vegan eating

Promoting Vegan Eating through Restaurant Outreach

Changing Menus, Changing Minds.

vegan eating

Between Meatless Mondays sweeping the nation from Washington, DC to the City of Angels, restaurant industry reports of the growing demand for vegetarian meals, and fast food giants Subway testing new vegan options, it’s no wonder that meat-, egg-, and dairy-free menu items are showing up at restaurants across the country. And yet many people state convenience and lack of vegan restaurants as a major factor in preventing them from seriously exploring vegan eating.

Compassion Over Killing’s Restaurant Outreach Campaign works to show the growing number of interested diners just how easy vegan eating can be by working closely with individual restaurants and chains to present delicious animal-friendly fare to vegans and non-vegans alike.

In addition to publicizing already animal-friendly restaurants through our popular online and print guides, the campaign focuses on providing assistance to eateries looking to attract the growing number of people choosing meat-free foods. By providing recipes, menu ideas, and samples of mock meats and vegan cheeses, Compassion Over Killing ensures that animal-friendly menus are widely available.

vegan eating

A Winning Dish

Our Restaurant Outreach Campaign boasts a high rate of success, with more than 125 restaurants displaying COK’s “Proud to Serve Vegetarian & Vegan Meals” decal in their windows. Because of our efforts, over two dozen area eateries now dishing out delicious vegan cuisine—from Certified Green Restaurants Founding Farmers and DC’s Bread & Brew, to local favorites such as Julia’s Empanadas and Busboys & Poets, and national chains, including Pita Pit.

What’s more, COK has partnered with veg-friendly restaurants to host monthly benefit events. One day each month, these restaurants donate a portion of the vegan sales to help COK’s efforts to promote cruelty-free eating. If you live in the D.C.-area or are visiting, be sure to join us at Bakeshop on the third Sunday of each month for a benefit!

Stick a Fork In It: How to Get Involved

Want to get more restaurants in your community to add vegan options? Here are a few ways you can promote vegan eating: