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Quanah Animal Cruelty – Take Action, Choose Compassion

quanah animal crueltySadly, animal cruelty is standard practice in the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Whistleblowing exposés like this are often the only glimpse the public ever sees of the systemic mistreatment of farmed animals.

Rather than taking steps to prevent these abuses, animal agribusiness is trying to prevent consumers from finding out about them by lobbying for “ag-gag” laws that would  criminalize undercover investigations—and the mere exposure of the truth.

The most effective way each of us can help end this abuse is to simply leave meat, dairy, and all animals off of our plates. Start today by visiting TryVeg.com.

The Dairy Industry

Like all mammals, including humans, cows produce milk to nourish their young. In an effort to maximize how much milk they produce, dairy cows are typically impregnated every year. Often on the same day they give birth, their newborn calves are taken away – a separation that is emotionally devastating for both calf and mother. Her milk, intended for her calf, will instead be collected and sold in supermarkets for human consumption. Soon she’ll be reimpreganted and the cycle will start again.

The physical toll of several cycles of impregnation and milking is so extreme that after just a few years, cows are “spent,” and are no longer profitable for dairies. Thus, these young but “spent” cows, who are especially prone to lameness and other illnesses, are sent to slaughter for ground beef, even though they can naturally live to be 25 years old.

Female calves born in the dairy industry are likely to join their mothers on the dairy line, once old enough. Males however, don’t produce milk and are considered byproducts of the industry and may be sold to calf-raising companies, like Quanah Cattle Co. They are likely to be raised for their meat, which may be marketed as veal or beef, depending on their age when slaughtered.

Read more about the dairy industry’s unethical practices that COK has uncovered.

Thankfully, each one of us can stand up for cows – and all animals – simply by choosing vegan options. With so many delicious meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods available in grocery stores everywhere, it’s never been easier to put compassion on our plates.

Act Now: Choose Compassion!

Choosing compassion is as easy as choosing the vegan versions of your favorite foods. Grocery stores everywhere are stocking up on dairy-free options to keep up with the growing demand. Here’s a list of some of our favorite protein-packed plant-based milk alternatives:

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quanah animal crueltyquanah animal cruelty

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