COK Restaurant Outreach: Julia’s Now Offers Vegan Empanadas!

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Vegan EmpanadaCOK’s mission to help mainstream the idea of not eating animals includes working with food companies — both large and small — to increase the availability of vegan options in the marketplace.

Earlier this week, we were thrilled to announce that Quorn, the world’s number one brand of meat-free alternatives, launched its first-ever all-vegan product. And now we have more good news to share:

After a few months of working with Compassion Over Killing to perfect the ingredients, several savory empanadas at the popular DC-based restaurant, Julia’s Empanadas, are now vegan! 

If you didn’t just leap out of your chair, and then sit back down to check for the closest Julia’s location, it might be because you’ve never indulged in an empanada from Julia’s. What is an empanada? It’s a pocket of pastry dough baked until tender-yet-crusty, with a flavorful savory or sweet filling tucked inside. And Julia herself makes these mouthwatering and beautiful little pocket sandwiches by hand.

Vegan EmpanadaWhile Julia’s has always offered a variety of vegetarian empanadas, they’ve all been covered with an egg wash before baking. But with COK’s help, Julia’s is now using an egg-free wash!

According to Julia’s General Manager Jey Gates: “Julia’s is concerned about healthy eating and wanted to broaden our choices to include a healthy vegan option.”

Starting today, all four of Julia’s locations are now dishing out a variety of savory vegan empanadas — if you don’t see vegan on the menu, just ask which savory empanadas are vegan. You’ll find a rotating menu that includes a butternut squash pastry filled with a variety of spiced vegetables and beans.

This week’s vegan empanada is filled with pinto beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, onions and cabbage. And, at only $3.49, it’s perfect for a hearty lunch, dinner, or
late-night snack – especially if you’re on the go.

The good news doesn’t stop there: Julia’s is officially launching its new vegan empanada at Compassion Over Killing’s Annual Holiday Party on Sat., Dec. 10! Be sure to RSVP now so you can be one of the first to enjoy these freshly-baked, tender and crispy, vegan pastry pockets!

Can’t make it to the party? You can still visit any of the 4 Julia’s locations to grab one of these newly-veganized and wildly-delicious vegetable empanadas. Be sure to tell them you heard about it from Compassion Over Killing!

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