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New COK Investigation: First-Ever Exposé Inside a US Lamb Slaughterhouse


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“After reviewing this video several times, In My Professional Opinion there were several violations of The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act…”

 -Dr. Lester Castro Friedlander, former USDA Chief Veterinary Meat inspector

In a new eye-opening investigation, COK offers the first behind-the-scenes look inside a US lamb slaughterhouse. This gut-wrenching undercover footage reveals egregious animal cruelty and alarming food labeling practices at Superior Farmsthe largest lamb producer in the US and a supplier of the nation’s top two grocers, Walmart and KrogerSign & share our petition.

Filmed by a COK undercover investigator working for Superior Farms at the largest lamb slaughter plant in the country located in Dixon, California, the graphic video captures the violent and bloody death that these young, gentle animals are forced to endure.

While Superior Farms touts its meat as “humanely harvested,” and uses a Halal certification seal on some of its products, COK’s undercover video reveals:

    • Multiple violations of the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act
    • Ineffective stunning, leading to some animals experiencing the shock of the electric stunner more than once  
    • Even after having their throats cut, many lambs are kicking or thrashing their heads – signs they can still feel pain – as their tails are cut off

The shocking footage also shows lambs being repeatedly jabbed with an electric prod, a herding dog biting these frightened animals to force them to move, workers grabbing and pulling lambs by their wool, and a very small young lamb confined in a garbage can.

“I find too many instances of animals who appear to still feel pain sensations after stunning and throat-cutting.”

-Dr. Holly Cheever, Cornell Veterinary School graduate

Fresh? “Best By” Date Labels Changed

COK’s investigator also documented several other practices concerning finished food products, including Superior Farms violating its own metal detection policy by not sending all packaged meats through the detector.

Even more concerning, on more than a dozen occasions workers were documented changing “best by” dates on refrigerated meat labels, deceiving consumers about the freshness of those products as much as 15 days!

UGG! Their Skin and Wool are Turned into Boots & Other Body Parts Become Dog Treats

After these lambs are slaughtered, their skin and fluffy wool are ripped off to be sold to companies that turn them into car seat covers and designer boots like UGGs.

Other parts of these baby animalstheir tails, ears, tracheas and lungsare sold as dog treats.

Visit our Act Now page for cruelty-free alternatives to wool and lambskin!

About Superior Farms

Superior Farms is the largest producer of lamb in the US. Headquartered in Davis, California, the company’s Dixon, CA facility, where COK’s investigator worked, is the largest lamb slaughter facility in the nation, killing up to 1,400 lambs a day.

Though the company says it “has a long-standing commitment to the well-being and care of the flock,” and touts its products “humanely harvested,”  COK’s heartbreaking video tells a starkly different story.

Superior Farms supplies the nation’s top two food retailers, Walmart and Kroger, among others including Amazon, Cabela’s, QVC, and Sysco. The company sells lamb meat under the brand names: Superior Farms, Farmer’s Mark, Cascade Creek, and Sabor a Rancho.

“Time and again, Compassion Over Killing’s investigations have shed light on egregious abuse kept hidden behind the closed doors of factory farms, showing that cruelty is standard practice in animal agribusiness. The best way to help lambs and all animals is to leave them off our plates.”

-Erica Meier, Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing