Quanah Cattle Company Investigation – Cruelty Case

Quanah Cattle Company Criminal Cruelty Case Updates

June 2 Update: The third former Quanah Cattle Company employee who pleaded guilty to criminal cruelty to animals appeared in the Weld County Court for sentencing today. According a press release issued by the District Attorney’s office, he was sentenced to “two years supervised probation and ordered to pay a $500 fine. As conditions of probation, he must complete 300 hours of public service and a Making Better Choices class.”

April 29 Update: Two defendants who were charged with criminal quanah cattle companyanimal cruelty in November (after Animal Outlook’s video was released) and subsequently pleaded guilty in February, appeared in the Weld County, Colorado court for sentencing. As reported by Ch-9 News in Denver, the judge recounted some of the cruelty to calves caught on video, noting it was “disturbing to the court.”

According to a press release issued by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, both of these former Quanah Cattle Company employees were sentenced to “two years supervised probation and ordered to pay a fine of $500. As conditions of probation, each man must complete 300 hours of public service and a Making Better Choices class.”

  • CH-9 News in Denver: Two men sentenced to 2 years probation for animal cruelty



April 3 Update: As reported on CBS-4 in Denver, the third former quanah cattle companyemployee of Quanah Cattle Company who was charged with criminal cruelty to animals pleaded guilty today in Weld County Court. His sentencing is scheduled for early June.

Two other former Quanah Cattle Company employees who pleaded guilty earlier this year will be sentenced in late April (see details below).

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Feb 28 Update: Today in the Weld County Court, a second former quanah cattle companyemployee of Quanah Cattle Company pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals. He along with another person who pleaded guilty last month will be sentenced on April 29.  A third defendant who filed a not guilty plea had a hearing on Feb. 6 that was rescheduled for April 3.

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quanah cattle companyJan 21 Update: The cases against three Quanah Cattle Company employees who were caught on camera abusing newborn calves were scheduled for arraignment today.

One worker pleaded guilty and will go back to court for sentencing on February 21. Another worker filed a not-guilty plea and is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on February 6. The arraignment hearing for the third person in this case was rescheduled for February 28.

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Important Update: On Nov. 20, 2013, the Weld County Sheriff’s quanah cattle companyOffice retaliated against the courageous whistleblower who uncovered and reported the callous abuse of newborn calves – they’re alleging that she broke the law. What is her alleged “crime?” Witnessing and reporting animal abuse – in other words, she’s being punished for telling the truth about the cruelty that happened at Quanah Cattle Company. Watch this report on Fox-31 in Denver.

Let’s be clear: Witnessing – and exposing – animal abuse is not a crime.

Here’s what happened: After meticulously and extensively researching the law and reviewing all of the damning evidence of routine animal cruelty at Quanah Cattle Company, we presented a strong case to authorities revealing illegal activities that would have otherwise continued unabated. This evidence led to charges being brought against three employees who participated in the violence against calves – violence that includes dragging these young animals by their ears and legs as well as lifting them by their tails.

If our investigator hadn’t blown the whistle, these abuses would likely still be occurring right now.

The charge against our investigator is unsupported by the law, and it reeks of political motivation fueled by an agribusiness industry that continues to lash out in desperation aiming to stop undercover investigators from exposing the truth.

Please donate now to help fight this baseless accusation and to show your support for all of our brave undercover investigators who expose animal cruelty.

Be sure to also share this powerful whistleblower video – it uncovers exactly what the industry doesn’t want Americans to see: the truth.

The suffering endured by animals behind the closed doors of the meat, egg, and dairy industries is too immense for us to be deterred by this transparent attempt to silence us. With you at our side, we will continue to shine a bright light on hidden horrors of animal agribusiness.

Nov. 15 Case Updates: The Weld County Sheriff’s Office filed criminal charges of cruelty to animals against three alleged animal abusers at Quanah Cattle Company. The company also announced that it has fired the three individuals who our undercover investigator caught on film mistreating these animals.