Something Healthy’s “Compassion Club” is a Best-Seller!

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Something HealthyWe recently told you that our friends at Something Healthy restaurant in Los Angeles collaborated with us to create a COK-inspired “Compassion Club,” with 10% of proceeds benefiting our campaigns for animals. Well, within a few short weeks, this new all-vegan protein-packed sandwich jumped to the top of the café’s best-seller list and it’s now permanently added to the menu!

Plus, the agave mustard and vegan basil pesto sandwich spread they’ve created for the Compassion Club was raved about by so many customers, Something Healthy has decided use it on several other sandwiches. And by replacing the regular pesto with this new vegan spread, they’re not only expanding their vegan menu — they’re also reducing their use of animal products overall. A win-win for customers and animals!

Something HealthyNeed more reasons to check out Something Healthy? Here are just a few reviews from volunteers who recently visited the café:

“It’s so nice to actually have a Panini that’s vegan.” – Joseph Nguyen

“I really loved the mixture of sweet and savory. The walnuts added great texture too. Stacked high with a unique combination of veggies and vegan chicken, it was amazing.” – Melissa Rivera

“The tasty vegan pesto is the key.” – Catherine Case

“Sourdough is my favorite bread, so that was a nice touch.” – Jenny Kotlyar

“The sauce on the vegan chicken and the pesto were really flavorful. Very few sandwiches are as perfectly toasted as this one was. Really, I liked everything about it.” – Josh Goldstein

Want to try the “Compassion Club” yourself or maybe check out their expanded vegan menu? Invite your friends and family to visit Something Healthy for a meal that’s good for you and the animals!

Something Healthy: 1014 S. Shamrock Ave,
Monrovia, CA 91016 • 626-301-0096

Something Healthy

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