Biking for Compassion: Support Carrie Thompson

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UPDATE: Carrie has completed her amazing ride for Compassion! 



From Carrie: I completed an epic 2-month journey (mostly solo), bikepacking 2,917 miles on the longest off-pavement route in the world.  I rode from Banff, Canada to the border of Mexico (and then into Arizona)!



Welcome to my fundraising page!

As of July 1, 2016, I am off on an epic 3-month journey (mostly solo), bikepacking 2,750 miles on the world longest off-pavement route in the world. It runs from Banff, Canada to the border of Mexico and it’s called the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. It crosses the divide 32 times and has over 200,000 ft of elevation gain -the equivalent of climbing Everest 7X.

I am a caring, ethical vegan who appreciates the work of factory farm undercover investigators. (Exposing the abuse that runs rampant throughout the animal agriculture industry is critical.) Since I can’t imagine being in their shoes, I am doing this ride to raise $ for their work to continue. Ultimately i am doing this for all farmed animals! I want to help raise awareness of their existence so they (and their by-products) stop ending up on a plate. I want to expose their unnecessary suffering. I wish for people to see each and every sentient being as an individual, who wants to live in peace just like we do. I want to inspire others to make compassionate, vegan lifestyle choices. I want to live in a world where compassion towards all species and our planet outshines our human centered choices.

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Thanks so much for your generosity!

With hope for the liberation of all beings,