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  • COK Tyson investigation_Washington PostWashington Post: ‘You can’t let nobody see’: Tyson workers caught on video mistreating chickens
  • USA Today: Secret video prompts Tyson to retrain chicken plant workers
  • USA Today: 5 times activists infiltrated Tyson’s chicken facilities
  • NY Daily News: Tyson Foods to retrain workers after release of undercover video showing staff brutalizing birds
  • Inquisitr: Tyson Foods chicken video
  • Slate: Undercover Video Shows Tyson Food Employees Abusing Chickens
  • Grub Street: Here’s the secret, predictably horrible video that convinced Tyson to retrain its workers
  • Consumerist: Tyson fires employees linked to graphic video of abused chickens
  • COK Tyson investigation_USA Today homepageDCist: Graphic video: Tyson Foods workers abusing chickens in Virginia factories
  • US News & World Report: Animal rights group records Tyson Foods employees horrifically abusing chickens
  • UK Daily Mail: ‘It’s inhumane’: Workers at Tyson Foods plants caught on videotape punching, kicking, suffocating chickens and shoving plastic rods through their beaks
  • Reuters: Tyson fires 10 U.S. workers after video captures chicken abuse
  • Associated Press: Video showing cruelty at Tyson chickens farms prompts firings
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cruelty at Tyson chicken farms in Virginia prompts firings, change
  • Heavy: Tyson chicken ‘animal abuse’ undercover video
  • Newsy: Tyson Fires Employees After Another Animal Cruelty Video Surfaces
  • Telemundo: Acusan de abuso animal a procesadora Tyson Foods de EEUU
  • NewsFix: Tyson changing its ways after undercover activists record gruesome chicken farm
  • Newser: Video Shows Tyson Foods Workers Choking, Hitting Chickens
  • VegNews: Video Exposes Animal Cruelty at Tyson Poultry Plant
  • MSN: Undercover video exposes abuses at Tyson Foods poultry farm
  • Huffington Post: Undercover Footage Reveals ‘Culture of Animal Cruelty’ on Tyson Farms
  • Associated Press: Video muestra maltrato animal en granjas avícolas Tyson
  • Morning News USA: Tyson Foods Chicken Abuse Exposed! Birds Wrung, Suffocated And Left To Decay
    COK Tyson investigation_HuffPost Green
  • The Sun: Shocking footage shows workers at chicken supplier to KFC and McDonald’s abuse live birds
  • Food Dive: Animal cruelty reported at Tyson farm leads to firings and new policies
  • 47 ABC: Video exposes Tyson workers mistreating animals
  • Care2: Animal Cruelty Investigation Leads to Changes at Tyson, But Are They Enough?
  • La Prensa: Crueldad en Tyson Foods: Te retamos a comer pollo después de ver este video
  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Tyson fires 10 in chicken-abuse video
  • Telegraaf: Ontslagen om ‘gruwelijke’ kippenmishandeling