Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day protect ALL mothers: stand up for gentle dairy cows and their calves!


“As a mother myself, I often think about the violence and the shattering of the mother-infant bond the dairy industry relies upon to exist.”

~ Cheryl Leahy, Compassion Over Killing’s General Counsel



Cows, like all farmed animals, are very social, playful animals who have unique personalities and experience a wide range of emotions just the dogs and cats with whom many of us share our homes.

And like us, cows form powerful and life-long bonds with their calves.

Yet on dairy factories where cows are impregnated to induce milk production, their calves are taken away often on the same day they’re born. Her milk is then collected for human consumption. Mother cows have been known to pace, continuously bellow, and ram their bodies into the bars of their pens after their calves are taken away.


And  sadly, the horrors that mother cows are forced to endure don’t stop there. Read on below for the hard-to-swallow truth about the dairy industry.

Undercover Investigation Exposes Hard-to-Swallow Truth about Dairy Industry 

In April, COK released a heart-breaking undercover video exposing the painful reality behind the closed doors of a dairy factory farm that supplied Nestlé,  Working inside Martin Farms, a Pennsylvania dairy factory farm, COK’s investigator documented senseless and violent abuse of mother cows and their defenseless calves. This is some of the worst abuse we’ve ever documented, and yet it also shows practices representative of what life is like for animals on a typical dairy farm.


Nestlé’s motto is “Good food, Good life,” but our video shows life is anything but “good” for cows and calves suffering for milk used in the company’s ice creams.  There is cruelty in every scoop of ice cream: What many see as a sweet treat is, in reality, a product of suffering and exploitation in the cold, cruel dairy industry.

COK’s shocking video reveals:

  • “Downed” cows, unable to walk or stand, hoisted by their hips with metal clamps, to be moved or chained and dragged by tractor
  • A manager shooting a “downed” cow in the head, who remains conscious for almost a minute before she’s finally shot for the last time
  • Farm manager sadistically stabbing a cow with a sharp instrument in a botched attempt to supposedly treat a stomach ailment. The cow bleeds heavily and receives no pain relief or veterinary care.
  • “Downed” cows abused, killed, and butchered on site, the meat distributed to workers in garbage bags
  • Workers spraying cows in the face with scalding hot water to force them to move faster
  • A cow with a teat that had been sliced off, bleeding as she’s being milked
  • Cows, many sick and injured, being hit, stomped on, or kicked by workers
  • Cows suffering bloody, painful uterine prolapses and open sores denied vet care


The Hard-to-Swallow Truth About Milk

The dairy industry wants you to believe that milk comes from happy cows. But COK’s investigations show the heartbreaking reality of dairy.

“Behind every sip of milk or scoop of ice cream that comes from a cow, there is unacceptable abuse and exploitation,” said Cheryl Leahy, General Counsel, Compassion Over Killing. We’re calling for criminal prosecution for the most egregious cruelty in this case, but this investigation also shows practices that are commonplace throughout the dairy industry yet so severely abusive that they’d result in criminal cruelty charges if inflicted on the dogs and cats in our homes.”

Dairy is a continuous, destructive cycle for female cows. Like all mammals, in order to produce milk, a cow must have recently given birth. Mother cows are tormented as their calves are separated from them almost immediately, and the milk meant for their babies is instead taken away and sold to humans. Then, she is re-impregnated and forced to repeat the process each year to keep producing often unnatural amounts of milked.

Female babies will likely enter the same cruel cycle as their moms, while most males will be confined to tiny crates or pens, then sold for veal or beef.

Forced to live in their own manure  and abused daily, the dairy cows’ natural lifespan of 20 years is cut extremely short, as they succumb to disease and the exhausting toll dairy production takes on their bodies. The average dairy cow is killed for beef, largely low-grade meat like hamburger, at just five years of age.

You can help end this cycle of cruelty once and for all simply by choosing to remove your support from this industry.

Take action today by taking dairy products out of your diet. Instead, choose from a wide range of compassionate, healthy, and sustainable options: You’ll find dairy-free milk, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese at most mainstream grocery stores. These plant-based products are made from soy, almonds, cashews, flax, oats, and other milks.  

Vote against cruelty at the grocery store, then exercise your voice and help us expose the dairy industry for what it really is. Sign and share our petition, and share this eye-opening video today to inspire others to ditch dairy.


Support Our Undercover Heroes and Double your Impact

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