2016: Progress for Animals


January 2016

Thank you for kicking off the New Year with compassion. On the heels of an incredibly successful 2015, we hit the ground running in 2016 — and there’s no sign of slowing down:  

Investigation Updates:Horrors At Hormel

Hormel Slaughter Plant Suspended for Humane Violation: USDA temporarily shut down Quality Pork Processors (QPP) for humane handling violations. Based in Austin, MN, QPP is an exclusive Hormel supplier that was the center of our gut-wrenching exposé, released this past fall. It operates under a controversial USDA-approved pilot program known as HIMP, which allows for fewer government inspectors on site and permits slaughter lines to run at faster speeds than non-HIMP facilities.

Sixty Members of Congress Speak Up to Halt HIMP:  In an effort led by Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro (CT) and Louise Slaughter (NY), a bi-partisan group of 60 members of congress signed a powerfully-worded letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack urging the federal agency to delay the potential expansion of HIMP. The letter cited COK’s impactful investigation of a HIMP-facility.

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February 2016

Thank you for opening your heart and being a Valentine to the animals this February. As we continue to grow and expand our efforts for animals, it’s your generosity that makes our life-saving work possible.  

In the News

  • The New York Times printed a letter to the editor by Erica Meier about the dangers of ag-gag.
  • The Huffington Post featured a piece by Erica Meier calling on the USDA to protect consumers and pigs by ending high-speed slaughter.

Compassion in Action

  • We hosted a DC book launch event for Jasmin Singer, the co-founder of Our Hen House who just penned a powerful memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough.
  • More than a dozen volunteers joined us for our monthly work party in DC. Want to be part of our growing volunteer team? Our next party is on March 22.
  • Mark your calendars: We announced the date of our 2016 DC VegFest: Saturday, September 24. Updates to come.

Shopping Sweetly

  • For the entire month of February, The Vegetarian Site generously donated 10 percent of sales to Animal Outlook.

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  • Best Blog Post: You helped us share the incredible news about Hellmann’s new vegan mayo.

March 2016

Thanks to your support, we are continuing to March forward on our mission of creating a kinder world for ALL animals! Here are some highlights of how you’ve helped us spring into action: 

vegnewsCOK investigator tells her story in VegNews! COK’s Chrystal Ferber shared her inspiring story in VegNews magazine’s “My Life as an Undercover Investigator.” Chrystal worked inside a North Carolina chicken factory farm supplying Pilgrim’s, the second largest chicken producer in the world. She witnessed and documented horrific conditions forced upon these baby animals, including sick birds being buried alive — and she exposed these cruelties to the world via an exclusive report on CNN.

Learn more about our investigations that are pulling back the curtains of Big Ag and take a minute to send a note of thanks to all of brave undercover investigators! (*Get a free digital VegNews copy when you join VegWeek 2016! Take the VegPledge.*)

Springing into Action for Animals

  • Our new “What a Child Sees” video featuring adorable kids playing with rescued farm animals reached tens of thousands of viewers with a powerful message of compassion.
  • Our 2016 VegWeek pledge drive officially launched this month! This campaign aims to inspire thousands of pre-vegans to take a 7-Day VegPledge as a way to discover the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates. Some notable names lending support include Moby, Esther the Wonder Pig, Torre Washington, Seba Johnson, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and many more.
  • Successful campaigns by COK calling for vegan options at major chains Subway and Starbucks were in the spotlight.

Our Compassionate Team Grows!

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  • Top Tweet: You JUST couldn’t wait to read more about Hampton Creek’s new vegan products at Target and Walmart.
  • Facebook Favorite: On International Day of Happiness, you couldn’t help but smile after watching this adorable video of pure joy!
  • Best Blog: We celebrated Women’s History Month with inspiring messages from compassionate vegan women, including a special note from COK’s Erica Meier sent to the many heroic women working to save animals!

April 2016

The stars were shining this month, in support of VegWeek and compassion for all! We’re excited to share so much inspiration and so many advancements for animals that you helped us achieve in April.

vegweek2016celebsVegWeek 2016: The Stars Inspired Thousands to Try Veg!
VegWeek 2016 was a tremendous success, thanks to the more than 5,400 VegPledgers who explored the many flavors and joys of plant-based eating! We rolled out the green carpet for caring celebrity Endorsers who motivated thousands to take part, including award-winning musician Moby, actresses Emily Deschanel (Bones) and Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), actor Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and singer Mya.

VegWeek Spotlight:

  • Media: Extra, extra! Read all about VegWeek from Look to the Stars, WJLA’s Newstalk in DC, Huffington Post, Foods 4 Better Health and more!
  • Videos: Esther danced to “Turnip the Beet,” why people are pledging, and lots more excitement!    
  • Feedback: What some of our VegPledgers are saying:
    • “I’m never going back. I can’t believe the changes in my body, spirit, mind. I’m in.”
    • “VegWeek is wrapping up and I really enjoyed it. A vegan place I tried has now become a favorite and my friends were super supportive.”
    • “I really enjoyed it and plan to have more meatless days going forward.”

Read all the VegWeek 2016 success here!

In the News

  • COK Investigations Manager, Mike Wolf talks with Green is the New Red about the impact of going undercover.
  • The New York Times published COK’s commentary on the horrors of the chicken industry.
  • In UCLA’s Daily Bruin, COK General Counsel Cheryl Leahy shared her thoughts on Hormel’s mistreatment of animals after the company’s CEO visited campus for as a “distinguished alumni” lecture.

Compassion in Action

The COK crew was in full force this month, including advocating for animals at three VegFests in one April weekend — from Baltimore to Los Angeles to New England!  Thousands of pro-veg materials were distributed.  

Sign up now to  get involved near you!

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  • Top Tweet: On World Health Day, celebs Paul Wesley, Emily Deschanel, Aaron Simpson, Belinda Carlisle and many more shared our message to message to TryVeg!
  • Facebook Favorite: You loved this amazing moment of zen: a bull who ran for his life was rescued by Jon Stewart.
  • Best Blog: You can’t wait for Veggie Grill to sprout up new locations nationwide!
  • SMILE: Wilma, our Chief Happiness Officer and Olivia, Chief Cheerfulness Officer finally got to work and created their own Facebook pages to spread the joy. We know you’re gonna like it!

May 2016

In May, you enabled us to continue making a world of difference for farmed animals! From launching a new video campaign exposing the horrors at Hormel, to shining a media spotlight on issues facing animals, we’re thrilled to share these achievements we’ve made with your support.


COK’s “Unauthorized SPAM Tour” – NotSoFastHormel.com:   In response to Hormel’s SPAMERICAN Tour, we created a parody video showing there’s nothing funny about the horrific way pigs raised for SPAM and other Hormel products are treated.

Our animated guide Earl takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look inside a Hormel supplier, featuring eye-opening footage from COK’s recent undercover investigation into Quality Pork Processors.

Concluding the tour, a queasy Earl remarks, “No wonder so many people are going vegetarian.” You said it, Earl!

Take the tour and take action!

Compassion in Action:

  • As soon as DC’s newest plant-based eatery Shouk opened its doors, lines were out the door — and to celebrate, Shouk hosted a benefit day for COK. We really shook up the nation’s capital with food and fun!  (And spot COK’s Erica Meier and Paulette Benjamin at Shouk in The Washington Post – with Moby and Senator Cory Booker!)
  • We teamed up with The Vegan Roadie and A Well-Fed World to host a compassionate cookout in DC featuring Field Roast Frankfurters and burgers!
  • Lighter is helping the world eat better, and COK’s Erica Meier is featured as a food leader, offering simple and nutritious meal ideas!
  • COK’s Mike Wolf spoke about “The Importance of Undercover Investigations” to a large crowd at Charlotte VegFest in North Carolina.
  • Speaking of veg fests, it’s that time of year and we’ve been advocating for animals at festivals from New England, to Baltimore, to Nashville and Los Angeles. Visit our calendar for more upcoming events!

In the News:


  • An inspiring letter from COK’s Erica Meier, in Massachusetts’ Telegram & Gazette urges voters to stand up for animals.
  • COK’s Mike Wolf was live on Fox 46’s Good Day Charlotte to talk about his participation in the Charlotte VegFest
  • Award-winning musician Moby told Forbes that his vegan restaurant, Little Pine is supporting COK’s work for animals  – thank you, Moby!
  • Did you know COK was among the first to support popular vegan egg replacer, “The Vegg?” Read more!


Top Blog & Social Media Success: What’s getting the most engagement online? 

  • Top Tweet: COK’s powerlifting Mr. V  pities the fool who believes you can’t get protein from plants.
  • Facebook Favorite: Reaching more than 1M people, this adorable video of a cuddly rescued pig got happy squeals. Animals are friends, not food!
  • Instagram I-Love-It: We celebrated ALL moms on Mother’s Day with this sweet photo. Read more in our blog!
  • Best Blog: We all hope France permanently says “Au revoir, foie gras!”

June 2016

Summer is here — and your support is making the sun shine brighter for farm animals as we continue to shed light into the darkest corners of animal agribusiness. Here are some highlights you helped us achieve in June:

CA31 cover

Lead story:

Summer 2016 Member Magazine: Hot off the presses this month, COK’s latest issue of  Compassionate Action magazine is packed with investigation news, campaign updates, celeb supporters, and more including:

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Compassion!
  • Horrors at Hormel: Video Goes Viral
  • VegWeek 2016 Success!
  • Justice for All: Meet Cheryl Leahy

COK’s bi-annual magazine is a great way to stay in the know about all that’s going on at COK and our work for animals that YOU help make possible. Not yet a member? Join today and we’ll send a copy out right away!  Support and subscribe

In the News:


  • Huffington Post published a powerful piece by COK’s Erica Meier highlighting how the horrors of the Yulin Meat Festival aren’t that far off from how farm animals are treated in the US. It was also spotlighted by VegNews!  
  • COK Investigations Mgr., Mike Wolf and former Undercover Investigator, Taylor Radig (2013 Whistleblower of the Year!”) shared with Care2 the powerful stories of what they have witnessed.
  • Fit & Food explains why COK’s investigation of high-speed pig slaughter inside a Hormel supplier shocked the nation.

Compassion in Action:

  • COK’s Erica Meier was among the inspirational and influential speakers at Taking Action for Animals 2016, hosted in the nation’s capital.
  • Meet “Jay”, one of our brave undercover investigators in our inspiring new video about his journey: “An Investigator’s Story: Finding Sanctuary.”  
  • Extending our Compassion: this month COK’s intern and volunteer teams gave away more than 2,000 free food samples and thousands of pieces of pro-veg lit at the :
  • Veg Shop, maker of beautiful jewelry that allows you to proudly show off your compassion, hosted a benefit month for COK! The online store kindly donated to 10% of all June sales to COK.
  • On National Doughnuts Day, we joined many of you in asking Dunkin’ Donuts to add vegan options. Want a compassionate cruller? Speak up here, then check out COK victories that have helped bring vegan options to major mainstream retailers.

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July 2016

Thanks to your support, summer at COK has been off to a sizzling start! We have given farm animals a strong voice in July, speaking for them in the media, at the Animal Rights National Conference, and at events across the nation.

Lead story:

dearinvestigatorCOK’s Undercover Investigations were in the spotlight this month on the Our Hen House podcast!

Investigations Manager Mike Wolf discussed our effective and ongoing efforts to bring to light the suffering of countless animals on factory farms. Mike also shared his personal experiences as a former undercover investigator.

Hear about our investigation inside a high-speed slaughter facility that supplies exclusively to Hormel, makers of SPAM — and much more. Listen and share!

More In the News:

  • Actress and author Alicia Silverstone tweeted this powerful HuffPost piece by COK’s Erica Meier, shedding light on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, to her more than 300K followers. alicia

Compassion in Action:


  • COK proudly had three speakers among the impressive line-up at the 2016 Animal Rights National Conference in LA! Executive Director, Erica Meier; General Counsel, Cheryl Leahy; and Investigations Manager, Mike Wolf all delivered inspiring talks about COK’s life-saving work for farm animals. Our team shared COK’s story with attendees at our outreach booth, where dozens of people left thank you notes for our brave Undercover Investigators.
  • COK in Oregon: Erica Meier also gave a special talk in Oregon, presented by the Eugene Veg Education Network, sharing why vegan eating is going mainstream and presenting ways we all can choose compassion — one meal at a time!
  • Lisa Winebarger, COK Counsel, gave a Lunch & Learn presentation before the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee on Farmed Animal Litigation. Learn about COK’s Legal Advocacy efforts on behalf of animals.
  • Biking for Compassion: WOW: Team Compassion members Carrie Thompson and Mya Zeronis are biking a combined 6,950+ miles to support COK! Lend your support on their linked fundraising pages — and your donation will be DOUBLED!
  • An enlightening talk by Dr. Michael Greger, NutritionFacts.org Founder, was well attended at COK’s DC office. Dr. Greger signed copies of his new book, “How Not to Die.”
  • Also at our DC office, COK hosted a screening of the popular documentary about plant-based eating, Vegucated.
  • COK in Connecticut: Our volunteers gave out tons of free recipes, stickers, and information at the 2nd annual CompassionFest, a Connecticut festival celebrating community, equality, and kindness.
  • All of us at COK send a thanks and farewell to our fantastic summer interns, who are moving on to their next compassionate adventures as July comes to an end!

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August 2016

With your support, Compassion Over Killing turned up the heat in August! We released a groundbreaking investigation that sparked international headlines and prompted change for millions of animals. Read this and more in our August update:

Lead story:

Tyson Exposed: COK Sparks Policy Change at Nation’s Top Chicken Producer


In August, Compassion Over Killing (COK) released heartbreaking
undercover video revealing rampant violence and cruelty by Tyson Foods, the nation’s top chicken producer. Our footage, taken inside multiple Tyson contract facilities, provides a never-before-seen look behind the closed doors of “broiler” breeding factory farms — and reveals Tyson workers punching and kicking birds, birds crushed to death by transport crates and run over by forklifts, chickens swung by their wings and thrown, and other egregious cruelty.

In the News:

Our shocking investigative video sparked headlines across the US and around the world. The Washington Post broke the story, quickly followed by more major coverage by USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Telemundo, US News & World Report, UK Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and many others.

IMPACT: Captured for the first time on hidden camera, COK’s investigator documented the brutal practice of stabbing a dull plastic rod through the sensitive nostrils of young male breeder birds to severely restrict their food intake, a process known as “boning.” After viewing COK’s video, Tyson stated that it is ending this practice companywide.

This investigation victory will impact the lives of millions of birds, who will never be subjected to such senseless cruelty.


But we know there is still work to be done. YOU can join us in taking action today including signing our Change.org petition!

Compassion in Action:


  • COK volunteers and staff joined Vegetarian Society of DC in leafleting at Paul McCartney’s DC concert, reaching 1,000 people with vegan literature and spreading the word about compassionate eating and our upcoming  DC VegFest!
  • COK sponsored and tabled at the annual Vegan SoulFest in Baltimore hosted by PEP Foods and Land of Kush. More than 4,000 people celebrated the benefits of plant-based eating! See & share our photo album!

Top Blog & Social Media Success: What’s getting the most engagement online? 

  • Best Blog: Cows & consumers cheered for these COK campaign victories! Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks keep expanding their vegan menus.
  • Top Tweet: Tweet for birds! Sign & share our petition telling Tyson to stop starving chickens.
  • Facebook Favorite: COK’s exposé uncovering cruelty by Tyson was viewed more than 2M times!
  • Instagram I-Love-It: This happy hen thanks you for being a friend to all animals.

September 2016

Thanks to your support, September was filled victories for animals at COK!  We prompted policy change that will impact the lives of millions of chickens, inspired and empowered thousands to explore vegan eating at our DC VegFest, helped shed light on dairy industry corruption and cruelty, and more. We’re thrilled to share these September successes.

VICTORIES: Cruel Practice Ended at THREE Top Chicken Producers!




Associated Press spotlighted the end of the “controversial practice” of stabbing a dull plastic “bone” through the sensitive nostrils of young male breeder chickens at Perdue, a victory for Compassion Over Killing — and most importantly, for the chickens.

Campaign efforts by COK prompted Wayne Farms, the nation’s sixth largest poultry producer, to follow suit and permanently end the brutal practice.

This announcement from Wayne Farms is the third victory sparked by heartbreaking investigative footage filmed by a COK investigator, who documented for the first time on hidden camera this practice known as “boning,” inside broiler breeder factory farms contracted byTyson Foods.

After viewing COK’s footage, Tyson stated it would immediately end the practice companywide. Urged by COK to follow suit, in September Perdue announced that it will phase out “boning” entirely by January 1, 2017.

Already having forged forged major policy change at three top poultry producers, COK’s investigation may soon spark the industry-wide end of this barbaric practice. Your support helps to keep our cameras rolling!

Case is Settled: Big Dairy to Pay Consumers for Price-Fixing:

milkCOK conducted the case research and development for a class action suit brought by Hagens Berman against 70% of the US dairy industry in 2011. Now, the case has settled and the dairy industry will pay $52 million for an illegal price-fixing scheme that killed 500,000 cows and milked money from millions of consumers across the US. The settlement was splashed across news headlines this month: Bloomberg, Food & Wine, Huffington Post, Courthouse News Service and much more.

DC VegFest 2016 = 20,000 smiles!


Proudly presented by COK, DC VegFest 2016 was a sweet success. 20K people joined us for the free fun: celeb speakers; delicious vegan food, including lots of free samples; live music; cooking demos; more than 115 vendors, exhibitors and non-profits; and so much more. Read all about this year’s DC VegFest celebration, and spread the fun with our Flickr photo album by sharing with hashtag #DCVegFest16!

COK’s DC VegFest 2016 sprouted up in media headlines across the DC area, from ABC7’s Good Morning Washington to NewsChannel8’s Let’s Talk Live and WUSA9’s Great Day Washington, and from DCist to . See more on DC VegFest below!

COK sends a BIG thank you to all of our Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, and everyone who took part in DC VegFest 2016. An amazing team of volunteers jumped right in to help before and during this massive event! Thank you all for helping us make DC VegFest shine.

Compassion = More Action!

  • On Sept. 18, all-vegan Maryland restaurant Great Sage held a COK Benefit Day, inviting diners to enjoy its delicious vegan fare while learning more about COK and supporting our life-saving work for animals.
  • September was COK Benefit Month at Brewing Good Coffee Company, whose motto is fittingly, “Drink Coffee, Save Animals!” Compassionate coffee-lovers nationwide shopped and sipped to support.
  • COK volunteers answered the Yes on 3! call for animals, joining in for phone banking, canvassing, and other critical functions to help MA voters understand this important ballot measure and its impact on farm animals.
  • COK’s Outreach and Events Manager, Paulette joined Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss compassion for all beings and highlight the DC VegFest.
    • Paulette also joined Sister Jenna at the Meditation Museum this month for a Cooking for Peace workshop, sharing why vegan eating is essential for compassionate living and a clear mind.

Top Blog & Social Media Success: What’s getting the most engagement online? 

  • Best Blog: Dolphins talk to each other — and so do farm animals!
  • Top Tweet: You joined millions of consumers in saying, “Pay up, Big Dairy.”
  • Facebook Favorite: Thousands watched and shared these adorable sleepy pig snuggles.
  • Instagram I-Love-It: Relaxing time sure is cute at our DC office.

October 2016

Fall is here, and as the leaves change colors, we’re continuing to change the world for farm animals! Thanks to you, among COK’s many efforts in October, our work for animals garnered celebrity support and media features, and we released eye-opening videos that inspired thousands.

Leilani Münter Speaks Out Against High-Speed Slaughter of Pigs

leilaniLeilani Münter is a professional race car driver and environmental activist who drives a 100% solar-powered Tesla. Sports Illustrated named her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world!

But did you know that she’s also vegan and a driving force of compassion for ALL animals? In October, Leilani revved her engine to join Compassion Over Killing in our campaign to oppose the dangerous and inhumane high-speed slaughter of pigs under a controversial US Department of Agriculture (USDA) pilot program known as “HIMP.”

Watch & share COK’s heartbreaking investigative video filmed inside Quality Pork Processors (QPP), an exclusive Hormel supplier and one of five US pig slaughterhouses currently operating under HIMP, sign & share our petition, and click here for more ways to take action.


Join Leilani in speaking out against HIMP today: Sign & share COK’s petition, donate to support, and click here for more ways to help!

In The News:


  • nytIn a powerful article in The New York Times Magazine, author Ted Genoways sheds light on the hidden horrors of HIMP at Hormel and beyond — and the fight for transparency in the secretive meat industry.
  • On Nonprofit Chronicles, Marc Gunther’s blog put broiler chickens, and efforts by COK and other orgs to address issues facing these often overlooked animals, in the spotlight, calling this topic “the next frontier for the animal welfare movement.”
  • 100% plant-based shop The Herbivorous Butcher talked to COK’s Investigations Manager, Mike Wolf about being vegan and the importance of undercover investigations. (P.S. The Herbivorous Butcher just won USA Today Reader’s Choice for BEST Food & Drink Maker in the US! Read more)
  • Politico drew further attention to COK’s coverage in The New York Times Magazine, and Politico Pro mentioned our Tyson Foods investigation in this piece on a proposed rule to hold transportation firms accountable for animal cruelty during transport.
  • SouthCoastToday discussed Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot and that most MA voters are in favor of this important measure that would prohibit confining pigs, calves and hens in spaces so small they are denied such basic freedoms as turning around, standing, or lying down. COK is part of the Citizens for Farm Animal Protection coalition urging a “YES” vote on 3!
  • mike

Compassion in Action:


  • At the “Future of Food” in Washington, D.C., COK’s Executive Director Erica Meier gave an inspiring talk about our life-saving work for farm animals on the Animal Protection panel. Featuring keynote speaker Peter Singer, this annual conference reached max-capacity attendance.
  • COK sponsored and exhibited at Twin Cities VegFest, where attendees were enthusiastic to stop by our outreach booth and to meet COK Investigations Manager Mike Wolf. Mike spoke about the crucial role of undercover investigations in shedding light on the hidden suffering of animals.
  • COK released three new videos that moved and inspired thousands of viewers:
  • Your Food Has a Story asks viewers to consider this: there’s a reason we take our children to visit orchards and not slaughterhouses.
  • More than 20K people attended COK’s DC VegFest 2016 — and nearly 5K more have watched our fun recap to see why this event was such a sweet success!
  • The Fright is Real features slaughterhouse footage that may look like a Halloween horror movie, but this suffering is a very real nightmare for billions of farm animals.
  • COK announced our Holiday Party 2016! Get your tickets now & join us in Maryland on Dec. 9 to celebrate all you’ve helped COK achieve for animals this year.
    • All of us at COK would like to say farewell to our long-time Counsel, Lisa Winebarger. Her invaluable contributions to COK’s legal advocacy program have enabled the organization to be an effective change-agent and an unwavering defender of the defenseless. Thank you, Lisa!

Top Blog & Social Media Success: What’s getting the most engagement online? 

  • Best Blog: The World Health Summit said Meatless Mondays are a good start in doing a world of good for global health and a healthy planet.
  • Top Tweet: Brake-ing news from race car driver Leilani Münter and COK!
  • Facebook Favorite: More than 7K people joined us in sharing The Guardian’s powerful piece on why factory farming is one of the “worst crimes in history.”
  • Instagram I-Love-It: No tricks, just your all-treats guide to vegan Halloween candy.

November 2016

Giving Thanks: As we look back on all COK has accomplished for animals in November, we are grateful for YOU, our steadfast supporters standing at our side!

Making History for Animals: Yes on 3!

yeson3COK is proud to have been part of Citizens for Farm Animal Protection, a coalition of organizations that successfully passed Question 3, an historic Massachusetts law that has a far-reaching impact on farm animals!

Question 3 ends the confinement of calves and pigs in crates, and hens in battery cages in MA — and it further bans the sale of out-of-state items from animals raised in such cruel conditions. No animals should be forced to spend their lives nearly immobilized — and MA voters overwhelmingly agreed: Q3 passed with an unprecedented 77.7% yes vote!

COK was on the ground in the Bay State from the beginning: gathering signatures, coordinating volunteers, organizing phonebanks, and making news to help get out the vote. COK’s Erica Meier even penned a powerful call to action on Huffington Post, rallying MA voters to be part of history by voting “Yes on 3.”

huffpostAnd right through Election Day, COK volunteers and Outreach Manager, Paulette Benjamin had boots on the ground in MA, going door to door and to polling locations day after
day, to talk with voters, who voiced overwhelming support for animals!

Congratulations to MA voters and Citizens for Farm Animal Protection on this massive win!

In other legal news: Another win for hens!

Despite a challenge from six other states, California’s ban on the sale of eggs from battery-caged hens was upheld by the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals! COK was thrilled to hear the news this month, after joining ALDF and Farm Sanctuary in filing an amicus brief to stand up for hens and this vital legislation in 2014. Read more!

Putting Animals in the Spotlight:

  • Quartz had a powerful take on how the vegan movement (including COK & Erica Meier) began really forging change for farm animals! (VegNews dished on this story too)
  • KTVU Fox2 poured out the news on a “milk price-fixing, cow-killing settlement” forcing Big Dairy to pay cheated consumers $52M, and how COK helped develop this case! (Read more here)
  • CBS Sacramento told consumers that Big Dairy’s price-fixing settlement could mean cash for them.

Spreading Compassion:

  • COK’s DC office hosted a volunteer-led event to honor the 46M turkeys killed each year in the US for Thanksgiving alone. In collaboration with 46 Million Turkeys Project, attendees hand-drew thousands of turkeys to be part of a larger display ahead of the holiday.
  • COK also dished out this list of turkey-free foods to gobble up on Thanksgiving, and shared how we all can give turkeys something to be thankful for by choosing compassion!
  • Keeping the compassionate holiday spirit going, we unveiled our NEW holiday eCards! Dedicate your donation to COK to a friend or family member and send an eCard with a personalized note. Your gift will go twice as far for animals, because donations will be matched through Dec. 31!

Team Compassion Grows:

  • COK is excited to welcome Irina Anta & Jessica Ellicott Carter to our team:
    • Irina first joined COK as a Legal Intern after her first year of law school. A Yale Law School grad & passionate defender of animals, she has now joined us as Counsel.
    • Jessica brings years of project coordination experience to her new role as COK’s Office Manager, having worked at a national non-profit supporting college access and programs for low-income, first-generation students.

Top Blog & Social Media Success: What’s getting the most engagement online?

  • Best Blog: Look for plant-based foods to keep sprouting up: they were named a top global food trend for 2017!
  • Top Tweet: You SMILED knowing that you can support COK just by shopping on AmazonSmile.
  • Facebook Favorite: This sweet snuggles video brightened the workday for more than 1M people!
  • Instagram I-Love-It: You wished a Happy Birthday to COK’s Chief Cheerfulness Officer, Olivia.

Want to help keep up this momentum? Make a special donation today – you can even sign up as monthly-recurring supporter!

Thank you: Together we’re making a world of difference for farmed animals.

View our progress in 2015