Quanah Cattle Company Animal Cruelty Investigation – Experts

Quanah Animal Cruelty Investigation Expert Statements

animal cruelty investigationDr. Temple Grandin, animal handling expert, Colorado State University:

“The handling on this video was rough and not acceptable. If this facility had been a slaughter plant, the USDA would have shut them down.”

“The following events seen on this video are severe abuse – dragging by the ear, dragging by the foreleg and picking up the calf by the tail. Some of these calves had been picked up at the dairy when they were too young and had difficulty walking.”

“Loading and unloading was bad and they need to build some portable ramps for use in both the stock trailer and the large truck. Both vehicles were designed for adult animals. The dairies need to take responsibility for some of the problems on the video.”


animal cruelty investigationDr. Bernard E. Rollin & Terry Engle, Professors of Animal Science, Colorado State University:

“Any person handling any animal in such a manner should not be allowed to work with  any animals again. The same is true of the managers overseeing such abuse.”

“Given that these animals are virtually newborn Holstein baby calves … their treatment is even more egregious and unacceptable.”

“These workers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.”



animal cruelty investigationHolly Cheever, DVM:

The video showed “unnecessarily rough and painful treatment of young cattle, creating pain and suffering (both physical and psychological) ….”

“The workers depicted in this video exhibit poor husbandry techniques and do not have proper calf-handling training (or choose to ignore it) in the interests of speed, disinclination, or mere laziness.”

“[S]ome calves who appear to be ‘downers’ (i.e. non-ambulatory and unable to rise due to weakness or disabling injury) are kicked in the chest and abdomen to get them to rise—which is cruel.”