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Sheer Horror at Superior Farms: Speak Up for Lambs!

Compassion Over Killing’s courageous investigators work undercover to shine a bright light on the suffering of farm animals kept hidden behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness.

Sadly, the gentle lambs documented at Superior Farms are not the only ones suffering and dying in this cruel industry. Lamb consumption is drastically lower in the US today than it was 50 years ago. Despite this decline, there are approximately two million of these gentle animals slaughtered annually nationwide. And as with most animals farmed for meat, lambs (or young and baby sheep) account for the majority of those killed.

Thankfully, there are simple steps YOU — and each one of us — can take to make a difference for lambs and all farm animals.

Start Today!  Here’s how:

Sign our investigator’s petition

Tell Walmart and Kroger to cut ties with Superior Farms

Share our video

Encourage others to see the truth behind the closed doors of Superior Farms and empower them to choose compassion.

Urge Walmart & Kroger to cut ties with Superior Farms

Contact Walmart & Kroger on social media!

Choose meat-free foods

The best way each of us can stand up for animals is by simply leaving them off our plates.

Support to send an eCard!

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Send a note of thanks to our brave investigators!

Keep our cameras rolling

Support our work today so we can continue exposing the truth behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness

Choose wool-free!

In 2015, the US produced 27.1 million pounds of shorn wool. Wool and sheepskins are found in outerwear, footwear like Uggs, and more. At Superior Farms, COK’s investigator documented large piles of lamb skins and wool, ripped off after the lambs meet a violent death, that Superior Farms sells to companies that turn them into UGGs and car seat covers. Cruelty should never be in style!

But there are plenty of compassionate alternatives in stores and online -- so shop sweetly for sheep and lambs with stylish items from these vegan or vegan-friendly companies:


Coats & Clothing: