my family will eat. Please offer vegan cheese so we can enjoy them as offered by you. Thank you.
LisaPlease Please Please!!!! Little Ceasars has always been my favorite before becoming vegan. I would be over the moon if you could show compassion for these poor creatures and offer vegan. We need to show the non-vegans how awesome pizza can be without cruelty!
SamanthaPlease offer non-dairy cheese at your locations for people who do not want to participate in the cruelty involved in the dairy industry or can not eat dairy for health reasons. Sales of non-dairy milk and cheese are soaring as millions learn about the misery behind every bite of mozzarella. Chains like Mellow Mushroom and LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza already offer vegan cheese, and if pizza giants Papa John’s and Little Caesars were to jump onboard, they’d make compassionate plant-based eating more accessible to millions of American consumers.
HazelAllow customers a choice even you don't care about killing and abusing cows. But you should care.
TeresaPlease offer vegan options.
SavannahPlease begin to offer vegan cheese as an option! I have stopped supporting your business since becoming vegan, however, would happily go back if you moved towards cruelty free cheese options!

CarolI'd be a loyal customer if you served VEGAN pizzas!
VictoriaVegan cheese please!
arlineplease stop
AlexandraPlease consider this decision. Many more people are going vegan, and even more will choose the vegan option if it is available. There are many delicious vegan cheeses on the market today. Please consider this through the cow's eyes.
ElexisPlease add vegan cheese and do the right thing!!!
NancyTo Whom it May Concern:

Please consider offering vegan cheese at your restaurants. This would be greatly appreciated by lactose intolerant and vegan consumers. Thank you for your time and consideration!

CarlPlease carry vegan cheese!
LesleePlease provide vegan cheese on your pizza!
JessicaI would gladly be a regular customer if you offered vegan cheese!
LindseyThe one way to make sure that no animal abuse was part of making the food we eat is to eat vegan. Please give your customers that option by providing a vegan cheese option.
MaggiePlease Papa John's & Little Ceaser get on board for offering Vegan cheese as an option. It would be a win win for both sales & helping animals. Actually I would go out of my way to buy your pizzza if you offered this as a choice.
I hope you do consider this.
Thank you
MorganDairy-free foods are on the rise. Not only do they promote non-violence in the food industry, but they also provide delicious comfort foods for people that are lactose intolerant. Vegan eating is on the rise as well. Please consider offering a vegan pizza option.
ChristineVega cheese, please! Approximately half of dairy calves born will be male, and will be killed for veal, or sometimes just left to die. Mother Dairy cows will be killed for hamburger or stew meat once they no longer produce a profitable amount of milk.
terriWe as consumers are asking you to go cruelty free for the animals and animal lovers, you'll be surprised how many more sales you will generate.
RobertPlease offer vegan cheese options
MariaPlease, vegan cheese 😉
SolenaI would actually order from/go to Papa John's and Little Caesars if they offered vegan cheese. There were many times I wanted to order for delivery from Papa John's until I realized they probably don't have many vegan options. You could market/advertise it as more healthy and gain a whole new group of customers if you used vegan cheese. There's only one pizza place in my area that offers it and I go there all the time. Get cruelty-free/vegan cheese please!
MeganAnimals shouldn't be force-impregnated to produce dairy so that we can enjoy pizza. Please offer an alternative so that those of us who are lactose intolerant have options, and to give these animals a better quality of life. They're living beings who experience pain and exhaustion, and we shouldn't be exploiting them this way.
LesliePlease provide a healthy and ethical alternative to dairy!
carmelIt really is time you stopped aiding the exploitation of all these beautiful animals for the proposes of profit making on behalf of your company. Education is the key to awareness for the public to realize the horrendous circumstances in which millions of female...and male animals suffer in order to provide humans with THEIR milk, which is produced for their newborns.
There are a multitude of alternatives which your company can substitute cheese and other animal products with out now, and coupled with the increase of veganism, isn't it only in you're best interest that you now start to use these alternatives, both for the well-being of all those poor mother animals, and subsequently, for the good of your business.
KimPlease sell Vegan Cheese. It's a better option for pizza lovers who can't stomach
animal cruelty in the dairy industry.
Thank you! Kim S.
EvanCurrently, I avoid pizza places that do not offer vegan cheese.
But there are many good options now for delicious vegan cheese
that companies are increasingly using on a large scale.
The demand is there and growing every day. You'd definitely
broaden your customer base and win - and retain - the loyalty
of more customers.

Thanks for your consideration.
JenniferI would eat at Papa John's and Little Caesar's If vegan cheeses were available.
DenisseYes, please provide a vegan option. That would be amazing and it could become very creative.
KathleenI do not presently buy pizzas from Papa John's or Little Caesars because, after being made aware of the plight of so much animal cruelty, have become a vegan. If you would offer alternatives and also refuse to buy dairy products from factory farms, I would rethink my choices for pizza.
AllenPlease offer a vegan pizza option...think of the extra business you will receive
PauletteI am very concerned about the welfare of farmed animals who supply milk and cheese and I do not want to support their living in misery. You can make a huge difference by offering pizzas with vegan cheese. I would very much like to go back to buying Papa John's and Little Caesar's pizzas but cannot do that unless I know that I am not participating in the suffering of my fellow creatures.
ellenPeople who care about animals and are vegan would like to be able to eat your pizza too. Offer a vegan cheese version so we can enjoy your pizza too.
LaurenIt's time to expand your options and offer vegan alternatives. Cheese made from animal products is inherently cruel and bad for human health and bad for the environment. Please use your authority to help take a step away from endorsing cruelty and a step towards making this a better world for all.
Thank you.
SandeepPlease offer a vegan cheese option for your pizzas! Economically, this is better as you are including a rapidly growing audience of non-dairy consumers. Environmentally, this is better as the pollution produced by obtaining cheese will decrease substantially. And, of course, fewer animals, specifically cows, will be used and tortured from obtaining 'cheese' from a different source.
Many chains like Mellow Mushroom, Lazy Moon, and Blaze Pizza are already offering vegan cheese for their pizzas and are becoming popular, so it's time for the staple pizza place to catch up with their game.
MicheleI can't purchase your products until a vegan cheese option is available! I will never support animal cruelty in any way! Please be compassionate and humane and give us vegan cheese!
suzanneWhy not have an alternative?
IsabelI´d love to see vegan cheese on your pizza, please!
AngWhat is their (the pizza giants) argument against it? Is there one that could possibly make sense? (Ummm, no.)
AnnetteI am vegan and I would love to buy your pizzas, but I cannot while there are no vegan options. Please do the right thing and show the world that you care about animal suffering and vegans and offer vegan pizzas.
MaryPlease carry veganncheese for your pizzas.
luanaVegan cheese please
WendyI would love to buy your products again but only if you offer Vegan alternatives. Thank you.
MichelleI would love to have vegan options and support your establishment again, it would be quite innovative for your chain to lead the way with a vegan pizza and other vegan options including gluten-free, vegan is multi billion industry and growing every year, why not benefit financially and offers healthier options!
Please add a vegan cheese option
PamelaIm Vegan & have been for over 10 years - if it has a face - I will partake of it for food.
Lauren boxPlease add vegan cheeses!! Lot of vegans out here ....
And unfortunately you're missing out on their business.
AliceI urge you to offer vegan cheese.
TiaPlease make available vegan pizza. We vegans also love pizza. A market virtually untapped by pizza companies
CarolI would love to join friends and enjoy pizza with VEGAN cheese. Please offer this option
ZivaPlease do this for the animals as well as your vegetarian/vegan want to be customers. Your profits will go up because you'll have some new appreciative customers!
LeaPlease add Vegan pizza to your menu.
venuPlease do not harm animals
lizMy family and I will not give our business to Papa John's or Little Caesar's until they offer vegan cheese. Please do the compassionate thing, it will only win you more customers! Thank you.
TeresaPlease take the humane route. 🙂
AuraPlease provide compassionate cheese.
MartinAll of us enjoy pizza in my family but we're not all vegan. It is always difficult to agree on a place to eat, but adding to the challenge is finding a place that makes a good vegan pizza and another enjoyed by the rest of the family. It seems to me that your companies are missing a great opportunity to serve this market of vegan and non-vegan consumers living under one roof!!
Mary AnnDairy cows, to make a profit for their owners, must have their calves taken from them while they are still lactating so the milk can be collected and sold for human use, including cheese production. The calves are sold for slaughter as veal. The cows are kept lactating through constant breeding and separation from their calves. This is heartbreaking, and since alternatives to dairy cheese now exist, there is no good reason not to offer a humane, vegan alternative to dairy cheese.
RoryThe world and people are changing. Change with it!!!!! Add vegan pizza now!
MeganWould love to order a vegan cheese pizza. Until then, I'll just keep making my own.
KalrenHaving vegan cheese would be a great option, I would definitely start eatery our pizza again!!!
louisDear Management,

Sales of non-dairy milk and cheese are soaring as millions learn about the misery behind every bite of mozzarella. Chains like Mellow Mushroom and LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza already offer vegan cheese, and if pizza giants Papa John’s and Little Caesars were to jump onboard, they’d make compassionate plant-based eating more accessible to millions of American consumers.

Please offer consumers vegan options. Vegans are a large part of the market & we are only growing in numbers. If you can't do it out of compassion then at least do it for the money.

Thank you for your attention.

JuanYour locations are convenient and definitely an option for me if you offered vegan options. As a business, you obviously want to offer what is n demand, and vegan options are becoming more and more popular. Please offer vegan cheese and other options to stay competitive and target another dedicated group of customers! Thanks.
MaddoxPlease consider using vegan cheese or cheese using microbial enzymes. Animal enzymes used in the cheese making process are a part of slaughterhouses. I do not eat meat, however, I do eat cheese that has enzymes from non-animal sources. It would be great if you can have vegan cheese as an option as well. The more we can do for animals the better!
MistyPlease consider going vegan on cheese. It's would be appreciated.
KenzaPlease give me choices when visiting your establishment with my family and friends.
KarenI eat pizza almost daily and end up making it homemade more than I would like, because I'm vegan - solely for ethical and humane reasons, not for health.

I would LOVE it if any of the pizza chains would make a delicious vegan pizza. They would definitely get my business!
DavidYo get me some vegan cheese for reals. I would buy so many pizzas.
IlsePlease offer vegan pizzas.
CoreyPlease stop supporting Factory farms & animal cruelty! Offer vegan cheese as a better and healthier option!
CoreyPlease stop supporting Factory farms & animal cruelty! Offer vegan cheese as a better and healthier option!
MaggieMy family and I would absolutely love the opportunity to eat Papa John's and Little Caesar's pizzas again. By offering vegan cheese, your bottom line would grow! Currently, the only pizza chain in our area that offers vegan cheese is MOD Pizza. Follow their lead and do the same, please!
StefaniaVegan cheese please!
CherylYou would definitely have my business if you had vegan options!! I definitely hope it's in the near future &#x1f604;
CamiePlease start provided a vegan option for your customers!
Teriplease offer vegan cheese thank you
joycePlease offer vegan cheese in your establishments. The number of vegans are steadily increasing in the world. By offering vegan cheese, you could increase your customer base. I do not frequent pizza restaurants because there is no alternative offered. Thanks for your consideration.
MikeMy wife is vegan. I'm eating more and more vegan. Please offer a delicious, cruelty-free option with Vegan cheese. No Daiya please!
SALLYplease offer vegan cheese - the cruelty in the diary farms is unspeakable . Please help animals. Be their voice. Only we can save them from the cruelty inflicted on them by other humans.
SuePlease have a vegan cheese options for all the vegans out there that love pizza. Too many cows are suffering. The fewer cows in the system the more compassionate the farmers can be to those remaining and still make a profit.
ElenaPlease end the cruelty! Go vegan, and I'll consume your pizza again!
TammeraCome on, do something for the cows and the people who don't want to harm them.
NelsonI used to eat at Little Caesars weekly, before, and after I became a vegetarian. Recently, I have been trying to transition to being a vegan, so I have stopped eating at Little Caesars all together. This would be really good if Little Caesars had a vegan option on their menu.
KimCompassion needs to prevail over the dollar sign!
KristiePlease give us Vegan cheese. There is no need for animal suffering.
bethi would love to eat PaPa Johns Pizza if it had vegan cheese. I'll bet the cows would love it even more!
jamilaPlease add vegan cheese to your menu. I have been avoiding pizza chains for nearly a decade because there was no vegan options, but I'm happy to hear that vegan cheese is now making its way into pizza houses across the U.S. I would love to be able to order a pizza again (one of the comforts in life) but I will not get one from any chain/restaurant that does not offer a choice of vegan cheese, as a matter of principle. It would be wonderful if you would add vegan cheese in, as right now you're missing a huge segment of the population by only offering dairy cheese.
Thank you,
Jamila HadjSalem
Michelle ToddToo many people are lactose intolerant and so are kind SS
You can't tell the difference.
edithTake a slice out of cruelty with vegan cheese!
Glennow you just have to make it certified organic and you'll be on the right path!
JadePlease offer vegan cheese!!!
AprilIt's time to make the change to CRUELTY FREE OFFER VEGAN! It's not hard show the ppl that you care about where the cheese comes from.
Then,and only then will my family and I eat your pizza again!

Show mercy 😉
CarlI made the change to veganism over 18 months ago and have inspired many of my family members to do the same. Because of cheese, we no longer consume pizza but would definitely support your establishments if you were you to provide dairy-free options. Making this change would be a win-win for everyone!
BarbaraPlease offer vegan cheese, what can it hurt? Not your business if you can boast about cruelty free pizza!
KristenAs a lactose-intolerant pizza lover, vegan cheese is the answer!!! There are many of us out there, so please, offer vegan cheese, please!!
PaulPlease offer vegan cheese on your pizzas!
TPlease take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
WendyPlease provide vegan options. Thank you.
culoWe need vegan cheese! You will have much more customers, I promise.
ChrisThank you for your time. Animal free pizza has a place and I am one who would happily support your business if you had that option. I miss ordering take out pizza and other Italian foods since going vegan but not enough to partake in the suffering of animals. There are more and more dairy free cheese options now and they are getting better. It would be nice if they were available at our favorite restaurants.
LindaPlease give us VEGAN PIZZAS ad VEGAN CHEESE, on your pizzas-- out of love and mercy for poor, suffering animals! Thank you!
BrianPlease make vegan cheese available at your restaurant. Thanks, Brian Bradley
MartyI would love to be able to support your restaurant.
AndreaVegan alternatives are the way to go.
SusanI haven't been to Papa John's nor Little Caesars ever since I became vegan. If vegan pizza was an option, I would go again for sure, and order take-outs on a regular basis. It would be so convenient and practical to be able to have a whole pizza again, for dinner, and left overs for lunch the next day, but I'm not taking that route anymore unless there's a vegan option.
ApoorvWe are not baby cows, don't want cow milk cheese. Please take out dairy cheese from the menu and substitute with vegan cheese. At the least you can start with giving vegan cheese options. Thank you.
KellyWe like go to Papa John's for pizza in Seymour, Indiana...but there are very few veggie options & no vegan cheese options!! Follow your Heart shredded vegan-cheeses are very Delicious!
NicolaPlease offer vegan cheese!
NataliaThis needs to happen!!
BijalMore and more people are becoming health conscious, aware of the cruelty in the dairy and meat industry and the devastating impact on our environment from consuming these products - please offer vegan options on your menus!
Kermit R.It is as simple as this: I no longer eat pizza in restaurants because the restaurants do not offer VEGAN pizza. I make pizza at home. I do not use any dairy products. DAIRY IS CRUEL. Get it?
AaronAs leaders in the pizza industry, your companies have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to their menus: Please offer vegan cheese today!
AJBy offering a vegan cheese option you would only gain more customers by being inclusive to both vegans and people who are lactose intolerant. Demand for dairy-free, cruelty-free alternatives is increasing every day. Plant-based milks and cheeses are going up Up UP in consumer demand because people are waking up Up UP to how unhealthy, cruel and environmentally destructive dairy is! Time to get on board with the future. It's better for our health, better for the planet and absolutely better for the animals. Please do the right thing!
MichellePlease add vegan cheese. We will be regulars. You'll have a whole new demographic!
AnnTo offer vegan cheese is the most humane, environmental, healthiest and responsible option.
SharonGet with the program already!! Not everyone wants to consume animal fluids (in any form) and no one supports the, often torturous, process of how those fluids are obtained. disgusting!! Please help make a difference!!
KellyPlease offer Vegan cheese
SaraPlease support kinder methods and use vegan cheese. Thank you
JadeBoycotting papa johns & little ceasars until both companies get their asses in gear & provide a NON-cruelty vegan cheese option!!!!
OmarPlease provide customers the option of vegan cheese.
SatishPlease slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
BrandonIt would be good to increase your customer base and include vegan options
Rhonda ValdezI am a vegan + would love to be able to buy a vegan pizza. Yum!
MELISSAoffer vegan cheese today!
PetraVeganism is on the rise. If you don't want to be left behind, add vegan cheese to your pizzas. I recently stopped consuming dairy products after seeing the inhumane way the cows and calves were treated. Once you have seen this, there's no way you can eat it again.
TommyI'm a vegan because I physically feel better eating this way. If you could have some vegan pizza options that would be amazing!
JoshuaThere is an opportunity to be a forward thinking leader in the industry by offering vegan cheese as an option for your pizzas. Vegans are tremendously loyal people and appreciate when a business, especially a major name, takes a step towards making compassionate choices available. Data shows plant-based eaters are growing in numbers exponentially, so it's only a matter of time before this is the norm - why not be the ones known for getting the ball rolling?
SharonI have come to realize how commercial dairy consumption is detrimental to one's health and how commonplace and wide-spread animal abuse and cruelty is in this industry and those involving animals. I am now close to being vegan, eliminated meat and dairy and would like to see your restaurants offer vegan options, including vegan cheese.
AndrePlease offer a vegan cheese alternative.
Thank you for your time.
ElizabethOffer vegan pizza!
EmilyPlease offer your customers a compassionate non-dairy pizza cheese.
KellyPlease do this!
TiffanyVEGAN CHEESE RULES ! Not only is it the compassionate choice, it tastes GREAT !
IsaacI love Papa John's and Little Caesars, but I don't get them as often as I'd like to because they don't have vegan cheese. I used to get pizza twice a week or more, but since going vegan, have cut back to a few times a month. Offering vegan cheese would change that.
CrystalThe vegan cheese option is a good business move because of the demand by vegans but also by people like me who can't/don't eat dairy for health (or other) reasons. I would love to be able to order a pizza that I could actually eat and have it delivered to my house. That would be such a treat.
AmberI love your pizza but recently went vegan and can no longer enjoy the pizza that I used to buy a few times a month. Please consider adding vegan cheeses to your menus, for your vegan customers, the animals and the environment.
KarenMake it a win-win, for animals and people that go vegan!
PatrickPapa John's and Little Caesars both need to step up to the plate and do what's right - stop supporting animal cruelty and offer vegan cheese options.
ElyseGo cruelty-free and offer vegan cheese.
JillPlease consider offering a vegan cheese option. My local wood fired pizza restaurant serves Daiya Vegan Cheese and sells quite a few vegan pizzas.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
DavidWe want Vegan Cheese...!!!
EmilyPlease offer vegan pizza, it would help the animals and us vegans out there with not many options besides frozen vegan pizza!
CraigPlease offer vegan cheese as an option. Thanks.
EmilyI can't eat at your restaurant until a vegan alternative is offered!
XenyaPlease add VEGAN cheese to your menus. Better - replace all of your dairy with vegan cheese. The production of dairy involves horrible cruelty, just watch the countless video of sadistic treatment of cows by the factory workers. You're making money off egregious animal abuse...
TracyPlease take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese
terryI would LOVE vegan cheese option!!!!
VictoriaPlease offer vegan cheese
JudyPlease offer a vegan cheese topping for your pizzas.
MaryannI will enjoy ordering vegan cheese pizza!
ShanePlease offer vegan cheese on pizza.
JessicaAs a consumer, I would love to see you offer a vegan cheese option! Thank you for considering my suggestion and I hope to see a non-dairy cheese alternative available soon. Thank you,
JenDo these companies not like my money! Can we please get a good vegan cheese option?
JeanetteVegan cheese please!I would love the option of a fast food HEALTHY pizza:)
RICKGO green ..
KristenOffering a vegan cheese cheese pizza would be greatly appreciated and offer a wider consumer platform.
LaurenIt would be amazing if you would offer vegan cheeses for your pizza! Vegan delivery pizza is a big, untapped market. There is a lot of money to be made if you offer a tasty vegan option! Thank you for considering!
JeffPlease use vegan cheese!
JoannPlease make the compassionate choice of supporting kindness to animals. Animals do not need to suffer for us to eat cheese.
Jolene & LarryIt would be fantastic if Papa Johns and Little Caesars would offer a vegan cheese option. Many people these days are forgoing dairy for ethical reasons and there are loads of people who are lactose intolerant but would love to have a delicious pizza.
AnandaVegan cheese please
ErinVegan cheese please!
KarenI would like you to provide a vegan alternative to mozzarella. We need a dairy-free option
CharraVegan cheese, please.
PhilIt would be nice to eat at papa John's and little cesars again! Once they offer vegan pizza, I will!
KarmaI love vegan pizza!!!
NellAs a vegan, I am very disappointed that Papa John's and Little Caesars have not recognized me and all other vegans who wish to enjoy your pizza but due to our ethical beliefs. Please be considerate of us and our compassionate position and offer your pizza with vegan cheese as an alternative.
JoyceVegetarian cheeses offer a delicious and cruelty-free alternative--what have you got to lose? You'll gain more customers if you offer alternatives. Please.
DaynaPapa Johns is my favorite place to get accidental vegan pizza. We always brings it home and add vegan cheese! My life would be complete if I could order a vegan cheese pizza at Papa Johns!!!
MeganSales of non-dairy milk and cheese are soaring as millions learn about the misery behind every bite of mozzarella. Chains like Mellow Mushroom and LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza already offer vegan cheese, and if pizza giants Papa John’s and Little Caesars were to jump onboard, they’d make compassionate plant-based eating more accessible to millions of American consumers.
SusanTake a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
RobertPlease switch over to vegan cheese and reduce animal cruelty within the dairy industry.
CarinThis would be a great business idea to make more sales. Plus let's treat animals with the same respect we do to our human species
Lisa AnnVegans like pizza, too. They should be able to choose cruelty-free cheese. Thank you.
MarcoI have always loved pizza my whole life. When I chose to become vegan I knew right away how much I was going to miss eating pizza from my favorite pizza places. But as I tried the vegan alternatives and local pizza places that offered vegan "cheese" and vegan pizza options such as faux meat products all plant based, I found how easy and delicious it was and how I didn't care about the pizza I was so used to my whole life. So I ask you Papa John's and Little Ceaser's to please keep up with the demand and offer vegan cheese. Being the giants that you are, it would make it easier for me to enjoy delicious pizza from your chains once again since your restaurants are much more closer to me and my family than other pizza places. Imagine the consumers you would once again acquire since I truly believe Vegan is the future. Thank you!!
LilyPlease provide vegans and non-vegans with a vegan cheese option!!!
RuheeVegan cheese option please ...!
KaceyVeganism is becoming more popular, widen your target market with some vegan cheese.
JamiePaPa Johns was our favorite. Bought their pizza about 2 times per month. Have been vegan for 20 months, so haven't gotten a PaPa Johns since. Unfortunately, we now go to Blaze. PaPa's is much better. Please add vegan cheese to your menu.
KImPlease please begin offering vegan cheese for your pizza! The dairy industry is one of many dirty secrets most Americans don't know about. The cruelty is heinous on factory dairy farms.
JessicaLet's do this! I don't eat dairy but if I had the option of choosing vegan cheese for every time I had friends ask "should we order a pizza?" I would have bought 2 or more pizzas!
TaylorThey would make so much more money! Lactose-intolerant people and vegans... they will be happy to have yummy, cheesy pizza in their bellies!!!!
StephanieI would eat more if it had vegan cheese!
RaynaPlease offer a vegan alternative!
EliI am a customer and would very much like to order pizza with vegan cheese. Thank you.
TinaI would absolutely love it if there was a cruelty free way to eat pizza. I think more people would be vegetarian if the options were easily accesible
MarekPlease, please, please offer vegan cheese! You will see me in line every day! I MISS YOU!!!
AllisonOffer vegan choices to help appeal to those who love animals! Be companies who pioneer the way for kinder alternatives!
CaraHappy Friday!

I absolutely love pizza! It is one of my favorite foods...but, I cannot eat pizza because of the cheese. I used to eat cheese for the majority of my life and I will not lie, I loved it! After I found out how the cows are treated and what they endure, I could not eat cheese or have any dairy products any more. It is inhumane and I want to help stop this.

You have the power to help these animals have a better life. Please offer a vegan cheese option that is healthy and GMO free, so that we can eat right for the planet.

More and more people are learning the truth about our eating habits and how the animals are treated. You can be that voice and a good change!! Honestly, what good is having money if we do not have a planet to enjoy it on!!

Thank you so very much for hearing me out and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Very best,
Cara Brzezicki
Littleton, CO 80125
KarenThe only way I will ever use Papa Johns again is if they offer vegan cheese and stop contributing to the exploitation of animals
AnnaI don't believe anything should die just so I can eat .There are far too many options in the modern world for this to continue.
Dave/RitaWe would truly appreciate your use of vegan cheese on pizzas! We will plan on ordering once you carry vegan cheese!
Thanks you!
LauraI would order pizza so much more often if there was a vegan cheese option! Now, I have to order it without any cheese, so most of the time I don't order, I make vegan pizza at home. It would be so convenient to just order vegan pizza!
HeatherPlease offer vegan cheese.
PattieThere are so many good vegan cheese options available. Please offer to satisfy all your potential customers that refuse to eat animal products.
BradleyPlease!!! I currently do not go to your establishments. But with vegan options I will!!!
EsterI am lactose intolerant.
MichellePlease provide an option aside from dairy cheese...better for us and the environment.
JessicaPlease consider offerin vegan cheese at all locations! The world is changing, and you should too! Thank you!
MatthewPlease offer vegan pizzas!
CindyPlease make vegan cheese available. Thank you
ElizabethWe will never buy pizza from a chain that refused to use cruelty free dory products ever !!!!
RodThis really should be a no-brainer. Offering a non-dairy, vegan pizza choice would set Little Caesar's and Papa John's in the forefront of mainstream pizza chains. Not only would tons of vegans (such as myself) once again be able to spend our money on your pizzas, it would also be a welcome change to the hundreds of thousands of people who are lactose intolerant. Marketing trends show the momentum so I don't know why you'd want to get left behind should some of your competitors (Domino's, etc) make the offering first and sway consumers to their already massive chain. Be smart... follow the money and show some conscience at the same time. It'd be a win-win. Come on... introduce it. If it doesn't prove beneficial then discontinue it. I know it'll be successful if you choose the right vegan cheese source (Follow Your Heart makes a great mozzarella that tops Daiya, for instance).

Thank you for your consideration!

SandraI only eat at places with vegan options, so please add a vegan cheese option!
CarolVegetarians would be very happy to have a vegan alternative and this, in turn, would probably increase your business.
LisaThere are sooooo many reasons yo offer vegan cheese options on your pizza! You could only stand to benefit from adding this alternative. It's a win-win!
mark“Ask ten people on the street if they think it’s wrong to injure or kill animals for one’s amusement or pleasure, and nine or ten will say yes, of course. Chances are all ten of those people freely consume animal products, simply because they like to and they’re used to doing it." - Karen Manfrede
LynnePlease offer vegan alternatives. Thank you.
WendyPlease offer people a vegan cheese on your menus. The abuses occurring in the dairy industry should not and cannot be tolerated. Until the dairy industry becomes responsible in the care of their animals we must have a vegan choice!
EileenNon dairy is better for humans and the planet
NanceePlease provide vegan cheese as an alternative for those of us who do not use dairy products for numerous reasons. Thank you.
MichelleAnimals should not be treated inhuman or abuse in no way and how, there are from to treat them with compassion.&#x1f614;
RachelPlease get vegan chesse!
StephanieIt would be so GREAT to eat pizza! With vegan cheese of course. How difficult can this be?
JessicaPlease offer vegan cheeses for your pizzas. The dairy industry is so cruel. Making compassionate choices available to your customers will show that you care about them and their ethics and morals.
AnaYou would be wise to begin offering cruelty free options.
PeterPlease offer vegan cheese - thank you!
BrianPlease do the compassionate thing and offer vegan cheese.

Thank you for your consideration of this request,
Brian Field
athere is a little Caesars nearby and I am weaning from cheese and adjusting to a diet that is now largely dairy free. I rarely buy dairy anymore and for that reason I buy much less pizza than I did before and pizza was my old preference for eating out not to mention fun to order delivered in. If there were a pizza chain with nondairy alternatives, I wouldn't have to just go to subway or cook at home when it was time for a treat. By offering fewer alternatives in the main course, many restaurants are in modern times losing customers interest for the entire order.
BrennaPlease expand your options by offering dairy free cheese! Thank you!

Millions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

But pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative.

As leaders in the pizza industry, these companies have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to their menus: Urge them to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
TinaI do not order from these two establishments because there is currently not a Vegan cheese choice! I recently went to Pieology and was pleasantly surprised to find they had a Vegan cheese choice. Little Caesers & Papa Johns would get much more business with this Vegan cheese choice!
DawnIt is good business sense to provide Vegan cheese for those that require it for health reasons or conscience.
CarrieMy entire family only eat at pizza restaurants that offer vegan cheese as well as options for the entire pizza that have no ingredients that come from animals. More and more people are either going vegan or are cutting way back on their animal product consumption, so it is high time for Papa John's and Little Caesars to join the other pizza chains that already offer vegan cheese. American's no longer have to eat foods that come from animals that are mistreated! Vegan cheese is very good and most people don't even notice that they are eating vegan cheese.
TerryVegan cheese, WITHOUT casein, the protein that has been linked in peer-reviewed, scientific studies, to breast and prostate cancer, tastes amazing and provides a market "niche" for companies. Please try "chao" cheese, which is much more flavorful that daiya - or "follow-your-heart" brand vegan cheese. Make a difference, Papa John's!! Little Caesars - I doubt you will step up to the plate, but Great job if you do!!
JamesVegan cheese
SueIt's time to reconsider the way we conduct factory farming and the resultant cruelty to the animals we rely on. I will not be purchasing products, including cheese, that continue to support these practices. Offer a vegan substitute please!
SelenaI used to love ya'lls pizza when I was a meat-eater.
Please add vegan cheese as an option so I can still get my pizza fix.
VictoriaPlease bring Vegan Cheese to your stores! I would love to purchase pizza from you but would need Vegan Cheese since I'm Cruelty-Free! Please offer an alternative for us!
TraceyA vegan cheese option would allow me to purchase pizza from Papa John's. I think its a terrific idea and it will play well with millennials, and is a great thing to do for the world. I'd love to see this happen.
TerriNot only vegan cheese but glyphosate free wheat and other ingredients are imperative for good health.
Cows suffer needlessly in the corrupt dairy industry.
RayleenVegan cheese is a healthy and human choice that I would like to have for my pizza toppings. Thank you for listening!
BarryMy wife and I are vegans, and we would be delighted if you offered vegan cheese on your pizzas!
AaronPlease offer vegan (non-dairy) cheese for your pizzas! I live in San Antonio, TX and there are NO vegan options for fast-food pizza here in the city, except of course to not order pizza at all. My family loves both of your establishments very much but won't be able to continue being customers if you don't have vegan options, as we have all gone vegan. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
BeverlyPlease offer vegan cheese so that we can begin enjoying your pizzas.
HannahPlease put vegan cheese option on your pizzas - I love Papa Johns
But have recently turned vegan, I miss papa John pizzas
PhilipPlease start offering the choice of vegan cheese on your pizzas. Other pizza chains are doing so.
LindaPeople who are conscious about the welfare of animals and their bodies are the future. To maintain a healthy customer base it makes sense to serve everyone. Vegan cheese=more business
AnnaPlease add vegan cheese option!
Ashok and KiranMany people cannot eat or consume dairy products. It would be nice to have began cheeses, not only to stop the unnecessary over-production of cows milk, but also so that everyone could enjoy pizza and similar foods.
JenniferPlease help lead the way towards vegan cheese. Be the first in the pizza industry, be kinder show you care. Because we the consumers do, and the consumer will boycott if they need to.
DorothyIn this day and age, any form of animal mistreatment or cruelty will not be tolerated or accepted. We must have alternatives.
EricaPlease help be humane
GaryI would love to see vegan cheese options in more and more restaurants. Companies won't lose business they will gain greater business.
MichelleDon't let cows continue to get abused and suffer.
CeceliaHi! Can you please offer a Vegan cheese option? When you guys exclude vegans from dining at your restaurants by not offering them food they can eat, you are alienating them and losing a lot of business as a result. Some vegans want a quick option too like pizza delivery or take out. I have been out with non vegan family or friends and there is no options so I don't eat anything and when future opportunities arise to go with them to your facilities, now I just don't go. I'd rather be able to go out with family anywhere and know there is something to eat for me too but until you guys get that option for us, I will just be eating at other places. Pieology, Two Boots and Fresh Brothers have this, so why can't you? Even a smaller 2 for 1 pizza chain in SFV offers this and a lot of people order it! Please consider adding vegan cheese and other vegan alternatives to consumers.

Thank you!
AnnaPlease, add vegan cheese to your menu! It would be so helpful not only for all vegans but for people who are lactose-intolerant as well. Thank you!
SoniaVegan cheese please!
QueridoI would love to see a vegan cheese option at papa john's, so i can eat there again. used to love your pizza!
ericaPlease offer vegan pizzas!
AdiPlease offer vegan cheese! Demand is increasing exponentially!
dclean up your act
AllisonHow hard is it to offer cruelty free cheese when u have so many options...disgustinh @!!!!
JanMy family is lactose intolerant so this would let us eat pizza!
KarenI am a vegan & don't eat dead animals or products from them. Please add vegan cheese. Its no skin off your nose but it sure is to the poor cows. Be kind...Be compassionate.
AmyYou can't lose from a business preprctive as you get back everyone. Little Caesars has always been a favorite of mine and I would love to eat it again.
AmberI would eat at your restaurant if vegan cheese were available.
TraceyI don't eat your products now because I'm a vegan, but I would patronize you if you had a vegan option! I love pizza!
NicolePlease offer dairy-free alternatives and help support health, the environment, and most importantly, treating our animals with dignity and respect.
FrancesPlease offer this - I am a loyal customer who orders pizza with no cheese and wait till I get home and put on my vegan cheese. What a great thing it would be if you could offer it to me instead. Thanks!!!
TessCows are friends not food and should be treated with respect
Armand GI am a regular customer of Papa John's Pizza in Wichita Falls, Texas. I will refrain from using this establishment again until they begin to offer a Vegan Cheese option for their customers who want it.
BruceA vegan cheese option should be provided
CONSTANCEYes, PLEASE have vegan cheese!
Bruce and MaureenAnimal abuse and CRUELTY is inexcusable, unnecessary and UNACCEPTABLE. Please do the right thing. We are all part of Nature.
Jo AnnI will continue to boycott both papa johns and little caesars until they go vegan. My
52 other friends agree too. Little Caesars pizza is greasy and papa J's is overpriced. Go VEGAN.
PabloVegan cheese will bring new customers to your business!
Slowomir and IreneThe horrendous cruelty and abuse to mother cows was uncovered, and it is sickening. Please do not support this.
MimiPlease add vegan Cheese. There are many places that offer it. If you don't care about the animals well being and the planet (which you probably don't, because you are more worried about the money in your pocket) think about the money in your pocket and the extra sales you will get from vegans who want to buy pizza from you.
JamesGive vegans a chance to be your customers.
MonikaThey are God's (!) Creatures (!). Also please listen to your heart (again), show compassion, respect and dignity.
SRThere are lots of lactose intolerant folks and/or vegans out there who miss eating pizza and would love to be able to indulge in it again! Otherwise, we have to take our business elsewhere...
AnaPlease include option for vegans. It makes sense. More sales and less impact on the environment and animals
SvenjaPlease start offering vegan cheese!
NikkiVegan cheese PLEASE SO I can have your pizza
SusanbPlease serve vegan pizza.
Thank you
RUTHI would like to eat pizza again. Several years ago one of my co-workers made a vegan pizza that included both vegan cheese and vegan sausage. It was delicious! So you see, it can be done.
HoustonMillions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

But pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the issues behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative.

Please offer vegan cheese for vegans and those who are unable to consume dairy due to health reasons (allergies, intolerance, etc). Thanks!
JoanNo room for cruelty ever. Do the right thing.
PatriciaVegan pizza would be a game changer! Do it!!!
MayaPlease offer a vegan alternative! Your customers will appreciate it greatly!
OdalisPlease offer a vegan cheese
MargaretThe best of both worlds - cruelty free and delicious. Please.
JessicaVegan cheese, please.
GregoryCheese and pizza are two weaknesses for many people when it comes to going vegan, and they definitely were for me as well. I asked for Dominos to offer a vegan pizza about a year ago, and heard nothing back. So I can only assume they had no interest in a vegan pizza. So at that point I also changed my thinking, and I no longer had an interest in a non-vegan pizza. Started requesting no cheese on everything, also. And you know what? I don't miss it, and I actually have felt better the last year from the changes I'm making more towards going vegan. So Papa Johns and Li'l Caesars, and I'll add Dominos as well... you don't have to make a vegan pizza if you don't want to. But non-vegan pizza is finally off of my eating plan now. And for those times I do really crave a pizza - they're now rare enough that I can satisfy that craving by making one at home a couple times per year. So I'm still up for a good pizza at times... but now it'll have vegan cheese and probably some jackfruit meat on it instead of animal meat. And that works fine for me. If you make such a thing, great, it makes things easier. But if you don't, I'll make my own now.
RebeccaRight now, if I want to eat your pizzas, I either have to go cheeseless (boo) or go to a chain that offers a vegan alternative. If you developed a tasty cheese substitute, I would happily eat it!
MichalPlease show compassion and offer vegan cheese for those who are not only against dairy but also those like my family members who are lactose-intolerant!

Thank you very much!
AmyI have drastically altered my dining habits since going vegan almost 2 years ago. Therefore I have not gone to a Papa John's or Little Caesars in quite some time. I spend extra money to buy pizzas from a local vegetarian pizza shop that offers vegan cheese. I would be willing to return to your chains if you add vegan cheese products. Please do the right thing for your customers, the animals, and the environment.
KoustuvPlease offer vegan cheese.
CherylDear Papa John's,

I am writing to ask you to please make a vegan version of your pizza. As a vegan, it would be a wonderful addition to my options. Thank you for your consideration!
GEORGEANNAdo the right thing! offer vegan cheese.
RobynPLEASE take a slice out of cruelty and add VEGAN CHEESE!!!! Vegan is the future
bradWe simply cannot patronize your restaurants without a non-dairy alternative. The dairy industry would be crippled if not for Govt. subsidization from many people refusing to support its inherent cruelty and poor health attributes. Plant based is not the future...It is NOW!
BharadwajWhy take everything from animals? Greedy and cold blooded isn't it?
MaureenPlease serve pizza with VEGAN CHEEZE!!
BhargavanWhy not try vegan based cheese if we have it available?
SameeraLet the animal world be at peace without any hunger, suffering and fear of death
EstherJust think of all the people you can make happy. Of all the awareness of cruelty to these poor animals, you are helping out to make us more healthy. A word of mouth for all your goodness, is more money in your pocket.
Think about it..... get on board.
Thank you, for your future compassion.
NicholasIt's time to offer alternatives, eating habits change and staying behind the pack will only lead to losses. Vegan cheese, meat alternatives, and gluten free are legitimate menu choices, make the right choice and serve your health conscious customers.
ShaynaMy family and I haven't been able to enjoy your pizza for over 3 years now because you fail to carry vegan options. Imagine how many other clientele you've lost and will continue to lose if you keep failing to offer non-dairy options. You should already be fully aware that dairy consumption is on a steep decline which means there is a huge market out there to cater to plant based/vegan diets. If you want to regain customers you've lost and prevent losing customers in the near future start providing options for everyone.
IanIncluding vegan cheese not only diversifies selections for tastes and preferences , but it also provides a benevolent alternative to cruelty.
JaimeThat would be so great to have a totally vegan pizza. I don't want to contribute to the suffering of innocent animals, and there are more and more people who also feel that way. Please show compassion and change things.
JaniceI really like pizza and have a difficult time purchasing one with a good crust that is vegan There are good vegan cheeses that even melt. I will not eat cheese made from animal milk, because of the suffering animals go through to provide the milk. I am looking forward to the day when I can order a vegan pizza to go.
MargaretPlease start offering vegan cheese toppings on your pizza menu. It would be good for people, animals, and the environment.

Thank you for your time.
AndrewDairy just isn't sustainable. Please switch to vegan cheese.
PatriciaIt makes so much sense to offer plant-based many people can't do dairy.
Just like the big ice cream companies did...Even Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Dazs.

Almost everyone from kids to old loves pizza - so why leave out this important dairy-free market segment?
Hoping you add them soon - thanks!
AmyaI would likely get more pizza out if there were a vegan option. I will be leaning toward purchasing from pizza chains that offer vegan food.
Amya Paige
VictoriaVegan cheese please!!:):):)
PeterPlease offer and use vegan cheese alternatives on your pizza. It's kinder to animals. Thank you, PB
Stephanievegan cheese please...
AllenI suffered throughout my entire childhood because doctors were not aware of the misery that lactose intolerance caused. It would be a real blessing to the millions of people like me who, for many years, had few alternatives to choose a healthy option for foods like pizza, or nachos, which I always have enjoyed. I also suggest that you offer a whole grain(or a partially whole grain choice) for your crusts, which is a healthier option for all of your customers. I also think that you would reap significant economic benefits from adding these new choices to your menu. I am quite certain that your business would benefit from adding these plant derived cheeses to your pizzas.
PennyMy daughter has just started to have to refrain from eating all diary do to a severe lactose intolerance problem. Not only being able to order a quick take out pizza that she could actually eat be convenient and helpful to many families with lactose intolerance/allergies prone kids, might also help our animal friends.
MarianneI think it's about time to revamp your policies
People are wanting healthier lifestyles and to spare
Animals of the suffering they go thru. Please
Offer vegan pizzas. When you do, I'll be a regular customer!
JeanetteMy immediate family of four are all vegans. It would be so nice to have pizza available to us from a restaurant. Please provide this for all vegan families, for the animals, for the planet and for our future
RandallPlease offer a vegan alternative.
ShawnceyPlease make a pizza availale with vegan cheese.
JoyceToo many people are wanting vegan cheese. You need to add vegan cheese just like some of your competitors.
JessicaPlease!!! There is really no need to always use dairy! Some vegan cheeses are super delicious!!!! You are supporting the environment with offerekng non dairy choices.
LeonidI used to be a fan, but stopped buying your pizza once I learned you're not willing to offer vegan cheese.
KatelyneI would definitely start ordering pizza from you again if you used vegan cheese!!
JenniferCruelty is NEVER ACCEPTABLE!
MarieI buy vegan cheese at home already for my health and animal's wellness. Sadly, I had to drop pizza a while ago, which is terrible because I absolutely love it! If pizza companies decided to make pizza with vegan cheese/products I'd be able to incorporate pizza into my life once again! And I'm sure many share my thoughts. Big companies would benefit from choosing vegan products as well as being aware of animal cruelty!
AngelaDo the right thing and provide options for people who dont want to eat dead animals and drinks mothers cow milk. Provide more vegetarian and vegan options its really not that difficult.
Marcibesides being the right thing to do, vegan options offer the opportunity for huge sales gains
AmandaServe vegan options please!
cindyPlease consider vegan cheese and so less suffering for the animal! thanks
JerriMy family and I cannot eat from your establishments unless you offer more vegan options and vegan cheeses.
LarryVegan cheese please!
LaniPlease give us a vegan option.
DerekVegan cheese please
MI love pizza! But I do NOT love animal exploitation and cruelty, which is why I am a vegan. I would really like to see more big brand places, like Papa John's and Little Caeser's, provide vegan options for the growing number of people who choose to eat with compassion.
SherylStop the cruelty today. Offer vegan cheese pizzas.
TaylorThe brand Follow Your Heart makes vegan cheese that tastes like real cheese. I have tried alot of brands and its the only one that has mastered it. The best part? It is soy free and dairy free so it doesnt harm your thyroid and lactose people plus vegans can enjoy a slice od tour delicious pizza! Ps offer cherry peppers like pizza hut. Its so good.
MelI would love to see vegan pizza on the menu!!! Please give everyone the option to order this, so we can lower the need for regular cheese!! It also will accommodate allergies!!
NareshVegan cheese
JoanneThousands of Americans are buying and consuming vegan foods and non-dairy cheeses now. Papa John's and Little Caesars: get on board. This is the 21st century and dairy has proven difficult to digest in infants, kids, and adults anyway. Get sustainable, help reduce farm pollution (methane), and reduce human reliance on animal protein for better health and longevity!
SherrieThe demand is growing and the need it there. Please add vegan cheese as an option to your menu. What do you have to lose? Much to gain!

Thank you,

Sherrie Mursaky
ElsyTo Whom it May Concern:

I want vegan cheese TODAY and take a slice out of cruelty by offering an alternative to dairy-based cheese.
KimberlyVegan cheese please.
lisaIts a win win will have more people buying your pizza so therefore you will make more money....and save a few poor cows who have a horrific life....and make vegans have more places to go..Do it !!!
DougI totally support your pizza chain, and would do so even more if there was a vegan cheese option!! Please strongly consider this!
ScarletEvolve!: provide a VEGAN alternative, PLEASE!
KaranPapa johns and little cease s please Go dairy free by offering vegan cheese on your pizzas
AmandaMake more money for yourselves and offer a vegan cheese option! I know I'd order a lot more pizza. Probably way too much pizza!
AllisonPlease offer Vegan cheese as an alternative so I can continue to purchase your products
KathleenLove to have a vegan option.
KimberlyPls, I haven't had pizza in ages.
judyPlease begin offering vegan cheese on your pizza!!!
HeatherWould love it if there was a completely vegan option!
ShaneI eat pizza all the time and would absolutely purchase vegan geese pizzas!
MelissaI would definitely order pizza if vegan options were available.
DavidWe drive very far out of our way to patronize places like Blaze Pizza that have vegan cheese. We pass by several Papa John's and Little Caesars on the way. We will continue to Boycott any pizza chain until they offer vegan cheese!
LoraPlease add dairy free cheese options
TomWould be awesome if I could purchase a vegan pizza.
Would do that a lot. &#x1f60a;
DebbieI implore you...use vegan cheese for the animals' sake!
LillianAs an animal lover and vegan, I rejoice to see how the tides are turning away from meat and dairy consumption. It saddens me to see pizza companies such as Papa John's and Little Caesars clinging stubbornly to using dairy products, dairy-based cheeses are not healthy - cow milk is naturally produced for a mother cow to feed her calf, and despite the millions of dollars in advertising spent by the dairy industry to try to make consumers think otherwise, dairy products actually cause health problems. More and more consumers have switched to plant-based milks and cheeses because 1) they are aware of the horrible brutalities of factory farming, and 2) they are aware of the vast amounts of drugs that are fed to the cows in order for them to produce more and more and more milk. . . . WAKE UP!! The vegan movement is here, and is growing. . . .
MaryPlease offer vegan cheese!!!
ErnestoPapa John's was my go to pizza, my favourite, and would love to eat there again but this time with vegan cheese on top. Cmon Papa Js
ElliePlease provide vegan cheese options
WhitneyPlease add vegan cheese options!
JasonVegan cheese tastes just as good as dairy cheese and is cruelty-free! Why not offer ONLY vegan cheese?? It makes complete sense. Don't most people claim to share the value of kindness?
MarkMy entire family would order from you on. Weekly basis if you had vegan cheese!
DenisePlease introduce vegan mozzarella to your menus. Many dairy animals are forced to live in misery. This fact weighs heavily on many consumers like me. You'll find there is a demand for vegan items and you’ll also be recognized as having compassion for animals. People like me will appreciate this very much.
MaryPlease go non-dairy. It's the right and compassionate thing to do.
SharonWe would become loyal customers if you would offer vegan, cruelty free cheese!!! Please begin to offer such products as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Sharon D. McClennen
SandiPizza is better with vegan cheese!
SugandhakumarPlease add vegan cheese. You will be the only pizza I order from.
MarisolThere are many who would benefit from having vegan cheese available as an option for your pizzas! Please consider this and make the change! For the health of your customers, for the animals and for our planet!
JohnnyI believe that options like these not only would accommodate more customers who love pizza but are also attuned to the vegan lifestyle, but would create a strong image for the company via promoting a good cause.
reverend yvonneplease, for those of us who are vegan, won't you make a delicious vegan pizza to equal your others that aren't
PeterPlease consider becoming a 'humane to animals' corporate citizen!
AmyPlease add a vegan cheese option!! For the sake of animals as well as the environment and consumers' health!
MaureenIf you were to offer Vegan cheese, I would probably actually purchase your food (and eat it!). As it currently is, I don't go to any of your establishments, because there is no reason for me to.
AliPlease provide vegan cheese
Katherinewhen you eat something that has been treated with cruelty you have that inside of your body. A cruel death is being absorb in your soul. People should just stop supporting papa john and little Caesars There are so many other choices. The decisions makes and owners will suffer anyway.
Anne Brown@littleceasars @papajohns PLEASE Give Us VEGAN OPTIONS!!
DorrenPlease use vegan cheese to save the animals from suffering
AudrianaFor the past 2 decades, I've been making my own pizza at home since it's hard for a vegan to find non-dairy pizzas in restaurants. But I just tried Mod Pizza for the first time (they offer Daiya non-dairy cheese!) & it was fabulous!! I offered a slice to my non-vegan friend & he loved it...he said he couldn't tell the difference & since it was obviously healthier, he was going to start ordering the Daiya on his pizzas from Mod from now on.

Now THAT is what Papa John's & Little Caesars need to know!! If they assume they'll be losing a customer base by offering vegan cheese, they're wrong! They will actually be attracting MORE customers!!
JillPlease make the compassionate choice and add vegan cheeses to your menu...the world is waking up to the cruelty of the dairy industry and want to make better choices when they order pizza! Thank you!
EdwardThere is a Little Caesars less than a mile from my home and I would patronize it regularly if they were to carry vegan cheese pizzas.

Unfortunately there is no longer a Papa John's in my community (there was years ago), but I suspect many would say the same thing regarding Papa John's that I said above regarding Little Caesar's.
ClaireI am not Vegan but I am dairy-free so it would be amazing if you could offer dairy-free cheese so I could enjoy your pizzas! Also offering gluten-free crust would be good!
CarlosVegan cheese PLEASE!!! It's better for everyone i.e., human health and the life of a kind, gentle cow that IS A COMPANION ANIMAL JUST LIKE A DOG AND CAT along with pigs and chickens. PLEASE SEE "WHAT THE HEALTH" ON NETFLIX!!! GOD BLESS!!!
LynneDo the right thing and go vegan!
RobertPlease consider the use of vegan cheese. Thank you.
LeslieDo the right thing!
CassandraPlease make vegan cheese an option just like all of your other toppings.
LisaThere is a big market for vegan pizza!
And there are many vegan cheeses available, it is time!
ALEJANDRAStop cruelty
AmberPlease give it a try! You'll see that you can make a difference in the lives of many <3
Not to mention the fact that the vegan movement is a moneymaker!! If you won't do it for the right reasons, at least do it from greed - only this way no one is hurt.
LynnVegan cheese please!
KarinaPlease take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
AmitPlease use more and more vegan products to keep the earth in its good position and save the environment!!
DeannePlease add vegan cheese to your menu.
jenOffer Vegan cheese as an option!
Thank you
TonyPreferably not Daiya but you know waht they say about beggers!
JaneCruelty free pizza would be a beautiful thing! Please make this an option.
AndreaI cannot pizza from your restaurants because I am a vegan I would love to try it!
JuliaYES PLEASE..... Not only should you have delicious Vegan Pizzas for immediate gratification but also start
your own line of frozen vegan pizzas that can be purchased at the major health food stores - Winco- Walmart...

Not everyone eats meat or utilizes dairy products so please cater to us too! With lots of baby boomers influxing our
society - healthier versions that are delicious that we can raise our next generations on are what we WANT-take the lead and make us some Vegan Pizzas! We love you- PaPa John's and Little Caesars- lets remain family!!!
JoanneWhy not vegan cheese
AixaI don't eat Cow Milk Products because I have become aware of the cruel treatment of cows. I would like other options.
Thank you! Aixa Fielder
SusanVegan cheese please
ElaineBetter ingredients, better pizza? You forgot to say ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! People are becoming aware of animal cruelty and we are not going to stand for it!!!! Stop contributing to ANIMAL CRUELTY or my prayer is you go out of business!!!!!
PatPlease provide a vegan cheese option to help our health, the environment & the animals! Thanks!
PatrickIt's time to offer a vegan alternative to your dairy cheeses!
MarceVegan cheese tastes just as good, if not better than, dairy cheese. Vegan is healthier! I would begin patronizing these establishments again if they offered vegan cheese.
JosephAs a pizza lover and a vegetarian, I face a dilemma. All pizzas have lots of diary-based cheese on them which makes me reluctant to order your pizzas. I sometimes do order pizza, but with regret. I suspect that many folks face the same dilemma as I do. Please consider offering a vegan cheese option on your menu. I truly believe it would increase your sales and make the many thousands of vegetarians out here true fans and advocates of your pizzas.
DanielWhy would you insist on supporting animal cruelty? I will no longer buy any products from you until you change. I know I am just one person, but I know there are thousands more like me that feel the same way and will act the same way. It is time to put profits aside and think about these innocent creatures that are being tortured and YOU are supporting that!!!!
JuliaI would buy this if it were available.
JudyVegan cheese please
LilyPlease do what's right and humane. Animals have feelings too. Vegan cheese should be an option for everyone.
Bonnie LeePlease offer vegan cheese options. This will not only satisfy those opposed to cruel factory farming practices, it will allow those with lactose intolerance and people with other dietary concerns to enjoy pizza again!
KatieVegan cheese please!
KeithaPlease end cruelty and stop the suffering! Please use fairy free cheee
ClaribelI have money and place to put it! Please provide vegan cheese lol
TinaYou will sell more pizzas will vegan cheese! Thank you!!!!!
CarolynPizza is a staple to many Americans. I love pizza, but not at the expense of helpless dairy cattle. Please offer vegan cheese to your customers, and help to 'take a slice out of cruelty'.
So many people are eating compassionately and opting for a plant-based diet. It would be a wise decision on your part, as many vegans would start buying your pizzas.
Thank you for doing your part in helping humanity be more humane!
maritzaI would love to have a vegan option. I think it would also be profitable for the pizzerias. Vegan cheese can last a long time in fridge. It wouldn't take much effort, make pizza the usual way and then top off with Vegan cheese. You would have so many grateful customers.
AudreyLooking forward to your delicious vegan options so my business can return!
LynAssuming you want to "grow your business", providing vegan options is the smart thing to do. If you respect them, vegans will come.
Barbara NI would LOVE to have the option of vegetarian cheese on your pizza! In fact, I have almost completely stopped buying pizza now, because I am heading toward vegan. Please show compassion to animals and vegans by offering this choice. Thank you!
PatThis would be great for your business and possibly boost your sales by providing an alternate option. More businesses need to consider this.
JasonPlease give us a vegan cheese option. The cruelty behind the milk industry is immoral and inhumane to cows and the baby calfs.
JenniferPlease Go Vegan!
SandraVegan cheese
lorraineYour commercials are extremely unhealthy looking. You have the chance to reach so many and to show a much better way to eat.
NataliePlease help in the effort to stop animal cruelty and allow the people who cannot
eat pizza because of the cheese issue and their beliefs to enjoy pizza again. I have been
a customer of both Papa John's and Lil Caesars - both have stores 5 minutes from me -
and I have called both requesting vegan cheese. I and my family would appreciate it very much
if you both would offer vegan cheese - PLEASE!
virginiaI urge you to offer vegan cheese as one important way to stand against animal cruelty and increase your customer base to include pizza-loving vegans!
LisaPLEASE offer vegan cheese and even vegan "meats" for toppings. A lot of people are either lactose intolerant or there are a lot of people who want a humane alternative! !
RobinUntil you start having choices for vegan I will not eat at any of your chains.
TraiI will not eat your pizzas until you offer a vegan alternative.
Also, demand more compassionate farming practices for the dairy you do use. Be responsible.
NoellePlease offer non dairy alternatives to milk and have compassion for how these poor animals suffer.
ErinPlease take this opportunity as industry leaders to add vegan cheese to your menus as soon as possible. The change will be welcomed not only by vegans and animal rights activists, but also by those who have reactions to lactose or are trying to live healthier lifestyles. Given the ascendant wellness movement in American culture, I can't think of a better time to add vegan cheese to your offerings. Please consider it! Thank you for your time.
ChristinaThis would be greatly appreciated by those of us who cannot eat dairy, due to dietary problems.
CindiePlease provide vegan items.
MarthaI prefer to eat pizza with vegan cheese. I want the whole pizza to be VEGAN!
RobinWhy not offer what customers are asking for, and at the same time take a stand against cruelty to animals?
TaraMy 5 year old son has a casein allergy. Please give me more options when purchasing pizza for him, and our family.
daveI have never eaten at Papa Johns or Little Caesars but I would if you offered vegan cheese!
stevenYES to vegan cheese and whole wheat crust
KarolinaPlease offer vegan options! Vegan is the way!
AimeePlease give us vegan cheese, or at least cheese from certified pasture fed cows with no growth hormones or antibiotics!
AnonymousPlease offer vegan cheese options at Papa John's and Little Caesars!
BellaPlease make the option of vegan cheese available at your restutant.
Lisa KaganThis is long overdue
YelinaIt will be great for the poors cows and great for you,because you will make money the pizza will sell extremely well.
wendyPLEASE USE VEGAN cheese.
RajKumariAnimals are not ours to EAT (We don't own them. Earth belongs to them as much to them to live)
MicheleThere are more and more people not eating dairy because of the cruelty behind factory farming. I'd love to eat pizza again and would definitely support Papa John's and Little Caesars if you offered a vegan choice. Join the movement towards a more healthier and sustainable future.
ErinPlease make this option available for your customers. While I understand that to you this may seem like an unnecessary step, it makes all the difference in the world to your customers.
michelleDon't you want our money? Please give us an alternative.
DavidStop the cruelty go vegan
LaurelI have not been to Papa John's in years. If you start selling a vegan pizza I guarantee you I will come back and give it another try. Plant-based food is the way of the future. Your company has the opportunity to be a trailblazer in this aspect.
PabloI love pizza and would love to eat more if it were more widely available with nondairy cheese. I used to be a pizza chain regular but now being vegan I am disappointed in the lack of availability of options for us. Please introduce vegan- and earth-friendly options!
HannahTake a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese! @littleceasars @papajohns
RobertaWe do not support cruelty so offer Vegan cheese ASAP please!
AndrewVegan Cheese Please!
VickyPlease make the move to use vegan cheese. These poor animals have a miserable life as it is. Go Vegan. Thank you.
markI was under the impression that cheese was humanely processed from the beginning until it hit the stores UNTIL watching a horrible video regarding the inhumane and cruel treatment of the dairy cows and the baby calf. We NEED more NON-DAIRY options and they are out there.
Please provide NON-DAIRY CHEESE
SuzanVegan Pizza Please!

Suzan Seger RN BSN MSN
Doctoral Candidate/2017
AdrianaPlease consider offering vegan cheese! You're sales will definitely go up if so.
LisaPlease offer a cruelty-free Vegan Cheese.
CindyOffering a compassionate choice is the least that you could do!
TerryOffering vegan cheese will increase your bottom line. It's all about the profit with businesses.
MariSince I am vegan, I never order food from you. When I am dining with others, we done elsewhere. Please make a change, so we can dine with you!
AlexI would love if you had some vegan cheeses. I haven't had your pizza in over two years. Also if you do get some vegan cheeses then when my friends want to go out and get food we will be able to go to your establishment since I would be able to get something
JanaePlease serve vegan cheese! Cows are our friends, not our slaves!
AnnGo vegan!
JillGood morning! There are many vegans out here that would love to be able to purchase your delicious pizzas but currently choose not to, due to the dairy... You will see a definite rise in your business if you begin to offer us options. As you are also aware there are many that cannot consume dairy due to health reasons besides those of us that come from the ethical side. Thank you so much for considering this very important issue. Sincerely, A Vegan in Vegas
HarryI'd love to chow down on a fully vegan pizza several times a week! Paying a little extra for it is fine by me. 🙂
NancyVegan cheese with some mushrooms, 🙂
RoxanneI would eat pizza from Papa John's and Little Caesars at least once a week if you offer a vegan cheese alternative. Probably multiple times a week, since I love pizza, but won't support cruelty.

Thank you.
ronPlease offer a vegan cheese pizza. Not only is it the right thing to do, there is a large market for it. Thank you.
KortneyI loved your pizza chain! Fast, Easy, Always delicious.
But I love my vegan life style so much more.
With you guys opening your doors to a lifestyle change that continues to grow rapidly in our society,
you're seriously one up-ing your competition. Not only are you providing a major, specific, costumer base the key to your product, you're also showing you can conform to change, for the better, and anything less than that is weakness.
DirkEveryone wins...just do it!!!
PatriciaAs two of the largest pizza restaurants in the nation, please accept the obligation of eliminating suffering of dairy cows by offering dairy-free cheese. As vegans, we love pizza but we have to forego cheese on it! Please think of your patrons--and potential new ones--by going with vegan cheese on your menu.
WilliamOffering a vegan option on your menu means a lot to many people. It also shows interest in being part of a humane society.
JerryHey guys I would love to see vegan cheese be offered. Please consider it as it's the RIGHT thing to do.
LaraPlease offer vegan cheese at your restaurants! More people are becoming vegan every day.
DanielThe dairy industry is incredibly cruel! Please replace with vegan cheese! Thank you
LeticiaMy husband and I have ordered from our favorite pizza chain Papa John's much less often now that I am a vegan. If the chain offered vegan cheese, we'd have all the options we need and would no longer need to buy elsewhere. Please support your customer's many preferences and offer vegan cheese.
TaylorYou would gain thousands of customers if you added vegan cheese as an option on your menus. Please offer a more humane alternative to cheese so that everyone can enjoy your products! Until then, we will continue to buy pizza from other restaurants that offer more variety for people who are vegan.
MarenI used to love eating at pizza places, but due to my new vegan diet I am very limited in my options and sometimes have to drive 30+ minutes to find a pizza restaurant that offers vegan options. I really hope you all decide to give at least one vegan option for your animal lovers out there!!
MaryAdd the vegan cheese!!!
RichardPlease allow Vegan Cheese to be used in your products.
dougEating Vegan is the future...
LydiaPlease accept a challenge and create a pizza using a substitute for dairy cheese. I think you would be surprised at how quickly a vegan pizza will sell.
NathanGive vegans options!
JillIf even our little local pizzeria here in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh PA can offer allergen-free, gluten-free, AND vegan pizza AND hoagie choices, I don't know why big outfits like Papa John's and Little Caesars can't--except of course that all that matters to them is the bottom line vs. customer satisfaction and humanity!!!
SineadDAIYA brand vegan cheese is excellent: please make it available to your customers.
TheoWe need vegan cheese! I used to love both of these establishments, but for the past 5 years I've had to take my business elsewhere, I can't put my taste buds over my ethics. Please listen to us and help stop Cruelty while making money, and give us some delicious vegan cheese!
SusanI only get pizza from Mellow Mushroom because they offer Vegan cheese and Tofu. If they can do it, so can you! Vegan options for the animals! !
peggyi eat a vegan diet because of a health condition. I would love to be able to eat a pizza from your establishment. I know that vegan cheese is not a particularly healthy alternative to animal cheese. I also know I would love to be able to purchase a pizza for my consumption.
DIANEI recently worked inside one of the largest dairy factory farms on the East Coast, one that touts its innovation as the first in the country to implement machine-milking of cows, known as “robo-milking.” Yet the horrors I documented at Mason Dixon Farms as a Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator reveal the much darker reality of this massive dairy factory.
At Mason Dixon, which supplies to Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest milk marketing cooperative in the US, a man witnessed violent abuse of mother cows on a regular basis, including workers kicking cows in the face or udders, jabbing cows with their elbows, bending and twisting their tails, and even punching them for fun! One time, he even saw a cow who was too weak to stand up being electrically shocked over 100 times!

On this massive factory farm, 2,500 cows live in hazardous conditions, often getting stuck on large water troughs, unable to free themselves, and falling. Cows even walk in water contaminated with formaldehyde, which workers often handled without proper protective gear! He also watched as terrified cows were turned completely on their sides by an enormous machine, and, then, they had all four legs restrained, so that their hooves could be sawed down in a frightening process!

While this facility is not in the Papa John’s or Little Caesars supply chains, the cruelty he documented at Mason Dixon is, sadly, not an isolated case! Footage like mine has revealed time and time again that suffering is inherent in the dairy industry—from newborn calves being ripped from their mothers shortly after birth for the veal industry, to exhausted mother cows being trucked off to the slaughterhouse when they’re no longer producing milk!

These haunting images are the sad reality of Big Dairy in America! Fortunately, however, millions of consumers are now waking up to the cruelty—as well as the health and environmental hazards—behind every carton of milk, and are increasingly choosing dairy-free options! Sales of dairy alternatives are soaring, even outpacing those of dairy itself, and the market is projected to reach $35 billion by 2024!

But, pizza giants like Papa John's and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers an alternative: vegan cheese. So while pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are shaping the future of pizza by offering dairy-free cheese options, Papa John’s and Little Caesars are lagging behind!

As leaders in the pizza industry, Papa John’s and Little Caesars have an opportunity to make a meaningful change for consumers and cows alike through a simple addition to their menus! Our family BESEECHES THE PIZZA CHAINS TO TAKE A SLICE OUT OF CRUELTY AND OFFER VEGAN CHEESE!
ElizabethPlease put vegan cheese on the menu. Vegans need options. Thank you.
MichelleWe want vegan cheese as a humane option on the menu plus a lot of people are lactose intolerant!!
KennyThis careless slaughtering has to stop now.
JordynAffordable, vegan cheese alternatives would bring a large amount of people to your stores-- not many pizza chains offer vegan cheese, and what better time than now?
BethPlease add vegan cheese thank you &#x1f642;
DonaldGet on the bandwagon, Vegan is the persent and the future.
NataliePlease stop taking babies from their mother and taking cows milk from them. I feel vegan cheese has more flavor and was just at El Burro in the North Side here in Pittsburgh, Pa that offers it. My mother and got all vegan food there for lunch and both agreed that we didn't feel bloated and our stomachs didn't hurt after having a nice vegan meal, which is the way it SHOULD be. I feel it should be the only option, but Little Caesar's and Papa John's should definitely make it an option just like every place should.
MargaretHumane practices, please. I am willing to pay more
ChrisPlease add vegan cheese to your menu! I refuse to consume dairy products and will give preference when ordering pizza to companies that offer vegan cheese. There are currently no companies in my city of residence that offer vegan cheese so I always have to order pizza with no cheese. It would be awesome to have the option of ordering a pizza with vegan cheese!
KathyPlease offer a humane alternative and also this would help people who cannot process dairy! You would sell a lot more pizzas.
MontePlease add vegan cheese. I made the switch to vegan 6 months' ago, and it's encouraging to see the accelerating growth in vegan choices. It's easier than ever for consumers to transition to this healthy, compassionate lifestyle, and momentum is building. Take advantage of this unmet need in your business and add vegan cheese.
SusanMany people want vegan cheese for health and humane reasons. Some people might even avoid pizza to avoid dairy products. They will be grateful if you offer them an alternative.
LynneLet's stop the cruelty. Join others who make vegan cheese pizza.
LynettePlease offer a humane alternative and add vegan cheese to your menu. Thank you!
THOMASNow more than ever as a vegetarian/vegan for 21 years, a plant based diet is truly the only natural diet for humans. Please do all possible to ensure vegan cheese is offered at your establishments. Our wonderful living creatures ARE suffering immensely & really do deserve a pain & torture free life. Animals are NOT commodities to do what we please. Please do what is right. Prevent the true suffering of more animals & find the compassion to offer vegan alternatives to your products.


Thomas J Keys
BetsyI've been vegan for 5 years and would like to be able to order a pizza for delivery again. Please offer vegan cheese!
JanisMy family and I no longer order pizzas from your company as I'm vegan and my husband is not. So we are unable to both have an enjoyable meal. We do order from 2 local restaurants where we can both get a pizza. We would begin ordering from you once again if you had a vegan option. Thank you for reading my comment.
CharlesI try to eat vegan as much as possible. If Papa John's and Little Caesars were to offer a vegan cheese option I would consider eating pizza from their businesses, where as I currently do not.
BrendaPlease offer vegan cheese for those of us who lead a dairy free life.
PatriciaPlease go Vegan cheese!
JudithPlease use vegan cheese. Taste is just the same. No loss of profit for you.
candacePlease consider a humane option for your business.
EVAI would consider trying your menu if you offered vegan cheese.
JeanI encourage you to offer vegan options to your menu.
SusanI am allergic to all dairy foods, but pizza is my favorite food. Please offer the alternative!
MargaretPlease expand your customer base by offering vegan cheese. Many other pizza places already offer this option. Thank you.
JessicaI have been vegan for 23 years because I refuse to contribute to killing and suffering. For those 23 years, I have been making my own vegan pizzas, buying frozen pizzas from compassionate companies like Tofurkey, and avoiding pizza chains. Needless to say, this will continue until vegan cheese appears on your menu.
LaniI don't want to see animals suffer just so we can eat. Let's provide a more compassionate alternative.
I eat vegan cheese and am glad to do so. The suffering of animals must stop.
TeriOffering vegan cheese will be a good marketing decision -- it will improve your image as a company that cares about animal welfare, the environment and your diners' preferences. Doesn't get much better!
HusseinVegan Pizza would be awesome! They will taste better and be healthier.
KellyI would love to have a vegan Papa John's pizza!
PeggyRestaurants also need to stop using the same utensils on meat and vegetarian foods; I do not want a vegetarian pizza which has just sliced through pepperoni. Meat is filth.
KarenPlease offer vegan cheese!!!
JenStop dairy use and stop the torture and slaughter of all cows.
ElissaIt would be so awesome if you could have a vegan cheese option! Thank you for considering!
Beth JaneVegan cheese options on your pizzas will allow more customers to enjoy your pizzas. One reason some people don't eat pizza is because they are lactose intolerant and can't digest the cheese.
AnonymousPlease consider adding a vegan cheese option. Many consumers, including those who are vegan, are looking for healthier alternatives, are lactose intolerant, or are concerned about the well-being of animals in the dairy industry would prefer a dairy-free alternative. Other pizza chains, such as Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James' Blaze Pizza, and Pieology have already responded to the rising demand for dairy-free foods by offering vegan cheese options. A vegan cheese option for your pizzas would expand your customer base and add credit to your company's reputation. Thank you for your consideration.
FeliciaPlease offer vegan cheese options!
kenplease add vegan cheese to your menu
cindyWith so many people becoming vegan or just reducing dairy in their diets why wouldn't you want to have non-dairy cheeses to often a growing portion of society??
JessicaPlease start using vegan cheese in your products! Vegan is healthier and tastier.
JessPlease find humane ways of sourcing milk for your cheeses
DarrenVegan cheese and vegan pies prepared without cross contamination. Compassion over killing.
TaraI really miss Papa Johns and Little Caesars Pizza! Since going Vegan, I sadly had to stop buying the pizza. I would totally start buying again if Vegan cheese was offered!
jessicaPlease offer a vegan alternative to mozzarella.
BobBe good to cows and better for my heart. I pledge to buy at least one pizza from you guys for the rest of my life if you offer vegan cheese pizzas with mushrooms, olives and fresh tomatoes ( I'm 76 years old). Currently I have to drive 67 miles to get one from Blaze in South Bend. Alternative cheeeeeese pleeeeeease !!!
MelissaEver since I developed lactose intolerance, I have missed pizza horribly. I know I can attempt to order a pizza without cheese, but that ruins the illusion. Vegan cheese is better than nothing (and I mean that in a positive way)!
JamesDon't want this vegan dow chemical cheese on my pizza
suzannePlease offer vegan cheese and vegan meat as a choice. It is the kind and responsible thing to do. It also tastes good!
JulieI've been a Papa Johns pizza buyer for years because you vegetables are seasoned right. It would be terrific if you offered vegan cheese as opposed to regular cow milk based cheese. Try it out and see where it goes. You'd certainly demonstrate a kindness for animals and I'd be buying more pizza from you. Thank you!
bobbiI would live to be able to eat your pizza again. Pleasa offer a vegan cheese
GaryMillions of consumers are becoming aware of the cruelty behind every carton of milk, and they’re increasingly choosing kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free options.

Sales of non-dairy milk products are soaring, and the non-dairy cheese market alone is expected to pass $3.5 billion in 2023. Pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, LeBron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are already responding to this demand by offering vegan cheese.

But pizza giants like Papa John’s and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers a vegan alternative.

As leaders in the pizza industry, Papa John’s and Little Caesars have an opportunity to shape the future of pizza through a simple addition to their menus: Urge them to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese today!
AndrewPlease offer a cruelty free cheese to the vegan community. It will come at a low costs to you and will accommodate more customers.
KarishkaPlease make vegan pizza availble ! Stop abusing live beings which animals are!
monaGo vegan
KarenMy family is vegan and have always enjoyed having pizza night once a week. Right now I have to make the pizza myself because we don't have a local pizza restaurant that serves a vegan option (other than a plain pizza crust with sauce -- no cheese or vegan meat alternatives. I would live to have this day as a non-cooking day for me and order the pizza as take-out or delivery.
Please consider adding vegan options to your menu!!!
JimVegan options are needed. This life style of eating is only going to expand.
JeffI would prefer if you offered a humane alternative like vegan cheese, thanks!
KaitlinPlease offer vegan cheese so I can enjoy your pizzas again!
AleksThe number of vegans in the world is growing by the day ...imagine the increase in your customer base and, thereby, revenue if you were to offer something we would eat! A vegan cheese option is an all around WIN.
HenryThe business you will lose, including mine is not worth it. Vegan cheese pleeze - because it is the right thing to do.
CarolPlease offer vegan options. Please be humane. More people, including myself, will be able to support your business.
Thank you.
MichellePlease offer a humane alternative!
BrunoI am vegan and there is nowhere for me to buy pizza because there is no company that provides vegan cheese. Please consider adding vegan cheese to your menus. Thank you. Bruno
MichaelMy family and I do not eat cheese, and as such, any food company that does not offer vegan alternatives we do not frequent. A few less customers ...
AnthonyI would really like to see some vegan cheese options in Delaware please
LesliePlease offer vegan options for customers. There is an entire customer base your losing out on. The plant based cheese market is growing rapidly, don't get left behind. Vegan customers will remember who offered them options and ultimately be loyal but if your one of the last to jump on the bandwagon and just join so you don't miss out on selling some extra pizza once you see the demand, your going to miss out on an entire customer base that you could have gained early on.
StaceyTime to end the cruelty to animals and damage to environment. Offer vegan cheese.
SyHow challenging can it really be to add vegan cheese as an option?
JamayPlease add vegan cheese!!!!!!
Yvettemore people realize every day how cruel the milk industry really is..please make this huge step forward by offering more vegan cheese options ...
Diannesome of us can not tolerate dairy
AaronI grew up eating pizza from popular chains like Little Ceasars and Papa Johns. I don't ever think of either chain as an option for food now since they only carry cheese that I don't consider as food. If Little Ceasars or Papa Johns were to take action for animals and for the planet by offering vegan cheese as an option, I would happily buy pizza from them for myself and for my classroom as a teacher.
HeleneI am writing to urge you to offer a non-dairy cheese option for your pizzas and other menu items. Not only does this offer customers a cruelty free choice, it also expands your market potential by providing dairy and meat free menu items for those that can not or choose not to eat dairy or other animal products.

Thank you.
KamilBring us vegan cheese. You are missing a big chunk of potential business by not doing so.
CarrieThis would do a lot for your business, as well as the animals! Its a win win! Please jump on board!!!
CharlotteYes we need more options !!!! Start by giving more people choices and you will start to make alot more money
I make my own pizza or get it with NO cheese,
JeanneThese are living creatures with the capacity to suffer. It's way past the time to blindly using animals for food. And vegan cheese tastes good. Please do the right thing and offer a vegan pizza.
KevinI would buy your pizza if you had vegan cheese. Thanks
Not only is this a humane, and necessary, step, it's a good marketing move... more options for more lifestyles brings new demographics in
RuthMaybe I will start buying pizza from you if you offer vegan cheese.
KentPlease offer a humane alternative.
CarolineVegan cheese, please! Follow Your Heart is the best one 😉
CynthiaI strongly urge you to please offer vegan cheese today! I am interested in eating products that don't contribute to cruelty to animals.

Thank you.
ElizabethPlease offer vegan options! This is what the people want - you will make money. Thank you!
JacobDual income no kids, 20 year vegetarian and I eat out multiple times per week. I'm ready to order when you're ready to provide.
CYNTHIAYou are the two pizza chains we use the most. Well, we DID use the most.

We will come back once you offer an alternative to COW abuse.
JillPlease add vegan cheese to your menu, it's the right thing to do
RedElisaHave a heart for our sweet cows,they deserve better treatment.If vegan cheese helps,let's do it!
jacquelinePlease help change the world by offering vegan cheese!!!
DuaneI would be a customer if you offered vegan cheese. As of now I must go to other sources.
PatriciaPlease add vegan cheese. You'll get back a lot of business!
HeidiPlease consider more humane options.
BabbiePlease offer vegan cheese! I'm vegan and love pizza, but only order from places that carry vegan cheese. I would appreciate more options.
kathyPlease stop the cruelty inflicting on cows. Please save the environment for our children. offer vegan cheese.
JaredCruelty free options please
MarshaI would be likely to buy your pizza and encourage my friends to do so if you have vegan options. Please do so!! Otherwise, I will not be buying your products.
SwatiVegan cheese, please 🙂
MargaretPlease offer a vegan cheese option as well as vegan meat options, especially vegan sausage.
MatthewHelp me eat your pizza by putting vegan cheese on your menu. Thanks.
Stuartmore vegan food please!
SandeepPlease add vegan cheese!
LuPlease add vegan cheese!
MelaniePlease feed us! We want pizza!
JeremyPlease offer a humane alternative
SophiaVegan cheese please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChristopherPlease bring vegan cheese to Florida. Thank you.