4200 + mile cross-country bikepack: Support Mya Zeronis

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I turned an accidental vegan in 2013 when I was having a few health issues that could be remedied by plant-based diet. Today, I’m physically fit, emotionally healthy and question our society’s behaviors and beliefs that contribute to unnecessary sufferings of the animals, humans and environment. I believe in a world in which each person cares about all beings (factory-farmed animals raised for meat, dairy and eggs; meat production workers _ many of whom are undocumented immigrants_ forced to wear diapers during their shifts in lieu of a single bathroom break; and trees bulldozed from land that turns into livestock farms and GMO corn or soy fields).

I’m a chef and cyclist. In late April, I rode my bicycle from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC. It was a 321-mile ride, my first time of bikepaking and I enjoyed every minute of it. In late June, I will be starting from the East, riding along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, going West and exploring a few places in the South, with elevation of more than 100,000 feet. I will pack much lighter than what’s shown in my profile pic _definitely no backpack_ to survive hill climbs. By late September, three months after the beginning of my journey, I plan to reach Detroit, MI. From there I will return to Pittsburgh.

I have taken time off from work (http://98PoundChef-Pgh.com) to do this. I’m doing this for compassion toward all beings. I will be updating my progress on my new blog: http://beatingheartbikerhiker.com.

Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity!

You can help Mya go the extra mile for animals & every dollar you donate will be doubled up to $5,000, for a total goal of raising $10,000 for COK!

Yes! I Want to Support Mya’s Ride for Compassion!