Activist Resources

Want to make a difference for animals by getting active in your own community? There are all sorts of actions you can take, and you can get started today!

From creating an online petition to organizing video outreach, we have helpful guides on various styles of activism listed below. Whether you want to leap into organizing a demonstration in support of one of Animal Outlook’s life-saving campaigns or simply spread the joys of plant-based eating by handing out vegan food samples in your community, we’ve got everything you need right here.

You can also sign up for the Animal Outlook Alliance to join a community of activists just like you, plus get quick & easy actions you can take delivered straight to your inbox and get notified about Animal Outlook events in your community!


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to raise awareness about the exploitation of animals and what can be done to help them is by leafleting! You can practically do it anytime, anywhere, but if you want to maximize your efforts, read through our Leafleting Guide! Then, visit our Shop to order literature to get started!

Video Outreach

Whether screening a feature-length documentary or taking people Beyond The Lies with Animal Outlook’s pay-per-view outreach, showing people the sights and sounds of animal agriculture is one of the most impactful actions you can take for animals. If you want to learn how to effectively set up and run one of these events, check out our in-depth Video Outreach Guide!

Food Sampling

There’s no better way to change someone’s perspective of veganism than sharing free, plant-based versions of their favorite foods! These events are a fun, positive way to get more involved in activism. Learn how you can get started with our Food Sampling Guide!

Organizing a Demonstration

Demonstrations are a powerful way to draw attention to an issue and pressure companies and lawmakers into taking meaningful action for animals. They can be used to directly protest a business’ cruel practice, or to create a spectacle while you deliver signed petitions to a decision maker. Equipped with our resources and campaign posters, Animal Outlook volunteers have led many successful protests, including outside of a Tyson Foods shareholder event at the New York Stock Exchange, during a poultry industry festival in Arkansas, and at McDonald’s restaurants. To get started with this kind of action, visit our Organizing a Demonstration Guide!