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Victory: Lightlife Foods Adds Vegan Options


Lightlife Foods has been a leader in the vegetarian food market for nearly 30 years—and this maker of meatless foods took another giant step forward by introducing vegan items and reducing their use of eggs in their products.

Following a Compassion Over Killing campaign, Lightlife agreed in 2009 to reduced their use of eggs by 166,000 eggs annually! Additionally, they introduced three new vegan items to the marketplace.

Please call Lightlife at 1-800-769-3279 to thank them for making this compassionate decision and to let them know you look forward to seeing more vegan items.

Thank you for helping us achieve this important victory for hens! Your support for our work today is enabling us to create a more compassionate tomorrow.

Animal Suffering in the Egg Industry

More than 95% of eggs produced in the U.S. come from hens confined inside barren wire battery cages so restrictive, the birds can barely even move, let alone spread their wings, perch, or walk. Each battery-caged hen usually only has a meager 67 square inches of space in which to live—that’s less floor space than one sheet of notebook paper.

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