Spread Compassion with Your Holiday Cheer!

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The holiday season is officially here: decorations are going up, seasonal tunes are on the radio, and everyone’s planning their vacations and visits. This year, while you share gifts, meals, and time with loved ones, why not incorporate your compassion for animals into standing traditions to teach kindness to those of all ages?

One excellent idea is to lead with my personal favorite holiday tradition: food. Whether you’re visiting vegans or trying to win over your vegetarian-to-be relatives, the best way to make their spirits bright is with your culinary creativity. Some helpful holiday recipes to get you started include: homemade egg-free egg nog, savory mock meatloaf, or beautiful dairy-free truffles. Remember that many baked goods can also double as gifts or a thank-you for a host, so always consider making a double batch!

Wondering how you might fit some compassion into a gift box this year? The Compassion Over Killing Marketplace is loaded with great gift ideas, such as our “Warm Holiday Wishes” cards, COK logo mug filled with a dozen organic vegan chocolates, discounted books, and our signature apparel items—with domestic  shipping included at no extra charge with every order!

HolidayThroughout December, we’re also giving away a limited-edition box of organic vegan chocolates with donations of $100 or more, so consider honoring your loved ones by supporting COK’s vital work for farmed animals in their name—whether or not you also give them the chocolates is totally up to you.

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