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July 2011

    “Some See Cage Accord as a Good Start”
    Food Safety News
    July 25, 2011

    September 2011

      “Animal Rights Group Files Suit Against Dairy Coalition”
      WNAX Radio – South Dakota
      September 30, 2011

      “VegFest Makes a Case for Flavor without Animal Products”
      Washington Post
      Sept. 29, 2011

      “Dairy Cows Slaughtered by the Hundreds of Thousands to Drive Up Milk Prices, Lawsuit Alleges”
      Seattle Weekly
      September 28, 2011

      “California Dairies: Not Above Driving Up Prices and Killing Cows To Do It, Lawsuit Alleges”
      Sept. 28, 2011

      “Class action suit alleges price fixing by dairy industry, seeks plaintiffs”
      National Examiner
      Sept. 27, 2011

      “Suit: Dairy cows systematically slaughtered to drive up price of milk”
      Sept. 27, 2011

      “Consumer Confidential: Milk Lawsuit”
      Los Angeles Times
      Sept. 28, 2011

      “Suit: Dairy cows systematically slaughtered to drive up price of milk”
      Seattle Post-Intelligencer
      Sept. 27, 2011

      “Antitrust Suit Alleges Dairy Groups Killed 500,000 Cows to Drive Up the Price of Dairy Products”
      American Bar Association Journal
      Sept. 27, 2011

      “Eat Your Veggies (and Your Cupcakes) at the DC VegFest”
      Washington Post
      Sept. 20, 2011

      October 2011

        “Truth in Labeling: Questions About Egg Carton Labels”
        North Carolina Public News Service
        October 31, 2011

        “Are Higher Milk Prices the Result of a Price-Fixing Conspiracy?”
        October 26, 2011

        “Big Dairy Accused of Price-Fixing Milk by Paying for Cows to be Killed”
        October 18, 2011

        Got Milked? Dairy Industry Giants Accused of Killing Young Cows and Cheating Consumers
        Civil Eats on October 14, 2011

        “Dairylea, four other dairy groups, sued for violating antitrust laws”
        Syracuse Post-Standard
        October 11, 2011

        Mixed Veggies: Ask Subway for Tofurky
        Washington City Paper
        Oct. 6, 2011

        November 2011

          “The Dish: Dine in a Dash”
          Washington Life Magazine
          Nov. 30, 2011

          “Killing Cows to Fix Milk Prices? Lawsuit Against Dairy Industry Grows”
          Take Part
          Nov. 22, 2011

          “Dairy Industry Making a Killing, by Killing Cows?”
          Food Safety News
          Nov. 21, 2011

          “Taste test: Faux meats for the Thanksgiving table”
          Washington Post
          Nov. 18, 2011

          “Dairy Class-Action Lawsuit Gets Bigger”
          Huffington Post
          Nov. 17, 2011

          “‘Shroom for Improvement: The Politics of the Vegetarian Entrée”
          Washington City Paper
          Nov. 16, 2011

          December 2011

          Dairy Cos. Try To Block Antitrust Suit Over Cow Killings
          Dec. 15, 2011

          Readers’ Picks: Your Top 10!
          Washington Post
          Dec. 14, 2011

          Week in Vegan: Quorn Goes Vegan!
          SF Weekly
          Dec. 9, 2011

          “Quorn’s First Vegan Product”
          December 6, 2011

          “Mixed Veggies: All You Can eat”
          Washington City Paper
          Dec. 1, 2011