Jessica Parry

Running for Compassion: Support Jessica Parry

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On March 15, I will be participating in the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon−just six weeks before I turn 30.  I set a goal for myself one year ago to complete this race before this milestone birthday, but my bigger goal is to advocate for the 9 billion farm animals who are raised and killed for food each year in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of whom endure unspeakable abuse on factory farms. This is why I’m vegan, why I volunteer with Compassion Over Killing every month, and why I am raising funds for COK with my race.

At the age of four I made the decision to leave animals off my plate.  By 18, I learned the about the horrors of factory farming and became vegan.  I believe that when people learn how animals are treated before being slaughtered for food, they too will choose not to support such cruelty.

With the animal agriculture industry working frantically to keep their practices hidden by silencing and stifling whistleblowers, it is essential for COK to continue conducting hard-hitting undercover investigations and educate the public how to make more compassionate choices. Will you help me reach my goal of $1,000 by March 15?

Thank you for supporting my race! It means so much to me to be able to accomplish this goal for my 30th birthday, while also helping COK continue their vital work for farmed animals.

Yes! I Want to Support Jessica Parry’s Race for Compassion!