Join the Fun! Thousands Pledging with Celebs for VegWeek

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If you’ve thought about eating more meatless foods but aren’t sure where to start, then mark your calendar for Monday, April 17  that’s when COK’s ninth annual VegWeek celebration kicks off!

Get a head start by pledging TODAY at! You’ll unlock exclusive deals from our VegWeek Partners — and get your chance at prizes, too!

It’s easy: simply pledge today and you’ll get free recipes, product coupons, and more. Each day of VegWeek you’ll also receive an e-mail with even more meal ideas, nutritional information, product recommendations, and motivational tips.

Plus, today is World Health Day, making this the perfect day to take the 7-Day VegPledge and make VegWeek the start of a healthier you. Want to help make a healthier planet, too? Coinciding with the week of Earth Day, April 17-23 this year, VegWeek is an easy and fun way to take a bite out of climate change.

Whether you’re pledging for the environment, animals, or your health, you’ll be joining a star-studded list of celebrities including MobyEmily DeschanelMya, and Alicia Silverstone, and vegan pro-sports stars like MMA fighter Aaron Simpson, Olympian Seba Johnson, and bodybuilder Torre Washington — and thousands of people nationwide. Read more via Look to the Stars!

Like to DIY when it comes to cooking? Watch our fun videos and cook along at, and visit for more!

If you’re looking for even more ways to get involved, check out our calendar of events. Don’t see something in your area? Organize a leafleting event, feed-in, or reach out to local restaurants to help us promote veg foods!

Choosing meat-free foods is an easy and delicious way to help animals, the environment, and your health. And with 52 weeks in a year—why not make at least one of them meat-free?


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