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Taco Bell to Test New Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

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As it stands, Taco Bell might be the most vegan-friendly fast food chain in the United States, with seemingly endless ways to veganize menu items. And in 2019, the chain is taking that one step further.

In its new seven commitments for 2019, Taco Bell announced a resolution to test a dedicated vegetarian menu with some brand new items, including vegan options.  

Soon, ordering veg or vegan will be even easier. In the meantime, vegans craving a burrito or crunchwrap can use the “Make it Meatless” feature on the Taco Bell app or website to find one of many meat- and dairy-free combinations.

Next time you’re craving a quick and affordable fix, try a crunchwrap or burrito fresco-style (no dairy!), and sub refried beans in place of beef.  

Other commitments for 2019 include sustainability and recycling efforts, as well as reducing additives and preservatives in the chain’s food.

Taco Bell seems to be doing something right–last quarter, the chain opened 59 new locations while other fast food chains saw closings in 2018. As Taco Bell continues to cook up a wide range of options for everyone, we’re not surprised.

Meanwhile, chains like McDonald’s offer very little in the way of vegetarian–much less vegan–options. It’s time that fast food giants catch up with rapidly-growing Taco Bell and start flocking towards animal-free options.

What new vegan item would you like to see on Taco Bell’s menu? Let us know on Twitter!

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