Undercover Investigators: Finding Sanctuary

Meet One of Our Undercover Investigators: “Jay”

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To animal agribusiness, farm animals are little more than meat-, milk-, and egg-producing machines. But to you and me — and our investigators — these animals are individuals who experience pain, sorrow and joy, and who deserve the same compassion and protection as the dogs and cats with whom many of us share our homes.

The meat industry fights hard to silence us, but our investigators won’t back down. Day after day, they courageously take on the emotional and physical challenges of going undercover to stand up for billions of farmed animals.

We know this grueling work takes a toll on our investigators. Unsung heroes living in the shadows, they witness and expose what really happens behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness.

That’s why we’re honored to introduce you to “Jay” in this short yet powerful video: An Investigator’s Story: Finding Sanctuary.

In this video, Jay candidly talks about why he’s taken on the critical and difficult role of going undercover and how, after working inside a Hormel pig slaughterhouse, he spent time at sanctuaries, meeting rescued farmed animals, to find peace and strength to keep going.

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