Do you remember 1995?

We do. It was the year that Michael Jordan returned to the NBA, and Batman Forever was breaking box office records. It’s the year Ebay was launched, and the world was introduced to something called a DVD.

1995 is also when a group of high school students in Washington, DC formed a club on campus to speak out for animals whose suffering is kept hidden behind the closed doors of animal- abusing industries. It was named Compassion Over Killing.

A quarter century later, we’re still brimming with that youthful ambition and passion, yet we’ve also grown up and grown wiser. That spark that energized a high school club has evolved into a powerful, unwavering national force for farmed animals, strategically blazing a path for change that has brought about a multitude of meaningful and lasting advancements for animals.

And now in 2020, as we celebrate 25 years of Compassion, we’re ushering in a new era to more effectively further our goal of inspiring others to see the world through the eyes of animals, giving a voice to those who often go unheard.

Since you are one of our cherished supporters, we want you to be among the first to know:

Compassion Over Killing is changing our name. We are now Animal Outlook.

Our mission remains clear: we’re changing the world for animals. We remain steadfast in our dedication, and with you at our side, our impact is stronger than ever. Under this new banner, Animal Outlook will continue deploying an arsenal of strategies to challenge the status quo of animal agribusiness by exposing the truth, delivering justice, revolutionizing food systems, and empowering others to stand up for animals by leaving them off our plates.

The plant-powered revolution is underway. We’re looking even further into the future, building a stronger and more engaged community united in our vision of creating a more compassionate world for all animals.

We’re also soberly aware of how far we still need to go. That’s where our outlook — Animal Outlook — shines an even brighter light of hope on our path.

Our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude for what we have accomplished in these past 25 years, thanks to you. More than that, we’re excited about what we will accomplish in the next 25. And most of all, we are truly grateful for your continued support in our shared mission. Without you, none of our incredible work for animals would be possible.

While our founding name has served us well, its time has come and gone, but our drive and determination to disrupt Big Ag and change the world for animals carries on.

Thank you for continuing to stand strong with us.

With gratitude,
Your friends at Animal Outlook

Animal Outlook