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Ag-gag: Animal agriculture industry wants to criminalize undercover investigations inside slaughterhouses, factory farms

In the past several years, undercover investigations by animal protection organizations have led to slaughterhouse shutdowns, the discovery of food safety violations, criminal animal cruelty charges and more.

Case in point: Compassion Over Killing’s undercover video inside a California dairy cow slaughterhouse revealed abuses so extreme that after reviewing our footage, the USDA shut the facility down. This investigation also garnered international media coverage, including an exclusive report on ABC World News With Diane Sawyer.

The meat industry isn’t happy about any of this. It knows that consumers are horrified with each new exposé — but rather than taking steps to put an end to the abuses it routinely forces upon farmed animals, Big Ag is putting its muscle behind criminalizing the mere exposure of the truth.

That’s right. Our legal right to expose the cruel and ruthless underbelly of animal agriculture is at risk. While our investigators are painstakingly documenting the miseries endured by farmed animals, the industry is lashing out, desperately trying try pass ag-gag laws aimed at criminalizing undercover investigations – and keeping consumers in the dark.

By going to such desperate lengths to prevent Americans from seeing what hidden cameras capture behind closed doors, the agribusiness industry has proven that it in fact has something to hide: The truth.

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