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Compassion Over Killing Mission and History

Compassion Over Killing (COK) is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC, with an additional office in Los Angeles, CA. Working to end animal abuse since 1995, COK focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

Since 1995, COK has served as an unwavering force bringing about positive changes for animals and thanks to our many generous supporters, we’ve come a long way in our short history: starting as an all-volunteer high school club and evolving into a national voice for animals.

Despite our small staff and limited budget, COK’s innovative, cost-effective campaigns are having a tremendous impact.

2017: We are Compassion

In 2017, Compassion Over Killing’s groundbreaking investigations revealed truth to consumers and sparked change, our innovative legal advocacy brought justice for animals, and we inspired thousands to make kinder choices. Standing united, we are changing the world for animals!


2016: The Power of Change

Together, we are united for animals: With you standing at our side, we’re pulling back the curtains of agribusiness, challenging the status quo of Big Ag, and empowering millions to choose compassion.  Thank you for helping us change the world!


2015: 20 Years of Compassion


2014: The Power of Compassion


taylor-thumbnail2013: Standing up for Animals

This past year, we released three eye-opening investigations exposing cruelties kept hidden behind the closed doors of the chicken, turkey, and dairy industries. We empowered thousands of people nationwide to take our US VegWeek VegPledge,  including more than 30 elected representatives. We worked with local governments to pass Meatless Monday resolutions, and our DC VegFest event surpassed 10,000 attendees!  We also published our first-ever Spanish language recipe guide, and so much more.

Watch our 2013 Year-in-Review Video!



20122012: A Year of Compassion

With you at our side in 2012, we released an undercover video that prompted the USDA to shut down a California slaughter plant. We’re persuading major companies, including Subway, that vegan eating is the new business as usual. We permanently closed the doors of a chicken and duck hatchery. And so much more. Together, we’re making incredible strides, and we’re thrilled to share our year in review video and more highlights below.

Watch our 2012 Year-in-Review Video!


20112011: A Year of Action for Animals

From uncovering the dairy industry’s cruel $9.5 billion price-fixing scheme that involved killing 500,000 young cows to successfully persuading Quorn to offer its first vegan option, 2011 was an active year for Compassion Over Killing. We also opened up a new office in Los Angeles, and continue to expand our staff, volunteer base, and campaigns to protect farmed animals.

Watch our 2011 Year-in-Review Video!



15yrs2010: Celebrating 15 Years

From day one, it’s been our mission to give a voice to the billions of animals who suffer behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness and to empower others to make compassionate choices. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate this anniversary! We hope you’ll continue standing with us during our next 15 years of advocacy.

See COK’s Accomplishments from the First 15 Years!


20092009: A Year of Action in Review

Your support is so crucial to our work on behalf of farmed animals, which is why we’re thrilled to share our Year-in-Review video highlighting our efforts in 2009—from our successful national campaign announcing that BOCA foods would remove eggs from all of its products by the end of 2009 to the DC VegFest which was celebrated by more than 2,500 people in the nation’s capital.

Watch our 2009 Year-in-Review Video!


20082008: A Year of Compassionate Action

In 2008, COK exposed the hidden horrors forced upon animals in the egg and foie gras industries. Our positive outreach efforts—from our hard-hitting ads on MTV to our 30-day egg-free pledge—continue to empower others to stand up for animals every time they sit down to eat, and corporations are taking notice.

Watch our 2008 Year-in-Review Video!


20072007: Putting Compassion into Action

With your help, our efforts throughout 2007 to expose the miseries endured by farmed animals reached new heights. From our first ever “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” contest to our Morningstar Farms campaign victory in which the Kellogg subsidiary announced it will reduce its use of eggs by at least one million, 2007 has been a successful year for COK.

Watch our 2007 Year-in-Review Video.


20062006: A Year in Review

2006 was a monumental year for COK. We grew to a full-time staff of six. Our undercover investigation inside a Pennsylvania egg factory farm led to a precedent-setting case of criminal cruelty to animals. We exposed shocking abuse inside a North Carolina turkey hatchery that supplies Butterball. Our MTV pro-vegetarian commercial campaign went national, and so much more.

Watch our 2006 Year-in-Review Video


2005Highlights from Our First Ten Years

Growing out of a high school club, COK has come a long ways. See where it all started.

Watch our 10-minute video.