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SUCCESS: US VegWeek 2014 Inspires 130,000+ Meat-Free Meals

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Our sixth annual US VegWeek wrapped up on Sunday, April 27 and by all measures, it was a resounding success!

This year’s campaign nearly doubled our impact for animals with more than 6,350 people nationwide taking our 7-Day VegPledge — that’s more 130,000 meat-free meals!

Here are some highlights we’re excited to share:

  •  74 federal, state, and local elected officials  — including US Sen. Cory Booker and 14 members of US Congress — took our VegPledge.
  • 16 city or county jurisdictions officially endorsed this campaign, encouraging residents to participate.
  • Celebrities & athletes such as actress Tricia Helfer, NFL player David Carter, Jr., MMA fighter Aaron Simpson, Olympic skier Seba Johnson, Russell Simmons, Robin Quivers, and Mark Bittman voiced their support.
  • 175 restaurants offered US VegWeek specials and volunteers hosted 100 events from coast to coast, including a fitness class with NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” trainer Desmond Johnson in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a vegan-themed art show in DC.vegweek 2014
  • Dozens of media stories helped highlight this campaign as well as the many benefits of choosing plant-based foods.

We’re also thrilled by the inspiring feedback we’ve been receiving from hundreds of VegPledgers! Here are some of the stories that have been shared with us so far:

  • This experience was life-changing and fun! I’m more conscious of the foods I put into my body, and have never felt better. It has been a blast trying new cruelty free recipes! Challenge passed! (Clare in Miami, Florida)
  • After learning what foods are naturally vegan, it was all very easy. I love this life! It forces you to make better choices for not only you, but the entire world. (Tonya in Oxford, Michigan)
  • I have been wanting to live a healthier, cruelty-free lifestyle for a long time now, and this challenge gave me the encouragement that I needed to get going. Once I started I felt so much better about myself and physically, that it was easy to do. (Karen in Addison, Illinois)

vegweek 2014Sharing a positive message about the how plant-based foods help protect our  health, the planet, and animals, US VegWeek brought meat-free to thousands of people nationwide — from California to New York to Florida to Texas and everywhere in between! We’re so grateful to all of our amazing volunteers, partners, and sponsors who helped make this year’s campaign our best yet.

Did you participate in US VegWeek 2014? If so, tell us about it! Be sure to also check out more Best of US VegWeek 2014 photos on Facebook, and if you have any to share of the vegan meals you ate or events you attended, please email them to We’re so glad you could celebrate with us, and hope you’ll volunteer to help make next year even bigger!

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