Holiday Giving

Thank you: We did it – we reached our goal!

Your support today is helping building a kinder tomorrow.



Make your holidays even sweeter:  

when you donate $150 or more, you get a FREE box of Sjaak’s vegan milk chocolates!  Perfect as a holiday gift — or to indulge as a reward for your support! 


From day one, it’s been our mission to give a voice to the billions of animals who suffer behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness and to empower others to make compassionate choices. Thanks to your generosity and support, we’ve grown from an all-volunteer high school club in 1995 into an unwavering, powerful national force for farm animals. Together, we’re demonstrating the power of compassion by saving lives and changing the world!

With you at our side, we’ve gone behind the closed doors of the meat, egg, and dairy industry to expose the truth, garnering award-winning national and international media coverage, including on CNN, ABC Nightly News, in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times,Washington Post, UK’s Daily Mail and more — exposing millions of people, perhaps for the very first time, to the miseries endured by cows, pigs, and birds raised for food.

Our investigations are challenging the status quo of agribusiness and creating change by prompting:

  • federal authorities to temporarily shut down a dairy cow slaughterhouse
  • a chicken and duck hatchery to cease operations
  • chicken factory farm to shutter its doors
  • criminal cruelty charges being filed
  • local authorities to impound animals and send them to sanctuaries

With your support, we’ve waged — and won — corporate outreach campaigns that are making vegan eating business as usual!  Our efforts have successfully persuaded major companies — national and international — to reduce or eliminate their use of eggs as well as add vegan options to their menus:

  • Subway has rolled out vegan subs in over 1,000 restaurants nationwide
  • Dunkin’ Donuts added almond to its menu nationwide
  • Tim Horton’s now offers soy milk throughout Canada
  • BOCA Foods stopped using eggs, becoming an egg-free company in 2010
  • Quorn continues to reduce its use of eggs by the millions each year and continues to launch new vegan products
  • Starbucks has committed to adding vegan food options to its menu – stay tuned for updates!

In all, our corporate campaign victories have resulted in changes that include 20 million fewer eggs being used, which means  80,000 fewer hens will suffer on factory farms due to the reduction in demand.

And there’s so much more!  Check back for more accomplishments that you helped us achieve.


Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our 20th anniversary! We hope you’ll continue standing with us during our next 20 years of advocacy. Your support today is helping us build a kinder tomorrow.