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Perdue Farms Slaughter Plant Investigation – KFC

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Perdue Farms Animal Cruelty Supplies KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), one of the largest retailers of chicken flesh in the world, touts Perdue as a supplier – even linking to the Perdue site on its “About” page. Workers at the Perdue slaughter plant in Showell, Maryland, told our investigator that the same facility supplied KFC, and a Perdue public relations official confirmed that connection. However, in a news story published on October 28, 2004, KFC denied that it buys chicken meat from Perdue’s Showell plant.

The investigation of Perdue Farms comes on the heels of an earlier investigation at Pilgrim’s Pride, another KFC supplier. Be sure to educate yourself about the details on the Pilgrim’s Pride investigation, and read about more KFC-related investigations as well. These investigations are meant to prove to the public that even after being exposed time and again, neither KFC nor its suppliers are taking animal cruelty seriously. Consumer power fuels animal abuse in animal agriculture – read about what you can do to stop the cruelty against these animals.