Undercover Investigator


  • Terms of employment: Full-time
  • Reports to: Director of Investigations and Deputy Director of Investigations
  • Location: Remote (Travel-based)
  • US Applicants Only
  • Benefits: Remote work, flexible hours, health benefits, retirement plan, generous vacation package

Salary: $800+ a week


Animal Outlook, (AO) is a national non-profit animal protection organization working to disrupt animal agribusiness and build a better tomorrow for all animals. AO is seeking an Undercover Investigator.

This position is 100% travel-based, and is not limited to Los Angeles applicants. 

Undercover Investigators work in highly stressful environments and perform heavy manual labor on a daily basis. Though the job is extremely challenging, Investigators play a vital role in educating the public about the reality of how their food is produced and creating lasting cultural change. Our investigations have resulted in criminal charges, facility shut downs, standard practice changes, and countless people making more compassionate food choices.  

 Position Objective:

Undercover Investigators go behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses to bring to light the realities of animal agriculture, including the suffering and abuse, that farmed animals endure daily.


  1. Gain access to farms and slaughterhouses
  2. Take detailed notes
  3. Perform interviews as needed


  1. Ability to multitask
  2. Ability to think quickly in high pressure situations
  3. Ability to perform repetitive manual labor (including heavy lifting) for long periods of time
  4. Ability to bear witness to animal cruelty
  5. Strong verbal communication skills
  6. Willingness to travel for long periods of time
  7. Willingness to work with animals
  8. No degree or experience required

To apply for this role, please submit your CV and Cover Letter via email to